Cataract Surgery Cost
Thu May 23 2024
Cataract Surgery Cost

Cataract surgery is a common procedure that involves removing the cloudy lens of the eye and replacing it with an artificial lens. It is typically performed to improve vision and reduce the impact of[..]

Cataract Grading
Fri May 03 2024
Cataract Grading

Cataract grading is an important process in assessing the severity of cataracts and determining the appropriate treatment options. It involves evaluating the cloudiness or opacity of the eye’s natural[..]

Types of Cataracts: A Comprehensive Guide
Fri May 03 2024
Types of Cataracts: A Comprehensive Guide

Cataracts are a widespread eye condition that impacts millions of individuals globally. It does the clouding of the eye’s lens, resulting in blurry vision and difficulty with clarity. Cataracts can[..]

Christmas Tree Cataract: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments
Fri May 03 2024
Christmas Tree Cataract: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Christmas Tree Cataract is a rare condition that affects the lens of the eye. It is characterized by the presence of multiple colorful opacities that resemble the shape of a Christmas tree. These opacities can[..]

Reasons For Cataract
Fri May 03 2024
Reasons For Cataract

Cataracts are a common eye condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It is characterized by the clouding of the lens in the eye, leading to blurry vision and eventually vision loss if left[..]

Lamellar Cataract (Zonular Cataract) – Meaning, Symptoms & Causes
Fri May 03 2024
Lamellar Cataract (Zonular Cataract) – Meaning, Symptoms & Causes

Lamellar cataract, also referred to as zonular cataract, is a specific type of cataract that affects the lens of the eye. It is characterized by the formation of opaque areas within the lens, leading to visual[..]

Complicated Cataract – Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment
Fri May 03 2024
Complicated Cataract – Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

Cataracts are a common eye condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It is characterized by the clouding of the natural lens of the eye, leading to vision impairment. While cataracts can occur in[..]

Nuclear Cataract
Fri May 03 2024
Nuclear Cataract

Cataracts in general are a common age-related eye condition, but nuclear cataracts specifically occur in the nucleus of the lens. It is characterized by the clouding or opacity of the lens, which can lead to[..]

Hypermature cataracts: causes, types, symptoms, and treatments
Tue Mar 26 2024
Hypermature cataracts: causes, types, symptoms, and treatments

For a moment, think of trying to look through a dusty windshield in a rainstorm- it feels similar to a person with a hypermature cataract. It develops due to a long standing condition of cataract which creates[..]

Macular Hole: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments
Tue Mar 26 2024
Macular Hole: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Nearly 8 in every 10,000 individuals worldwide will face a perplexing and often distressing vision condition known as a macular hole. This eye condition, characterized by a small break in the macula—the[..]

Rosette Cataract
Fri Mar 15 2024
Rosette Cataract

Introduction: Welcome to our comprehensive blog on Rosette Cataract, a unique and intriguing form of cataract that captivates the attention of both ophthalmologists and patients alike. Characterized by its[..]

Cortical Cataract
Fri Mar 15 2024
Cortical Cataract

Cortical cataract, a common type of age-related cataract, poses a significant impact on vision and quality of life for many individuals. As we age, changes in the lens of the eye can lead to the development of[..]

Difference Between Mature and Immature Cataract
Fri Mar 15 2024
Difference Between Mature and Immature Cataract

Cataracts are a common eye condition that can affect people of all ages. They occur when the lens of the eye becomes cloudy, causing blurred vision and difficulty seeing clearly. Cataracts can progress over[..]

Immature Cataract
Fri Mar 15 2024
Immature Cataract

Welcome to our journey into the world of immature cataracts, a condition that can quietly affect our vision as we age. Cataracts are like unwelcome guests that gradually cloud the natural lens of our eyes,[..]

Mature Cataract
Fri Mar 15 2024
Mature Cataract

Cataracts are a common eye condition that affects millions of people worldwide. They occur when the lens of the eye becomes cloudy, leading to blurred vision and other visual problems. Cataracts can develop[..]

Posterior Polar Cataract
Fri Mar 15 2024
Posterior Polar Cataract

Dive into the world of one of the kinds of cataracts, named posterior polar cataracts, a unique and impactful eye condition that influences vision and daily life. This blog is your guide to understanding its[..]

Posterior Subcapsular Cataract
Wed Mar 13 2024
Posterior Subcapsular Cataract

Eyes, the windows to our world, play a crucial role in our daily lives. However, just like any other part of our body, they too can face challenges. One such challenge is the development of posterior[..]

Nystagmus: Causes, Types, Symptoms and Treatments
Mon Feb 19 2024
Nystagmus: Causes, Types, Symptoms and Treatments

Imagine looking out at a beautiful landscape, only to find it constantly shaking, making it hard to focus or see clearly. This is what life can feel like for someone with Nystagmus, a condition where the eyes[..]

Uveitis Definition, Causes and Symptoms
Mon Feb 19 2024
Uveitis Definition, Causes and Symptoms

Imagine waking up one morning to find that your vision has become blurry and your eyes are red and sore. However, this might not just be a simple case of eye irritation that will go away with a splash of[..]

Tue Feb 13 2024

Glaucoma, also known as the ‘silent thief of sight,’ is one of the most concerning eye conditions. Before jumping to the facts, let us first briefly understand what glaucoma is. In all types of glaucoma,[..]

How to Cure Dry Eyes Permanently
Mon Feb 05 2024
How to Cure Dry Eyes Permanently

In a world surrounded and dominated by screens, especially post pandemic, the chances of suffering from dry eyes has become increasingly common. The discomfort, itching, and blurred vision associated with dry[..]

Dry Eye Treatment – Symptoms & Causes
Thu Feb 01 2024
Dry Eye Treatment – Symptoms & Causes

In a world, especially post-pandemic, where our daily lives have got surrounded by screens and at the same time, environmental factors are continuously evolving, the health of our eyes is degrading with every[..]

Dry Eye Symptoms
Thu Feb 01 2024
Dry Eye Symptoms

What Is Dry Eye Syndrome? Dry eye syndrome, also known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca, is a common eye condition characterized by a lack of sufficient lubrication and moisture in the eyes. It occurs when the[..]

Retinal Detachment: Signs, Emergency Response, and Recovery Process
Thu Feb 01 2024
Retinal Detachment: Signs, Emergency Response, and Recovery Process

In the world of eyesight, there’s an ailment or potential problem called retinal detachment that we should know about. This blog will guide you through the basics of what is retinal detachment: what[..]

Do Dry Eyes Cause Vision Loss?
Thu Jan 18 2024
Do Dry Eyes Cause Vision Loss?

Dry eyes, or dry eye syndrome, is more than just a fleeting discomfort. It occurs when the delicate balance of tears is disrupted, leaving your eyes high and dry. Tears play a crucial role in maintaining the[..]

What are the risks of eyelid surgery?
Thu Jan 18 2024
What are the risks of eyelid surgery?

Ever wondered about the magic behind eyes that seem to defy time? That’s where eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, steps in—a game-changer for brighter, younger-looking eyes. It’s like a secret[..]

Emerging Treatments for keratoconus
Thu Jan 18 2024
Emerging Treatments for keratoconus

What is Keratoconus? Keratoconus is an eye condition with roots in genetics and environmental factors. While the exact causes may not be clear, a strong family connection is often present. Environmental[..]

Types of low Vision Aids
Thu Jan 18 2024
Types of low Vision Aids

Low-vision aids encompass a variety of tools and devices crafted to assist individuals with visual impairments or low-vision. These aids, such as magnifiers, telescopes, electronic devices, and specialized[..]

Types of Glaucoma
Thu Jan 18 2024
Types of Glaucoma

Welcome to our blog where we will explore Glaucoma, a group of eye conditions that can lead to gradual vision loss if left untreated. In this blog, we’ll delve into the types of glaucoma, examining their[..]

Types of Cataract Treatment
Fri Dec 01 2023
Types of Cataract Treatment

Cataracts are a common eye condition that affects millions of people around the globe, especially when they age above 60. The eye’s natural lens becomes clouded, leading to blurred vision and, in some[..]

SILK Procedure vs. Alternative Approaches
Fri Dec 01 2023
SILK Procedure vs. Alternative Approaches

Wondering about the latest advancement in spectacle removal? Tired of using contact lenses and looking for a permanent solution? SILK Surgery, a next-gen laser vision correction procedure by Johnson and[..]

Precautions After Cataract Surgery
Fri Dec 01 2023
Precautions After Cataract Surgery

Introduction So, you’ve just had cataract surgery or might be planning to get it done, but you’re probably wondering, “What’s next or what essential precautions to be taken after[..]

Posterior Capsular Opacification
Fri Dec 01 2023
Posterior Capsular Opacification

Posterior Capsular Opacification (PCO) may sound like a complex terminology, but understanding its basics is easy as well as crucial for anyone who has undergone cataract surgery or giving a thought about it.[..]

Types of Intraocular Lenses (IOLs)
Fri Dec 01 2023
Types of Intraocular Lenses (IOLs)

Hey there! If you’ve been thinking about cataract surgery, you’re at the right place. We’re diving into the fascinating world of intraocular lenses (IOLs) and helping you identify which will[..]

Congenital Cataract
Fri Dec 01 2023
Congenital Cataract

Congenital cataract is eye ailment that causes clouding in the lens of the eye at birth or shortly after. This condition, though relatively rare, can have a profound impact on a child’s vision if not[..]

Know How To Treat Computer Vision Syndrome?
Mon Sep 18 2023
Know How To Treat Computer Vision Syndrome?

How can one treat computer vision syndrome? We are living in an age where digital devices have become a prominent means of information, education, entertainment and more. With almost everything being[..]

Eye Care Tips For Working Professionals
Mon Sep 18 2023
Eye Care Tips For Working Professionals

We know how usage of digital devices such as computers, laptops, and ipads, have become an integral part of our lives. Not just personal, our professional lives also depend significantly on digital devices.[..]

ड्राई आई सिंड्रोम: कारण, लक्षण एवं उपचार की संपूर्ण जानकारी
Mon Sep 04 2023
ड्राई आई सिंड्रोम: कारण, लक्षण एवं उपचार की संपूर्ण जानकारी

आँखों को सुरक्षित रखने और इसे नमी प्रदान करने के लिए आँखों की उपरी सतह पर आँसुओं[..]

What are the risks of phacoemulsification?
Wed Aug 30 2023
What are the risks of phacoemulsification?

It is natural to be a little discouraged or unsettled when we hear the term ‘risk’, be it associated with anything. Phacoemulsification is the process of emulsifying or liquifying cataract during micro[..]

Monofocal vs. Multifocal Lens
Wed Aug 30 2023
Monofocal vs. Multifocal Lens

Individuals going for Cataract Surgery always find it difficult to choose which lens to choose in the war of monofocal vs multifocal lens. Both monofocal and multifocal lenses come under the category of[..]

कंजक्टिवाइटिस- कारण, लक्षण एवं उपचार की संपूर्ण जानकारी
Wed Aug 30 2023
कंजक्टिवाइटिस- कारण, लक्षण एवं उपचार की संपूर्ण जानकारी

कंजक्टिवाइटिस जिसे आम भाषा में आँख आना या पिंक आई कहा जाता है, एक प्रकार का आँखों[..]

Eye infection During Pregnancy
Wed Aug 30 2023
Eye infection During Pregnancy

Following a good diet and health practices is a must for every expecting mother. They have to be very mindful of how they take care of their own health and fetal conditions (child in the womb). It might come[..]

Understanding Hyphema
Wed Aug 30 2023
Understanding Hyphema

Imagine waking up with diminution of vision, a ‘bloody eye’ and feeling pain as well. Not a pleasant visual to imagine, right? Well, don’t panic right away, pooling of blood in the front part of the eye[..]

काला मोतियाबिंद (ग्लूकोमा) – कारण, लक्षण और उपचार
Wed Aug 16 2023
काला मोतियाबिंद (ग्लूकोमा) – कारण, लक्षण और उपचार

हमारे आँखों के पीछे एक तंत्रिका होती है जो हमारे रेटिना में बनने वाले इमेज को[..]

Understanding Computer Vision Syndrome
Wed Aug 16 2023
Understanding Computer Vision Syndrome

Though living in the digital era has made our lives easier, as we know that there are always two sides of a coin. As a result of increased reliance on digital devices, especially people who work on laptops or[..]

What are the complications of the scratched cornea?
Wed Aug 16 2023
What are the complications of the scratched cornea?

As you may already know, the cornea is the outermost transparent part of the eye that allows the light to enter the eye, sometimes, it can get scratched which leads to discomfort and vision problems. A corneal[..]

What are the first signs of eye cancer?
Wed Aug 16 2023
What are the first signs of eye cancer?

Fortunately, the occurrence of eye cancer is quite rare. However, that doesn’t mean that one should ignore the problematic symptoms of eye diseases. Understandably, someone’s world may come upside down if[..]

What are the significant causes of retinal tears?
Wed Aug 16 2023
What are the significant causes of retinal tears?

We know that the retina is a crucial part that works along with the cornea for clear image formation. The inner thin layer of the eye that consists of nerve fibers and cells responsible for vision is called[..]

आँखों की थकान और सूखापन से कैसे बचें?
Wed Aug 16 2023
आँखों की थकान और सूखापन से कैसे बचें?

हमारी आंखों को सुरक्षित रखने के लिए इनकी ऊपरी सतह पर आँसुओं की एक परत होती है। यह[..]

मधुमेह संबंधी नेत्र रोग क्या है?
Wed Aug 16 2023
मधुमेह संबंधी नेत्र रोग क्या है?

मधुमेह या डायबिटीज आजकल की होने वाली आम बीमारियों में से एक है, जिसमें व्यक्ति[..]

रंग दृष्टिहीनता (Color Blindness) का पता कैसे करें?
Wed Aug 16 2023
रंग दृष्टिहीनता (Color Blindness) का पता कैसे करें?

रंग दृष्टिहीनता जिसे वर्णांधता या आमतौर पर कलर ब्लाइंडनेस भी कहते हैं, एक ऐसी[..]

Best Effective tips for conjunctivitis prevention (pink eye)
Mon Jul 17 2023
Best Effective tips for conjunctivitis prevention (pink eye)

Effective tips for conjunctivitis prevention (pink eye) Have you ever experienced eye pain, blurred vision, watery eyes, severe dryness, and reddened eyes which made your daily routines difficult? Yes, such a[..]

What are the risks of cataract surgery
Fri Feb 24 2023
What are the risks of cataract surgery

The first and foremost question that comes to the mind of any individual who needs to undergo cataract removal is whether the surgery is safe or not. Possibly, you might be spending long hours wondering[..]

Signs You May Be Suffering From Dry Eye Syndrome
Wed Feb 22 2023
Signs You May Be Suffering From Dry Eye Syndrome

With increased screen time in today’s time, the prevalence of dry eye conditions has also seen a rise. It is among the common eye-related problems faced by several people across the globe. Generally, dryness[..]

Know How hyperopia affects your daily life
Mon Feb 20 2023
Know How hyperopia affects your daily life

How hyperopia affects your daily life Hyperopia is also known as farsightedness. It is a fairly common eye condition in which you can easily see far-off objects, but nearby objects appear blurred. When[..]

Do’s and don’ts after cataract surgery
Sun Feb 12 2023
Do’s and don’ts after cataract surgery

Do’s and Don’ts after cataract surgery You Must Know Thinking of getting a cataract removal surgery done? Understandably, the term surgery can induce a lot of worries or concerns in one’s mind. Though[..]

Treatment for Cataracts Without Surgery
Wed Feb 08 2023
Treatment for Cataracts Without Surgery

Cataracts can make seeing clearly a challenge, and there’s more to explore about cataract cure without surgery as till date surgery is the only solution to this eye problem. In this blog, we’ll[..]

Are you at risk for glaucoma
Sun Feb 05 2023
Are you at risk for glaucoma

Are you at risk for glaucoma? Globally, more than half of glaucoma cases are undetected. 9 out of 10 cases of glaucoma may remain undiagnosed. No wonder glaucoma is called the ‘silent thief of eyesight’.[..]

Mon Nov 21 2022
Ocular Migraine: All You Need To Know About It

Ocular migraines, also known as retinal migraines, are a condition characterized by temporary visual disturbances or vision loss in one eye, often accompanied by a headache. These episodes can be alarming but[..]

Thu Nov 17 2022
Lazy Eye (Amblyopia) – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Lazy eye, also known as amblyopia, is a vision disorder that occurs in childhood. It is characterized by reduced vision in one eye that cannot be fully corrected with glasses or contact lenses. This condition[..]

Fri Nov 11 2022
Everything you need to know about paediatric ophthalmology!

Adults promptly seek medical attention when they have an eye issue. However, kids with visual issues frequently struggle to convey their discomfort. But a skilled pediatric optometrist or ophthalmologist is[..]

Tue Nov 08 2022
Phacoemulsification – Procedure, Techniques, and Recovery

Phacoemulsification is a modern surgical technique used in cataract surgery. It is a minimally invasive procedure that involves the removal of the cloudy lens from the eye and the replacement with an[..]

Sat Nov 05 2022
Why do you get red, irritated eyes after swimming?

All of us have experienced the burning and redness of the “swimmer’s eye” after swimming. However many of us have heard that excessive chlorine can result in a swimmer’s eye infection,[..]

Wed Nov 02 2022
Types Of Cataract Lenses

Even while you could enjoy a gloomy day at the beach, you won’t appreciate having a cloudy vision. Your vision becomes blurry and distorted due to cataracts, making it difficult to see clearly. Fortunately,[..]

Sat Oct 15 2022
Shingles In The Eye – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, And Prevention!

It can be unpleasant and uncomfortable to experience shingles anywhere on your body. However, the risk to your health from acquiring shingles in your eye may be one of the worst experiences. Shingles in the[..]

Thu Oct 13 2022
Yellow Eyes – Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Why do our eyes sometimes become yellow? When we talk about the causes of yellow eyes, the first thing that comes to mind is jaundice. When you have jaundice, your eyes’ sclera, or whites, frequently[..]

Tue Oct 11 2022
Can Thyroid Eye Disease Damage The Tissues Of The Eye?

Have you ever considered the cause of your puffy eyes or your eyes looking like they have popped out? It might be TED, or thyroid eye disease, which can lead to serious issues like light sensitivity and vision[..]

Fri Oct 07 2022
How To Choose The Best Ophthalmologist For Your Eyes?

The eyes are one of the essential sensory organs and a vital part of your health. Most people rely on their eyes to view and understand their surroundings. However, one might require an eye ophthalmologist or[..]

Wed Oct 05 2022
What Is Diplopia (Double Vision)? – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Diplopia, also known as double vision, is a condition where a person sees two images of a single object. This can occur in one or both eyes and can be constant or intermittent. Double vision can significantly[..]

Sat Oct 01 2022
Inherited Retinal Dystrophy – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Inherited Retinal Dystrophy (IRD) is a group of genetic disorders that affect the retina, the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye. These disorders cause progressive vision loss and can lead to[..]

Fri Sep 16 2022
Keratoconus Eye Disorder: Types, Signs, & Treatments

Keratoconus is a progressive disease that affects the patient’s cornea. The cornea, the top transparent layer of our eyes, gets thin and slopes down due to the progressive disease keratoconus[..]

Tue Sep 13 2022
Eye Tumour Treatment At Centre for Sightv

All age groups, from young toddlers to older adults, can get affected by eye tumours and their supporting tissues (Ocular Oncology). A specialized team of doctors, nurses, low vision and rehabilitation[..]

Sat Sep 10 2022
Eye floaters – Are these small spots in your vision dangerous?

Eye floaters are small spots that appear in your field of vision, often resembling specks, strands, or cobwebs. They may seem to drift around and can be quite bothersome. While black spots in vision are[..]

Wed Sep 07 2022
Can Color Blindness Be Dangerous?

You see colors differently than most people if you are color blind. Color blindness is typically genetic and makes it difficult to distinguish between particular colors. For this, specialized glasses and[..]

Mon Sep 05 2022
Blue Light and Eye Health: What You Should Know!

One of our fundamental requirements is to bask in the light. It is beneficial for regulating our circadian rhythm, or our natural cycle of awake and sleep, and can increase our energy and mood. However,[..]

Fri Sep 02 2022
Blood Clot in Eye – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

A blood clot in eyes, also known as a subconjunctival hemorrhage, occurs when there is bleeding underneath the conjunctiva, the clear tissue that covers the white part of the eye. This condition can be[..]

Tue Aug 30 2022
Strabismus Vs. Squint: How Are They Different From Each Other?

When we talk about the diseases from which we humans can suffer, eye diseases are one of the most prominent ones. Would it be wrong to say that our eyes are one of the most sensitive organs in our body? Of[..]

Sat Aug 27 2022
How likely is Retinal Detachment to occur During Pregnancy?

We all know that we experience at least once when our vision isn’t nearly as sharp as it once was. Hence keeping an eye out for any developing eye illnesses will help you lower your risk of losing your[..]

Thu Aug 25 2022
Peripheral Vision (Tunnel Vision) – Meaning, Causes & Symptoms

Peripheral vision, also known as tunnel vision, refers to the ability to see objects and movement outside of our direct line of sight. It is an important aspect of our visual perception and plays a crucial[..]

Pediatric Ophthalmology: What exactly is it?
Mon Aug 22 2022
Pediatric Ophthalmology: What exactly is it?

We all know that a child’s eyesight can be influenced by a wide range of eye disorders and diseases. Hence if your child’s pediatrician suspects an eye disease or if your kid fails a vision screening,[..]

Fri Aug 19 2022
What is the most recommended Lazy Eye Treatment?

Everyone is aware that children learn through their eyes. Therefore, having good vision is essential for children to read, write, and play. It involves more than just sharp near- and far-sighted vision. Eyes[..]

Tue Aug 16 2022
Dilated Pupils (Mydriasis) – Everything You should Know

Ever noticed someone’s eyes getting big, like they’ve seen a surprise? That’s called dilated pupils, and it’s more than just a cool party trick – it’s a window into our bodies![..]

Thu Aug 11 2022
Astigmatism Vs. Myopia: What’s the Difference?

Various eye problems can impact your vision, commonly referred to as refractive errors. Refractive errors typically result from irregularities in the eye structures such as cornea, lens, or overall shape.[..]

Mon Aug 08 2022
What are Shingles in the Eye?

We all are aware of the importance of eyes in children’s development and how they contribute to the world around us. Therefore, having routine eye exams can maintain the health of their eyes and detect[..]

Thu Aug 04 2022
ICL vs Lasik: What’s the difference?

We all are aware that the human eye is an organ of vision & is vital to human health and life. The human eye provides sight, enabling us to understand more about the environment. By processing the light[..]

Mon Aug 01 2022
Black Dots in Eye

You all might have heard people saying that the eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of our body. What would your answer be if we asked you to name the most common problem related to eyes? Well, most[..]

Thu Jul 28 2022
Types Of Low Vision

We all know that low vision is a loss of eyesight that lenses, surgery, or glasses cannot improve. Also, the remaining limited sight means it is not blindness. Blind spots, poor night vision, and hazy vision[..]

Mon Jul 25 2022
Squint Eye Exercises – Best Techniques to Improve Eye Alignment

Squint eye, also known as strabismus, is a condition in which the eyes do not align properly. It can affect people of all ages, from infants to adults. Squint eye can lead to double vision, blurred vision, and[..]

Sat Jul 23 2022
SMILE Treatment: Time to know all about It

We all know that our eyes are one of the most important and sensitive organs of the human body, and we need to take extra care of them. But like everything else, it is also prone to various issues and[..]

Thu Jul 21 2022
Retinoblastoma Staging & Diagnosis

Retinoblastoma is a rare form of eye cancer that primarily affects young children. It begins in the retina, which is the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye. In this blog post, we will explore the[..]

Tue Jul 19 2022
What Happens When You Have Retinitis Pigmentosa?

Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) is a group of inherited eye disorders that affect the retina, the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye. It causes a gradual loss of vision, usually starting with night[..]

Sat Jul 16 2022
What are Neuro ophthalmology disorders you should know about?

Neuro-ophthalmology disorders are complex systemic diseases of the nervous system that tend to affect vision, eye movements, alignment within the eye, and pupillary reflexes. These diseases are typically[..]

Thu Jul 14 2022
Glasses For Old Age: Why do Senior Citizens Need It?

You probably don’t give your vision much thought when you’re in your twenties or thirties. You could take precautions for your overall fitness, and you undoubtedly give thought to your future[..]

Mon Jul 11 2022
Diabetic Retinopathy: Learn All About It!

We all know that humans can suffer from several different diseases, some of which can be pretty deadly. When we talk about diseases, one of the most common among them is diabetes. Most of you might know[..]

Sat Jul 09 2022
Contact Lenses vs Glasses: Which to get?

The decision to use contact lenses or eyeglasses to improve your vision primarily comes down to personal judgment. You should consider factors like lifestyle, relaxation, convenience, and aesthetics while[..]

Thu Jul 07 2022
Choosing the Right Keratoconus Treatment

Keratoconus affects one out of every 2,000 people, and you’re probably unaware of it. Keratoconus is a disorder in which the cornea bulges outward into a cone shape rather than taking a spherical shape.[..]

Tue Jul 05 2022
Cataract Surgery With Glaucoma: Is It Safe?

Primary causes of blindness worldwide, cataracts, and Glaucoma frequently coexist in elderly persons. The combination of both procedures may raise the likelihood of postoperative problems and jeopardise the[..]

Sat Jul 02 2022
Cataract Surgery: Everything You Should Know

Welcome to our blog on everything one must know about cataract surgery, where we’ll break down the process into multiple sections to help you understand what cataract surgery procedure is, what happens[..]

Thu Jun 23 2022
What Are Yellow Eyes? – Causes, Treatment and More

Yellow eyes, also known as jaundice, is a condition characterized by the yellowing of the sclera (white part of the eyes). It is a common health concern that can be caused by various factors. Understanding the[..]

Tue Jun 21 2022
Why do I have Blurred Vision During Pregnancy?

We all know that morning sickness and swollen ankles are some of the common pregnancy side effects. However, some women may encounter other less common difficulties.  Are you worried about what other[..]

Mon Jun 20 2022
What is Conjunctivitis and its Treatments?

Have you heard of Pink Eye before? If you answered no, this blog is for you because it will tell you everything you need to know about it. Furthermore, you will learn how to treat pink eye. Keep reading if[..]

Fri Jun 17 2022
What are the Home Remedies For Eye Irritation?

Do you know that the eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of our body? Yes, you read it right. You might suffer various eye-related issues if you don’t pay attention to them. Always remember that[..]

Mon Jun 13 2022
Shingles In The Eye

Shingles is a painful, burning rash that appears throughout the body and sometimes on the face. The varicella-zoster virus causes it. The virus that causes chickenpox is the same one that promotes this. The[..]

Thu Jun 09 2022
How To Get Rid Of Eye Bags?

We all know that eye bags or moderate swelling under the eyes is a common complaint. Furthermore, it is a significant contributor to a less youthful appearance. But have you ever wondered what leads to[..]

Tue Jun 07 2022
Digital Eye Strain: What All You Need To Know?

To begin with, tell us: do you know what Digital eye strain is? Well, we can say that it is a collection of eyesight and ocular disorders. Eyes that itch, weep, dry and red are common symptoms. It’s[..]

Fri Jun 03 2022
Optometrists vs Ophthalmologists: What’s the difference?

Choosing an eye doctor is a priority health decision. After all, you’ll be entrusting them with protecting your priceless sense of sight and assisting you in maintaining a healthy vision for the rest of[..]

Fri May 20 2022
What is meant by Oculoplasty?

Oculopasty is a surgical procedure used to correct a medical problem of the eye or for cosmetic enhancements. Ophthalmologists or eye doctors with special training in reconstructive surgery perform this[..]

Mon May 16 2022
What falls under Cornea Services?

The cornea is often recognized as the window of the eye. It is a fragile part of the eye that needs due care at all times, for it constitutes 2/3rd of the eye’s focusing power. It consists of three main[..]

Fri May 13 2022
How to tackle High Eye Pressure?

Also known as ocular hypertension, high eye pressure refers to any situation in which the pressure inside the eye is higher than usual, i.e., greater than 10 to 21 mm Hg. It is a situation in which the[..]

Tue May 10 2022
What is Paediatric Ophthalmology Squint (Strabismus)?

Strabismus, or pediatric ophthalmology squint, is a disorder in which the eyes do not align in the same direction. It is known as “cross eyes” in common parlance. This misalignment of the eye can[..]

Mon May 02 2022
Children’s eye care: What is required for excellent eye health?

Paying attention to the child’s eye health early will help catch problems and ensure that they are addressed while the eyes are still developing, preventing further complications. Getting the[..]

Thu Apr 21 2022
What is Oculoplasty and its recovery period?

Introduction  Oculoplastic surgical procedures are performed around the eyes to correct a medical problem and sometimes also for cosmetic reasons. It is one of the most commonly performed procedures around[..]

Mon Apr 18 2022
Neuro Ophthalmology: What procedures does it include?

Introduction  The term neuro-ophthalmology is quite self-explanatory as it combines neurology and ophthalmology. So, in simple terms, you can say that neuro-ophthalmology deals with neurological disorders[..]

Fri Apr 15 2022
High Eye Pressure – Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Introduction  Increased pressure inside the eye, also referred to as intraocular pressure, can cause many eye-related problems and severe conditions like glaucoma. This increased pressure can damage the[..]

Mon Apr 11 2022
Eye Cancer: What is it?

Introduction Eye cancer is one of the severe problems that can affect your eyes and cause visual impairment. It is a condition that affects your eye health and your overall health over a period of time.[..]

Sat Apr 09 2022
What does the term Diabetic Retinopathy mean?

Introduction  Diabetes is a chronic disease caused by the increased levels of sugar in the blood due to the inability of the pancreas to produce enough insulin. This disease comes with a lot of complications.[..]

Sat Apr 09 2022
Contact Lens Vs Glasses – Which Is Better?

Contact lenses and glasses are two popular options for correcting vision problems. While both serve the same purpose, they have distinct features and benefits. In the discussion about contact lenses vs[..]

Wed Apr 06 2022
What falls under Corneal Services?

Introduction  The cornea is the clear front window of the eye that transmits light and plays an important role in vision. When the cornea is injured or becomes a subject to any type of corneal disease, it may[..]

Mon Apr 04 2022
What are Contact Lenses?

Introduction Refractive problems are pretty common among children and adults. These problems lead to nearsightedness and farsightedness that can be treated using corrective glasses or contact lenses. Contact[..]

Fri Apr 01 2022
How to ensure Children’s Eye Care?

Introduction Throughout the child’s growing years, their eye health and eyesight will go through many changes that should be monitored. Growing children are prone to a number of eye problems, which, if[..]

Mon Mar 14 2022
Astigmatism: What is it and how is it treated?

Astigmatism is an imperfection in the curvature of the eye’s cornea that causes an individual’s vision to blur. The curve is egg-shaped instead of being shaped like a round ball, causing blurred[..]

Tue Mar 08 2022
Eye Care During Pollution: What should you keep in mind?

Various studies have shown that air pollution is one of the leading causes of eye ailments in all age groups. The main contributors to air pollution are the open burning of agricultural waste and toxic fumes[..]

Thu Feb 10 2022
What is the Impact of Video Games on Eyes?

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, video games have become even more accessible to children than before. Of course, you cannot keep your child from something they enjoy. However, it is important to[..]

Tue Feb 08 2022
Nearsightedness: What is it and how can you get it treated?

Did you know that a recent study revealed that by 2030, 31.89% of children aged 5-15 would suffer from nearsightedness? The same study also revealed that this number will be as high as 48.14% by 2050. With[..]

Sat Feb 05 2022
Eye Checkup: What to Expect During an Eye Examination?

An eye checkup can include a series of different tests that optometrists and ophthalmologists carry out. These tests are carried out to ascertain whether there is anything wrong with the eye or any conditions[..]

Wed Feb 02 2022
Eye care during pregnancy: Are these changes alarming you?

When you’re pregnant, you naturally expect a few common symptoms associated with pregnancy to show up down the line. Morning sickness, back pain, heartburn, and swollen feet – these symptoms are a[..]

Tue Jan 25 2022
What to expect before, during, and after LASIK eye surgery?

LASIK eye surgery is a type of refractive surgery that utilizes a laser to correct common vision problems like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. An ophthalmologist will use a cutting instrument to reshape[..]

Mon Jan 24 2022
What are the types and symptoms of common retinal diseases?

In simple terms, the retina is the part of the eye that is responsible for interpreting visual information. It contains millions of cells that are light-sensitive in nature. These cells relay visual[..]

Sun Jan 23 2022
4 Specs removal operations you should ask your doctor about!

Everyone who wears glasses has at some point, wished they could get rid of them once and for all. Decades ago, this would have been a mere dream. However, there are many options when it comes to specs removal[..]

Sat Jan 22 2022
Post Cataract Recovery Time and Care

Introduction: One of the most prevalent vision issues is cataracts. Cataracts, also known as ‘Motiyabind’ in Hindi, are a condition in which the natural lens of the eyes becomes clouded which is removed[..]

Thu Jan 20 2022
What is Neuro Ophthalmology and what diseases fall under it?

With the progression of science and technology, experts discover new connections between different body parts and how they impact each other. This often leads to the development of super-specialties within the[..]

Tue Jan 11 2022
Are there any natural eye care tips and tricks I can follow?

We rely the most on visual information in order to interpret the world. Therefore, keeping your eyes healthy is one of the most important things you can do. Fortunately, there are many natural remedies and[..]

Sat Jan 08 2022
Know How Electronics are Negatively Affecting Your Eyes!

Whether you are an intern or a seasoned professional, you know that there’s no getting around the fact that you need to sit in front of your computer or laptop for long hours. While this isn’t[..]

Fri Jan 07 2022
Eye Donation and Eye Bank: Crucial Things To Know

According to the World Health Organization, almost 40 million people in India are blind or visually impaired, including 1.6 million children. In addition, 8.4 million people are expected to suffer corneal[..]

Mon Jan 03 2022
Burning Eyes – Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

The burning sensation can happen with or without other symptoms such as itching, eye discomfort, watery eyes, or eye discharge. Burning eyes are frequently caused by unavoidable environmental factors like[..]

Tue Dec 28 2021
Winter Eye Health: 5 Essential Seasonal Eye Care Tips

Winter is a fantastic time for family activities and pleasure. Perhaps you’re hitting the slopes, hiking  across snow-covered summits, or remaining inside! Whatever way you choose to spend the[..]

Sat Dec 25 2021
Watery Eyes: Causes, Treatments, and Remedies

A watery eye is a disorder characterised by an outpouring of tears onto the face with no apparent cause.  Watery eyes are caused by either excessive tear production or inadequate tear film drainage from[..]

Thu Dec 23 2021
Pressure Behind the Eyes: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

One of the most uncomfortable sensations is the feeling of pressure  in eyes and headache. This sensation can be quite distressing and may interfere with daily activities. Understanding what causes[..]

Mon Dec 20 2021
How to Alleviate Eye Allergies – Centre for Sight

Have allergies made your eyes swollen and red? You’re not alone; allergic conjunctivitis affects people of  all ages. However, knowing your triggers and treating the symptoms of eye allergies is[..]

Thu Dec 16 2021
SMILE Vision Correction: What to Expect Before and After!

Many people want to permanently bid adieu to their contact lenses or eyeglasses, which is why refractive surgeries such as LASIK and SMILE have become so sought-after. While LASIK has been around for[..]

Mon Dec 13 2021
What is Retinoblastoma and Can it be Cured?

Retinoblastoma is a type of cancer that develops in the eye’s retina (which is the portion that sends visual information to the brain). It is one of the most commonly found eye cancers in children and[..]

Sat Dec 11 2021
What is Melanoma of the Eye and Who Gets it?

Melanoma, also known as skin cancer, develops in the melanin containing cells of the body (the cells that give skin it’s color). Contrary to popular belief, melanoma doesn’t just develop on the skin[..]

Fri Dec 03 2021
Wondering How to Improve Your Eyesight? Try These Tips!

Did you know you can take care of your eyesight (and improve it) the way you can take care of other aspects of your health? Apart from making sure that you schedule regular appointments with your[..]

Fri Nov 19 2021
What is Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and do I have it?

Macular Degeneration, also known as Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), is a common eye condition characterised by the deterioration of a portion of the retina known as the macula. As the macula is[..]

Fri Oct 15 2021
When Do You Need Retinal Detachment Surgery?

Our eyes are like a window through which we view the world around us, and we are heavily dependent on them to conduct day to day activities. We shouldn’t take any injury or damage to the eye casually and[..]

Mon Oct 04 2021
Common Eye Disorders and Diseases

Eyes help us perceive up to 80 percent of all impressions and protect us from danger. But with the current hectic lifestyles and high levels of pollution, people are increasingly experiencing several eye[..]

Tue Sep 14 2021
7 Types of Refractive Surgery You Should Know About

If you have been considering opting for refractive eye surgery but feel overwhelmed by the idea, then you should probably read on. This article sheds light on the nitty-gritty of the same, so you can have[..]

Fri Sep 10 2021
What is Femto LASIK?

Femto LASIK (also known as Femtosecond-assisted laser in-situ keratomileusis) is a type of laser eye surgery developed in the early 1990s to resolve vision problems by reshaping the size of the cornea. Keep[..]

Tue Aug 31 2021
Eye Care in Monsoon: What Needs to be Done?

Monsoons are loved by many of us who love rain and look forward to relief from the sweaty summers. But as good as monsoons are, they also bring a lot of viral infections, including eye infections. This makes[..]

Fri Aug 27 2021
Can you use Optical Illusion for eyesight improvement?

You must have come across many pictures, images and videos on the internet that seem to play tricks with your eyes and make you see something that should not have obviously appeared in the image. Such images[..]

Mon Aug 23 2021
What Should You Know Before an Eye Exam for Kids?

Kids have regular health checkups with their paediatrician during their growth years to ensure their overall health. These health checkups also include eye exams for kids. However, it is not as proper and[..]

Fri Aug 20 2021
Tele-ophthalmology: What does it mean?

Did you know that you can now avail health services online as well? Such health related services that are distributed to those in need through telecommunication technologies are what we collectively call[..]

Tue Aug 17 2021
Retinal Tear Treatment to Prevent Blindness!

Do you know how complex the structure of the eye is? Multiple small yet very important parts come together to form the whole eye and function in tandem to ensure good vision. The retina is one of these parts[..]

Sat Aug 07 2021
Uveitis – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Uveitis is an inflammatory condition that affects the uvea, which is the middle layer of the eye. It is characterized by inflammation of the uvea, which can cause various symptoms and complications. In this[..]

Thu Aug 05 2021
What to Do During a Glaucoma Attack?

Glaucoma is one of the most severe eye problems and can permanently hamper your vision if not treated on time. In this condition, your optic nerve is damaged because of increased intraocular pressure. This[..]

Mon Aug 02 2021
Combat Corneal Changes with Keratoconus Treatment C3R!

Today, there are a variety of treatments available for eye-related problems with a very high success rate. There are different forms of treatments available for various ailments of the eye.  One such[..]

Sat Jul 10 2021
Always Tired? You Might Have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!

Fatigue after a strenuous physical or mental activity is natural. But in some individuals, the feeling of fatigue is everlasting and does not go away no matter how much they relax or rest! If you feel that[..]

Wed Jul 07 2021
Dry Eyes: The Most Annoying Condition One Could Face!

No matter how many times you have been told that it’s bad to cry, please know that it’s actually really good. Crying is not only a great way of letting out your bottled emotions but is also very[..]

Wed Jun 23 2021
Blepharoplasty: A Sure-Shot Way to Remove A Tell-tale Sign of Ageing

As one increases in age, you will experience changes in almost all aspects of your body. Changes around your eyes are one of them. A growing age causes the formation of fat or excess skin around the eyes that[..]

Mon Jun 21 2021
Corneal Ulcer

Conditions that affect your eyes and cause great discomfort should not be taken lightly as they will eventually have bad effects on your vision. Many infections can affect your eyes, caused by the entry of[..]

Thu Jun 17 2021
What Is Thyroid Eye Disease (Ted)? – Symptoms & Treatments

Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) is a condition that affects the eyes and is associated with an imbalance in thyroid gland hormones. It is also known as Graves’ ophthalmopathy or Graves’ orbitopathy. TED[..]

Mon Jun 14 2021
Only a Good LASIK Surgeon can help you regain sight!

Nowadays, there are a lot of minimally invasive surgical procedures available for eye treatment. These procedures help with quicker healing when compared to the more invasive procedures. LASIK[..]

Thu Jun 10 2021
LASIK Surgery: Is it safe and should you get it?

How many times have you thought of getting rid of your glasses by getting corrective eye surgery done, but decided against it? Trust us, the indecision happens to the best of us! It is either because we are[..]

Mon Jun 07 2021
Tanning Beds and Eye Safety – Is there a link?

With summer here, you may be considering working on your tan. Whether you like to tan outside in the sun’s natural rays or inside in a tanning bed, your eyes require UV (ultraviolet) radiation[..]

Sat Jun 05 2021
6 Work from Home Eye Care Tips You Should Know

Work from home has become a norm for the past 1 year, as all of us are compelled to stay at home due to COVID-19 pandemic. However, working professionals operating from home are facing a lot of health-related[..]

Thu Jun 03 2021
Lazy Eye in Kids: Should you be worried?

Eye problems are common in newborn babies and kids. But if these are not treated at the right time, they may cause severe visual impairments in the future.  Lazy eye in kids or amblyopia in kids is one of[..]

Tue May 25 2021
Chalazion: A Common Eye Infection You Might Not Have Heard Of!

At times, multiple conditions and infections may occur in and around the eye. The reason may be a result of some underlying conditions or several other causes. Although not all these conditions are[..]

Sat May 22 2021
Does the Covid 19 vaccine have an effect on your eyes?

This pandemic is already changing the way the world works. Vaccines continue to receive emergency clearance as they are distributed across the globe. However, there are several health concerns about[..]

Wed May 19 2021
Should you be worried about your eyesight during pregnancy?

Pregnancy involves a lot of physical and emotional changes. A lot of these changes take place due to the hormonal changes taking place in the body. If you are planning to get pregnant, you should know a little[..]

Sun May 16 2021
Paediatric Ophthalmology: What does it mean?

Many children and newborn babies experience a number of eye problems. The sooner these problems are diagnosed and treated, the better. Paediatric ophthalmology focuses on paediatric eye problems and their[..]

Fri May 14 2021
What to Expect During a Strabismus Surgery?

When we talk about eye problems, it’s not only infections that cause them. Some other factors may include affecting the competency of the muscles surrounding your eyes. Six extraocular muscles surround an[..]

Wed May 12 2021
Swollen Eyelid – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment Options

A swollen eyelid is a condition where the tissue around the eye becomes puffy and swollen. It can affect one or both eyelids and is often accompanied by redness, itching, and discomfort. This condition can be[..]

Mon May 10 2021
The genetics of eye colour explained!

Our DNA contains a collection of instructions or genes that cells utilise to carry out daily functions and interact with their surroundings. Traditionally, the genetics of eye colour was thought to be[..]

Fri May 07 2021
What is a Visual Acuity Test?

Almost every one of you must have gone through an eye exam in your life, regardless of whether you wear glasses/contacts or not. Eye exams are a part of our routine health checkups during our growing years.[..]

Tue May 04 2021
A comprehensive guide to SMILE Refractive Procedure

If you wear corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses, you would have had thoughts about getting a corrective eye surgery done, not to mention all the people around you who keep suggesting LASER eye surgeries.[..]

Sat May 01 2021
What to Expect During a Dacryocystitis Surgery?

Infections affecting the eye are common and can cause great discomfort in our day-to-day life. Dacryocystitis is one such infection. It is an infection of the tear sacs present at the corner of your eyes,[..]

Tue Apr 27 2021
The Complete Guide to Bladeless LASIK

As per UN data, Myopia (nearsightedness) in young Indians will be a major cause of concern by 2050 (Source). Wearing spectacles or contact lenses that clear your vision is a must when you witness any eye[..]

Sat Apr 24 2021
Corneal Abrasion: How do you know if you have it?

Your cornea is the transparent coating that protects your eye. It gets its black colour due to the underlying structures. A corneal abrasion is like a scratch on the surface of your cornea. It can[..]

Tue Apr 20 2021
Eye Cancer in Children – A quick guide

Very rarely one encounters eye cancer in children, and the most common type of eye cancer that children face is retinoblastoma. This eye cancer in children makes up for 2% of all cancer[..]

Fri Apr 09 2021
Got a Stye in the Eye? Find out what it is!

A stye in the eye is an inflammation of the eyelid accompanied by a small pus collection caused by the Staphylococcus bacteria. It is also known as a hordeolum. A stye in the eye is usually not a[..]

Wed Apr 07 2021
Can Contoura Vision Help You?

Given a choice, most of us would like to ditch those huge glasses and delicate lenses and take in glorious views using our naked eyes. But to do so, one has to undergo surgeries to correct the vision, which[..]

Wed Apr 07 2021
How To Keep Eye Allergies in Summer At Bay

Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass on a summer day listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is hardly a waste of time. John LubbockSummer time is[..]

Mon Apr 05 2021
Know Your Options of Cataract Extraction Surgery

Our eyes are our natural cameras. They help us capture images that our brain processes further. There is a natural lens inside our eyes that bends the light and helps us visualize the objects. For our vision[..]

Fri Apr 02 2021
The Nuts & Bolts Of SMILE Laser Eye Surgery

The human eye is considered the main sensory organ of the visual system. Visual clarity can be impacted due to refractive errors like nearsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness (Hyperopia). In[..]

Fri Mar 26 2021
Your Guide to Cosmetic Eye Surgery

Did you know that ageing results in the stretching of eyelids, which in turn weakens the muscles supporting them? Excess fat starts gathering above and below the eyelids resulting in sagging eyebrows and[..]

Tue Mar 23 2021
Is There a Relationship Between Sleep and Glaucoma?

Over 90% of glaucoma cases in India go undiagnosed, which means a significant portion of patients with this disease must succumb to irreversible blindness. Unfortunately, there are 12 million cases of[..]

Fri Mar 19 2021
Diabetic Retinopathy: Symptoms, Risk Factors, Treatment and More!

Diabetic retinopathy is a severe condition that occurs when the blood vessels in the back of the eyes (retina) are damaged. This condition is a complication of diabetes and can develop when patients do not[..]

Wed Mar 17 2021
How to choose the best eye hospital for your needs?

The slightest irritation in the eyes can cause a ton of discomfort and worry. Not knowing who to turn to for help can only increase that sense of worry, leading to panic and hasty decisions that may not be in[..]

Mon Mar 15 2021
Eyesight issues after COVID-19: What to expect

One of the most terrifying aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic is that we still don’t know all the ways the virus affects the body. Researchers have been uncovering not only new strains of the virus but also[..]

Fri Mar 12 2021
Tips To Keep Your Eyes Safe From Sweaty Summers

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Summer’? Vacations, beaches, ice-creams, and sunbathing right! But along with all the fun comes the heat, sweat, sunburns and rashes.[..]

Wed Mar 10 2021
Migraine Aura – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Migraine aura is a neurological condition that is often associated with migraines. It refers to a set of symptoms that occur before or during a migraine headache. These symptoms can include visual[..]

Mon Mar 08 2021
How to Get Rid of Glasses or Contact Lenses

“I wish I could remember where I put my thing so that I could save time in finding my spectacles.” This is the plight of most of the people who wear spectacles. It is not only about finding the[..]

Sat Mar 06 2021
The All-In-One Guide of Contact Lenses

Refractive error is one of the most common problems not only in India (but across the world). As per a report, under-corrected refractive error is one of the common causes of reversible blindness in[..]

Sat Feb 27 2021
Is Reading On A Screen Bad For Your Eyes?

Handheld devices, particularly mobile phones, have become an integral part of our lives. Many of us prefer reading on mobile phones or laptops, but too much screen time can cause headaches and digital eye[..]

Mon Feb 22 2021
Heterochromia: The Mystery Behind Different-Colored Eyes

Have you come across people with eyes of two different colours?  As per research, six out of every thousand people have this interesting trait called Heterochromia (Source). In heterochromia, the iris of[..]

Sat Feb 20 2021
An In-depth Guide To Retinal Detachment

Retina, the innermost, thin tissue layer located near the optic nerve, is an important part of our eyes. It receives the light focused by the lens and converts it to a neural impulse that is carried to the[..]

Sat Feb 13 2021
Eye Health Tips for Older People

Some decrease in clarity in vision may be experienced with an increase in age. You might be wearing glasses prescribed to you to perform daily activities in your life and assume that there is no underlying[..]

Tue Feb 09 2021
All You Need To Know About Ocular Migraine

Headaches are common due to frequent lack of sleep, tight headwear, wearing incorrect eyeglass prescription (or not wearing altogether), and other such reasons that can cause a heavy head feeling. However,[..]

Sun Feb 07 2021
Remedies and Techniques to Prevent Glaucoma

Glaucoma is an eye condition where an increase in the pressure within the eyeballs eventually results in the loss of sight. Though glaucoma is more likely to affect senior citizens, the fact is that everyone[..]

Fri Feb 05 2021
Watery Eyes (Epiphora): Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

Watery eyes, clinically known as epiphora, can be a bothersome and persistent issue for many individuals. This condition occurs when there is an overflow of tears, leading to excessive tearing. In this[..]

Tue Feb 02 2021
Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) – Symptoms & Treatment

Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is a common eye condition that affects the macula, the central part of the retina responsible for sharp, central vision. It is the leading cause of vision loss in people[..]

Mon Jan 25 2021
Thinking about getting laser treatment for eyes?

Time & again, we hear about how laser treatment for eyes is now becoming increasingly popular, and people are opting for laser eye surgeries to treat various eye problems. However, when we hear the word[..]

Tue Jan 19 2021
Did you know Sleep and Vision are directly related!

Yes, you heard it right. Sleep and vision are connected.  We all know that sleep is essential for the healthy functioning of a body and helps in relaxing the mind but did you know that it affects your[..]

Sat Jan 16 2021
How to go about Winter Eye Protection – Tips & Tricks

We all take special care of our eyes during summers, but what about winters! During winters, the air gets dry, causing irritation in the eyes. Extreme cold can even constrict blood vessels in & around the[..]

Thu Jan 14 2021
Want to pledge your eyes? Know how Eye Donation Banks work!

According to WHO – at least 1 billion people globally have a moderate or severe distance vision impairment or blindness. In a lot of these cases, blindness can be prevented or treated. Today, advances[..]

Sat Jan 09 2021
Unravelling Myths and Facts about Cataract

Cataract occurs as a result of clouding of natural lens of the eye, which leads to blurring of vision, decrease in contrast sensitivity, night vision problems, and glare. Though cataract is the most common[..]

Mon Jan 04 2021
5 Sports Eye Safety Tips

Sport & recreational activities are becoming increasingly popular these days and are also a part of a healthy lifestyle. However, each sport also brings the possible risks of various injuries. We usually[..]

Sat Dec 26 2020
Everything you should know about Hyperopia or Farsightedness!

Hyperopia (farsightedness) is a refractive error in which a person can see distant things better than nearby objects. For instance, a person could see a traffic light/billboard, which is far away[..]

Mon Dec 21 2020
Frequent eye twitching? Know the causes & cure

Eye twitching or eyelid twitching is an involuntary and repeated blinking of eyelids. Eye twitching is usually common or harmless and goes away on its own, but if it’s prolonged and becomes severe, then[..]

Thu Dec 17 2020
Eye Floaters can affect your vision!

Eye Floaters are grey spots, lines, cobwebs or dots in your field of vision that seem to drift away when you try to look at them directly. This is caused by a gel-like substance in your eye called vitreous. As[..]

Sat Dec 12 2020
The eye benefits of Vitamin A!

When it comes to our body health and getting into shape, we always follow a healthy diet and try to eat nutritious food. Same goes for our eye health as well! Our eyes also need nutrition to function properly,[..]

Mon Dec 07 2020
Retinopathy of Prematurity affects premature babies

What Is Retinopathy of Prematurity? Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) is an eye disease which affects the retina of premature babies. In this disease, blood vessels in the retina grow abnormally causing serious[..]

Wed Dec 02 2020
Know all about Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)

Amblyopia, also known as lazy eye, is improper or abnormal visual development (acuity) in one or both eyes. It is the most common cause of vision loss in kids. Amblyopia develops when there is an anomaly[..]

Fri Nov 27 2020
Smile Surgery: A Primer

With the advancement in technology, there are several eye treatments available now. One of the solutions for varied eye problems is surgery. When eye surgeries were introduced, people were afraid to have one[..]

Tue Nov 24 2020
Paediatric Ophthalmology: Breaking the myths around Squint

Squint: Not just an eye problem; it’s a lot more than that! People with squint face prejudice and have been looked at differently everywhere they go. With the common misconception existing in society and[..]

Sat Nov 21 2020
Neuro Ophthalmology – Know How the brain affects your vision

Most of us know what neurology is and what ophthalmology is. But do you know what neuro ophthalmology is! It is an academically-oriented subspecialty that merges the fields of Neurology and Ophthalmology and[..]

Thu Nov 19 2020
Looking for a Retina and Uvea specialist? Here’s what you should know

The retina is an important part of the human eye. But like all other organs, the retina, too can be diseased. Most of the retinal diseases cause visual symptoms though they vary widely. Any part of the retina[..]

Mon Nov 16 2020
Here’s what to do if you have a family history of Glaucoma!

Glaucoma is a group of eye ailments that result in damage to the optic nerve and cause vision loss. The word “Glaucoma” is derived from the Ancient Greek word glaukos, which means[..]

Fri Nov 13 2020
MICS Cataract Surgery – Procedure, Benefits & More

Welcome to our another blog, where we will delve into the world of MICS (Micro-Incision Cataract Surgery), a revolutionary approach for cataract removal. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you[..]

Tue Nov 10 2020
Frequent blurred vision? Might be the symptoms of Keratoconus

The cornea, which is the clear outer lens of the eye, makes it possible for the human eye to see. Usually, the cornea has a dome shape, more like a ball. But sometimes, the cornea bulges outward and downward[..]

Sun Nov 08 2020
Eye Care Tips to reduce the effect of Computer Vision Syndrome

Computers are an integral part of life today, and one cannot imagine their lives without computers. They are inevitable at every step of life and have made our world a small global village. However, with[..]

Fri Nov 06 2020
Delaying Cataract Surgery? Here is why you shouldn’t!

COVID-19 has severely impacted surgeries that required immediate attention, thereby leading to a complete halt of surgical procedures. With the rising cases, these elective procedures have started[..]

Tue Nov 03 2020
An all inclusive discussion on strabismus surgery

Strabismus is a condition in which the eyes do not properly align with each other while looking at an object. The eye so focused on an object tends to move in a haphazard manner. While in some people the[..]

Thu Oct 22 2020
What is a retinal tear implant? Read our expert view on it.

Before we dwell on what a retinal tear implant is, let’s have a basic understanding of the retina. To put it simply, the retina is a thin layer composed of tissue that lines the back of the eye on the inside[..]

Sun Oct 18 2020
C3R Eye Surgery

In the world of various eye treatments available in the modern age, one might have come across the term known as Corneal Collagen Cross-linking with Riboflavin or the C3R eye surgery. For the uninitiated,[..]

Thu Oct 15 2020
Need a squint specialist in Delhi?

Strabismus also referred to as squints, is defined by eye experts as an eye ailment wherein the eyeballs are misaligned and point in different directions at the same time. When it occurs in adults, it is[..]

Sun Oct 11 2020
Are you looking for a pediatric ophthalmologist?

All of us know that the visual needs of children are entirely different from adults. Since they are rapidly growing and are yet to develop a fully functional eye and brain coordination, ocular diseases in[..]

Wed Oct 07 2020
A lowdown on complete eye care

Eyes, being one of the most important sensory organs, need proper care at all times. The eyes can suffer from several issues like: Refractive Errors Refractive errors are the most common type of eye ailment[..]

Fri Oct 02 2020
A brief discussion on Cornea

Before starting a discussion on Cornea and the issues that may arise in it and their treatments, one needs to understand what is the cornea. The cornea is the transparent part of the eye that covers the[..]

Mon Sep 21 2020
Understanding Lasik Surgery: Before and After

LASIK (short form for Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis) surgery is the most common type of permanent surgical procedure undertaken by eye specialists for correcting vision problems. Even though[..]

Fri Sep 18 2020
Looking for an eye specialist in India?

Healthy eyes are essential to overall physical health since people depend on their vision for seeing and making sense of the happenings around them. But as we age, our senses begin to numb, and as it happens[..]

Fri Sep 18 2020
Everything You Need to Know About Strabismus Surgery

Strabismus is a disorder in which the eyes are misaligned and the surgery that goes by the same name involves sewing of eye muscle to the eyeball to correct the disorder. If you have questions like ‘What is[..]

Wed Sep 16 2020
ICL Surgery and Refractive Errors

“The eyes are more exact witnesses than the ears.” The above quote captures the true essence of the importance of eyes in human lives. They enable us to see and perceive the world around us and[..]

Wed Sep 02 2020
A brief discussion on SMILE eye surgery

People often associate the term smile with the field of orthodontia and not with the field of ophthalmology. But, if you have myopia or mild astigmatism, this term could mean something entirely different for[..]

Mon Aug 24 2020
Keratoconus Surgery: Things to Keep in Mind

Planning of undergoing a keratoconus surgery? Read ahead Keratoconus is a progressive eye disorder in which the cornea (clear front part of the eye) starts getting thinner and distorts into a cone-like shape.[..]

Fri Aug 21 2020
All the information you need on Photokeratitis

All the information you need on Photokeratitis Photokeratitis is a painful eye condition caused by harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Photokeratitis, often known as ultraviolet keratitis, can be compared to a[..]

Wed Aug 19 2020
Is there a link between red eyes and Coronavirus?

Is there a link between red eyes and coronavirus? With over 3 million total cases in the country, the novel coronavirus does not show any signs for stopping. While the health experts and researchers are[..]

Sun Aug 16 2020
All about Dry Eyes: A Brief Understanding

Dry Eyes: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment Dry eye is a common condition in which a person does not have enough tears to keep his eyes lubricated and nourished. Tears play a vital role in maintaining[..]

Wed Aug 12 2020
Causes, symptoms, and treatment of Amblyopia

Causes, symptoms, and treatment of Amblyopia Amblyopia, also known as ‘lazy eye,’ is a disorder in which vision in one eye fails to develop. The reason why it is called a ‘lazy eye’ is[..]

Sun Aug 09 2020
Centre for Sight celebrated Children’s Eye Safety Month

Centre for Sight celebrated Children’s Eye Safety Month Did you know that August is dedicated as Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month by the American Academy of Ophthalmology? This month is focused[..]

Wed Aug 05 2020
A complete insight into neuro-ophthalmology

From diagnosis to treatment: An insight into neuro-ophthalmology Neuro-ophthalmology is an ophthalmic subspecialty that merges the fields of ophthalmology and neurology. This super speciality field deals with[..]

Sun Jul 26 2020
Know why tears are healthy for you

Cry your eyes out: Know why tears are healthy for you People cry for a great variety of reasons. They cry for happiness, relief or fulfilment, as well as for sadness, loss or grief. They cry for anger,[..]

Mon Jul 20 2020
How does Diabetes affect your eyes?

How does Diabetes affect your eyes? Diabetes is defined as a metabolic condition that determines the body’s glucose usage. As per sources, India has 77 million diabetic patients and stands at the second[..]

Fri Jul 17 2020
Cataract surgery – Things to Keep in Mind

Thinking of undergoing a cataract surgery? Here’s all the information you need In the field of ophthalmology, a cataract surgery is defined as a procedure that is undertaken by eye surgeons to replace the[..]

Wed Jul 15 2020
Corneal Transplant Surgery: Things to Expect Before, During, and After

Things to expect before, during, and after corneal transplant surgery Before knowing what corneal transplant surgery is and everything that it entails, let’s begin by understanding the cornea. What is[..]

Thu Jul 02 2020
SMILE vs Contoura Vision: Which one should I go for?

You must have heard of laser eye surgery when it comes to vision correction techniques. Lasik, SMILE, and Contoura are different versions of laser vision correction techniques. But which one is the best for[..]

Sat Jun 20 2020
Essential Eye care during COVID 19

We are living in the times of COVID-19. Work from home, wearing masks, gloves, and maintaining social distance has become the new normal. While some of us have started stepping out of our homes for work and[..]

Wed Jun 17 2020
Reasons to go for ReLEx SMILE surgery over

Reasons to go for ReLEx SMILE surgery over Lasik Since the advent of Lasik eye surgery for vision correction, advancements in technology have always been made. ReLEx SMILE eye surgery is one[..]

Mon Jun 15 2020
What is the Best – SMILE, LASIK, or PRK?

SMILE, LASIK, or PRK: What is the best? Have you long lived a life with spectacles and contact lenses? Do you wish to get rid of these temporary solutions and want to lead a spectacle free life? If yes, then,[..]

Mon Jun 08 2020
Does Your Child Blink Excessively?

Does Your Child Blink Excessively? Follow These Eye Care Tips For Children Does your child blink their eyes a lot? If yes, and he/she blinks more than 15 times in a minute, then it could be worrisome.[..]

Wed May 27 2020
Eye Care Tips For Avoiding Coronavirus During COVID-19

While many governments across the world have continued with the lockdown, several others are now easing up with the restrictions. They are allowing people to move out in a steady and regulated way amidst the[..]

Mon May 11 2020
Beat Computer Vision Syndrome with Increased Screen Time

The nationwide lockdown due to the COVID-19 crisis has led to an increase in the average screen time of people. People are busy spending a lot of time watching television, and on digital devices like[..]

Mon May 04 2020
Eye Discharge and Associated Eye Problems

When you wake up from deep sleep and feel there is a sticky substance in your eye, are you aware of where it emerges from? Let’s understand what is eye discharge and what are the risk factors and causes[..]

Wed Apr 22 2020
मोतियाबिंद: लक्षण, कारण, प्रकार, इलाज, ऑपरेशन, कीमत व बचाव

जब आंख का प्राकृतिक लेंस अपारदर्शी हो जाये तो उसे कैटरेक्ट या मोतियाबिंद कहते[..]

Thu Apr 16 2020
Best Eye Hospital in Hyderabad: Book an Appointment Today

We generally tend to ignore common symptoms of eye problems, thinking that they will wear off on their own. It turns out there are specific eye problems that need special attention and eye symptoms that need[..]

Wed Apr 08 2020
How to Take Care of Eyes Daily

Our eyes are what enable us to see the world every day. They help us in experiencing all colours of life and seeing every single detail. However, sometimes we can take them for granted and stop caring for[..]

Wed Apr 01 2020
Five Things You Should Know About Robotic Cataract Surgery

What is Cataract?   A cataract is the clouding of the lens inside the eye that prevents clear, sharp vision. It may cause loss of vision if not cured on time. To restore a clear vision, a surgeon performs[..]

Tue Mar 31 2020
Get The Best Eye Care With The Top Ophthalmologists In Delhi

Don’t you agree on the fact that among all our five senses, our eyes are the ones on whom we rely the most? Our eyes need special attention and care. That is why it is essential to be extra cautious while[..]

Sat Mar 28 2020
Laser Cataracts Surgery: Meaning, Benefits, & Treatment

A cataract is an eye disorder that causes clouding of the natural lens of the eye. It can neither be cured with medications nor corrected with glasses. It can only be prevented. One way to correct it is by[..]

Wed Mar 25 2020
7 Yoga Eye Exercises To Improve Eyesight

Yoga eye exercises are a natural and effective way to improve eyesight and maintain good eye health. Just like other parts of our body, our eyes also require regular exercise to stay healthy and function[..]

Mon Mar 23 2020
All You Wanted to Know About Cataracts in Children

Ever heard of cataracts? You must be and we usually think it’s a grandparent thing, right? Well, surprise! It can happen to kids too. Through this comprehensive blog, we will be diving into the world of[..]

Thu Mar 19 2020
Could Fasting cause Dry Eyes?

Fasting is the process of abstaining from all or some food and fluid for a period of time or both. People fast for a variety of reasons including health and religion. However, it is a complex topic that has[..]

Mon Mar 16 2020
Eye Disorders- Symptoms and Treatment

Eyes are a very fragile part of our body when it comes to handling allergies, infections or diseases. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to any symptoms that may be a cause of any significant eye[..]

Thu Mar 12 2020
5 Ways to Protect Your Eyes from Pollution

The level of pollutants present in the air we breathe is alarming. Mostly, we consider these pollutants to be harmful to our skin, respiratory system, and cardiovascular systems. Nonetheless, the pollution we[..]

Mon Mar 09 2020
How Your Eyes Are At The Risk Of Coronavirus

The sudden spread of a virus that causes COVID-19 has sparked an alarm worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) describes coronaviruses (CoV) as a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from[..]

Thu Mar 05 2020
Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Prescription Glasses

Buying eyeglass can be a challenging task, all thanks to the unlimited styles present in the market that leave you confused more than ever. You must have seen people struggling to buy the right pair of[..]

Mon Mar 02 2020
Eye Convergence Exercises

Convergence insufficiency (CI) is an eye condition in which both the eyes don’t move at the same time. This condition causes one or both the eyes to move outward instead of inward when you look at a[..]

Fri Feb 28 2020
5 Simple Exercises to Strengthen Weak Eye Muscles

Eye fatigue can be an amalgamation of different reasons affecting our lifestyle. One such example is that in modern days we get strained eyes due to our work environment as the nature of our work is now[..]

Wed Feb 26 2020
Laser Eye Surgery Cost

LASIK is a modern-day procedure for spectacles removal. Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) means reshaping the layers of the cornea using Excimer Laser for correcting the visual error. Millions of[..]

Mon Feb 24 2020
6 tips for a 6/6 Vision

While many people succeed in implementing healthy changes in their lives, they tend to forget to take any constructive steps for the health of an important organ – The eyes. These sensory organs are an[..]

Thu Feb 20 2020
How To Deal With Squints (Strabismus) In Adults

Strabismus or squint is an eye condition in which the eyes are not aligned in the same direction. This eye disorder is commonly seen in children. But, it can also happen in adults persisting from childhood[..]

Mon Feb 17 2020
Lens Replacement Surgery: Meaning, Procedure & Recovery

For those who are frustrated with deteriorating vision, lens replacement surgery (RLE) is a solution. It is a vision correction technique. The procedure is permanent and safe for people suffering from both[..]

Thu Feb 13 2020
Eye Banks In Delhi: Donate Your Eyes To Light A Life

Eye donation is a noble act of donation one’s eye after his/her death. You can bring light to the lives of two people by donating your eyes. People who have corneal blindness can benefit from this[..]

Mon Feb 10 2020
Lasik Laser Eye Surgery: What To Expect

When contact lenses and glasses become trouble in your everyday life, that is the time when you seriously need to consider for a better alternative. If you wish to have a clear vision once again, then Lasik[..]

Thu Feb 06 2020
Retinal Detachment Surgery: Diagnosis And Treatment

A detached retina or retinal tear occurs when the retina detaches from the layer underneath. The retina is a fragile tissue, a layer of nerve cells lining the back wall of the eye. The retina senses light[..]

Wed Feb 05 2020
Holi 2020: Your Guide To Complete Eye Care

Holi is around the corner. Are you ready to smear yourself in colour? Celebrating Holi is great fun. People go wild celebrating this festival. But there are certain precautions that are required to be taken,[..]

Mon Feb 03 2020
SMILE Surgery In Delhi: Choose Centre For Sight

Most people cringe when they think to consider anything invasive involving their eyes. It’s not unusual to feel a little perplexed about eye surgery. But when you have made up your mind with the best[..]

Fri Jan 31 2020
Corneal Blindness Treatment: Prevention is better than cure

Accounting for 5% of the total world’s blind population, corneal blindness is one of the most common types of permanent blindness around the world. Corneal blindness mainly affects people at a younger age[..]

Wed Jan 29 2020
ICL Surgery or LASIK Surgery: Which one do you need?

LASIK has always been a recommended methodology amongst eye surgeons and patients. As a matter of fact, according to NCBI in 2011, LASIK became the highest searched Google query among people residing in India.[..]

Mon Jan 27 2020

Oculoplasty, also known as ophthalmic plastic surgery is a surgery which is associated with eyes and its surrounding areas. Eyes are your windows to the world. Each one of us wishes to look radiant, confident[..]

Fri Jan 24 2020

Are you fed up of wearing spectacles and are searching for a better option? Well, bid farewell to those specs with SMILE. It stands for Small Incision Lenticular Extraction and is a highly advanced technology[..]

Tue Jan 21 2020

Your eyes are often the first thing people notice in you, and they form an essential part of your personality. But, often you’d come across people who do not feel pleasant about the natural positioning[..]

Fri Jan 17 2020
Exercises to prevent Glaucoma

You can save your eyes from chronic ailments by getting regular eye treatments. Have you heard of glaucoma? It is an eye disease that is caused by increased eye pressure, which eventually leads to loss of[..]

Mon Jan 13 2020
Tear Gas: How Dangerous is it for your eyes?

Tear gases are chemical weapons that cause a stinging sensation in the eyes. In worse cases, they can lead to coughing up blood, collapsing, and suffering from problems with the nervous system and epileptic[..]

Thu Jan 09 2020
Which is the best place to buy eyeglasses?

The moment you get to know you need prescription glasses, the very first question that pops up in your mind is from where to buy one? Online, optical store, or from the hospital itself? Hospital? Yes, you[..]

Mon Jan 06 2020
National Braille Literacy Month

For you and others who can read this piece of content, a sense of vision doesn’t sound anything different. Imagine someone who cannot see, the world is a little harsh to them. It is crucial to provide the[..]

Thu Jan 02 2020
Winter is here! And your child’s eyes need special attention

With the temperature dropping outside, you could feel the effects of cold weather. Winters are going on, and in such harsh weather, self-care is always advised. Children are more susceptible to complications[..]

Mon Dec 30 2019
Steroid-Induced Glaucoma: Meaning, Causes, and Prevention

Glaucoma is a disease in which the optic nerve of the eye gets damaged. If this eye disease is left untreated, then it may cause blindness. Glaucoma is one of the primary factors of vision loss for people over[..]

Thu Dec 26 2019
Why opt for SMILE procedure over traditional Lasik treatment

The introduction to LASIK surgery for vision correction in the eye care regime has been a significant development. It has helped a million eyes to see the world freely, but that’s not it for us. With much[..]

Mon Dec 23 2019
When is the Right Time to Get Cataract Surgery Done?

Every time an ophthalmologist diagnoses someone with cataracts, the next question is ‘when to execute it?’ In all honesty, the right time to get it done is when your vision gets blurred and you are not in[..]

Thu Dec 19 2019
Eye Hygiene

Henry David Thoreau once said, “The eye is the jewel of the body”. Indeed, the delicate eyes are crucial and have the power to demonstrate a plethora of emotions. How well do you care for your eyes? Do you[..]

Fri Dec 13 2019
Do eyes get affected by the common cold?

Yes, eyes do get affected by the common cold. As winters arrive, problems like bad throat and blocked nose appear as a regular affair in one’s day to day life. Apart from fever and various other physical[..]

Thu Dec 12 2019
Safe Toys and Celebrations Month – December 2019

For a child, nothing is more delightful than a toy – soft toys, hard toys, and so many other things for children’s fun like crayons and acrylic colours. Toddlers and young children find unimaginable[..]

Wed Dec 11 2019
Things to keep in mind while buying spectacles

How many eyeglasses do you own? For some reason, fashion comes to the mind of people when they plan to buy spectacles. Round frames. Circular frames. So many different frames. So on and so forth. Over a period[..]

Mon Dec 09 2019
Things to keep in mind when looking for the best eye hospital in Delhi

As seasons and times change, health sometimes progresses and even deteriorates. There is no iota of doubt that the eye being a delicate part of the body requires crucial attention. With so many pollutants, and[..]

Thu Dec 05 2019
Retinal Detachment – A Flash is all that it takes!

Imagine it’s just a regular day and you are doing your daily chores, suddenly, you see a flash of light and maybe some floaters. You may feel a little nauseous instantly and then there are chances that you[..]

Mon Dec 02 2019
Millennials and their Perspectives on Motiyabind

The other day when Kartik, in his late 20s, was asked if he is aware of Cataract or Motiyabind, he answered, “It happens to older people.” That’s how several young people like Kartik between 22 to 35[..]

Wed Nov 27 2019
Story of wearing Contact Lenses and the risk of corneal ulcer

These days, people wear contact lenses very frequently. In order to look spectacle free at events, contact lenses come really handy. But as they say ‘excess of anything is harmful’, it goes pretty well[..]

Thu Nov 21 2019
Refractive Errors and Types of Refractive Errors

Healthy vision is dependent on your lens and cornea. Problems like refractive errors are caused by a cornea that is not shaped perfectly. The cornea happens to be the clearer part on the surface of the eye.[..]

Mon Nov 18 2019
Glaucoma During Pregnancy

Glaucoma management is a crucial thing in pregnant women. All those women (who have Glaucoma) who are considering a child should be very careful with their medication and activities they choose. The disease[..]

Thu Nov 14 2019
Treatment of Strabismus

Misalignment in the eyes requires timely treatment. It not only affects the movement of eyes but also the vision. It is vital to get the right diagnosis and further, a good treatment. This blog throws light on[..]

Sun Nov 10 2019
World Keratoconus Awareness Day

Every year, the 10th of November is observed as the ‘World Keratoconus Awareness Day’. This day aims at creating awareness about its impact on people who are suffering from it and their family and friends.[..]

Thu Nov 07 2019
How to find the Right Ophthalmologist Near Me

Any kind of eye problem should never be taken lightly. As per medical experts, always seek help when you face eye pain, blurred vision or any allergy. In this regard, a trusted ophthalmologist is always[..]

Mon Nov 04 2019
November – Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month

In a human body, certain health issues are connected with each other. The diagnosis is like connecting the dots with each other. For instance, people who have diabetes tend to develop blinding eye diseases[..]

Fri Nov 01 2019
SMILE: Now in India

Significant research and development efforts along with rapid technological advancements have generated one of the most innovative approaches for eye surgery – SMILE – a painless eye surgery with a[..]

Thu Oct 31 2019
How to Cure Computer Vision Syndrome?

Are you aware that a major part of the Indian population is struggling with Computer Vision Syndrome? Headache, eye strain, blurred vision, and dryness in eyes are some of the symptoms of CVS. Blame it on the[..]

Thu Oct 24 2019
Facts about Cornea and Corneal Diseases

Did you know that cornea is one of the most sensitive tissues in the body? And a heavily innervated one as well? Research shows that the density of corneal pain receptors is 300-600 times more sensitive than[..]

Mon Oct 21 2019
How to make Lasik eye surgery a smooth drive?

After a certain point in time, wearing spectacles becomes cumbersome. Often people wish to get away with heavy glasses. Are you thinking the same? If you are ready to bid farewell to your glasses, then get set[..]

Thu Oct 17 2019
Oculoplasty Surgery – Things you should know about it

Oculoplasty or ophthalmic plastic surgery is associated with the eye and its surrounding structures. This surgery is performed to improve the comfort, function, and appearance for the following:[..]

Mon Oct 14 2019
Knowing Dacryocystitis

Dacryocystitis is a commonly found eye issue in infants and adults over 40 years. It is an infection that develops in the tear sacs or lacrimal sacs in the inner corner of the eye. The usual reason behind[..]

Tue Oct 08 2019
World Sight Day – Creating a Nation with Healthy Vision

Eyes are powerful! Eyes are delicate! Eyes are beautiful! Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.” A lot of focus has been given to the eyes and eye health.[..]

Wed Sep 25 2019

Are you suffering from blurred vision? Or are you seeing sudden flashes of light that appear when you look on the sides and floaters inside the eyes? These are all the symptoms of retinal detachment. To[..]

Wed Sep 25 2019
A Thief of Vision – Glaucoma

Struggling with poor vision? Diagnosed with glaucoma? Are you aware of what kind of glaucoma have you been diagnosed with? Glaucoma is commonly known as “Kala Motia” in Hindi and “A Thief of[..]

Mon Sep 16 2019
LASIK Eye Surgery – The Procedure and Risks

For nearly seven centuries, eyeglasses remained an unchallenged method to correct refractive vision errors. It was in the early 50s that contact lenses came into the picture. With technological advancements in[..]

Fri Sep 13 2019
Things You Should Know About SMILE Refractive Procedure

SMILE – Small Incision Lenticule Extraction is a fully automated next-generation procedure. Due to fewer complications, greater stability and a very short recovery span, the SMILE procedure has gained[..]

Wed Sep 11 2019
Considerations While getting Treated for Lasik

Worried about the right diagnosis? Wondering which doctor is right for your eyes? Given the fact that eyes are one of the most delicate organs in the human body, the right kind of care is needed for any[..]

Wed Sep 11 2019
Cataract Surgery – How to Choose the Best Eye Care Center?

As per a report that came in December 2018, there are approximately 12 million blind people in India. Are you aware that 62.5% of the blindness is attributed to cataract? This is the level of severity and such[..]

Wed Sep 11 2019
Cataract – Everything You Should Know About it

Did you know, the World Health Organization (WHO) lists down ‘cataracts’ as one of the leading causes of blindness and visual impairment? Though the onset of cataract is gradual and more commonly seen in[..]

Wed Sep 11 2019
When is the Right Time to Consult an Eye Specialist?

‘You can tell everything from the eyes’ – Jeff Buckley Eyes express a gamut of emotions right from joy to sorrow. Also, they say a lot about your health than you can imagine. Apart from being connected[..]

Tue Sep 10 2019
An Overview of Diabetic Retinopathy

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, make sure you visit the eye doctor regularly. People with diabetes are at a higher risk of peripheral neuropathy and various eye complications. High blood sugar is a[..]

Wed Jul 24 2019
Eye Twitching –  Reasons, Causes & Treatment

Eye twitching, also known as eyelid twitching or blepharospasm, is a common condition that involves involuntary spasms or twitches of the eyelid. These twitches are usually painless and temporary, but they can[..]

Tue Jul 23 2019
Have a look at how OMEGA 3 is helpful for your Retina

It is not a surprise that one of the most critical aspects of your overall health is your diet. Even though the phrase, “We become what we eat” isn’t completely true, the food which we put into our body[..]

Tue Jul 23 2019
Are women at greater risk of Age-related eye problem?

Did you know that nearly two-thirds of all visually impaired and blind people in the world are women? Diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration are more prevalent in women than men all over the[..]

Wed Jul 17 2019
Do you know how to avoid eye strain from technology?

Technology has become an integral part of our lives in today’s world. Whether it be for work or for other reasons, the average person spends the majority of their time looking at some kind of digital screen.[..]

Tue Jul 16 2019
Nutrients that will optimize your eye health

It is a pretty well-known fact that what we eat significantly impacts the health of our vision and our eyes. A bad diet and a lack of exercise are not only bad for your body but also for our eyes, which[..]

Mon Jul 15 2019
Have a look at the ways you can spot the symptoms of Cataract!

Cataracts are a common eye problem mostly related to ageing. It refers to a clouding of the lens inside the eye, which starts affecting vision as rays of light cannot penetrate through the cloudy lens.[..]

Tue Jun 25 2019
What if your child receives a Corneal Abrasion?

A corneal abrasion can be defined as an injury to the cornea in your eye, usually a scratch or scrape. The cornea is the transparent layer of tissue that protects the visible parts of your eyeball, the ones[..]

Thu Jun 20 2019
How to Prevent Cataracts?

Cataracts are a common eye condition that affects millions of people worldwide. They occur when the lens of the eye becomes cloudy, leading to blurry vision and difficulty seeing. While cataracts are often[..]

Tue Jun 18 2019
Myopia (Nearsightedness) : Cause, Symptoms, Treatment

In a world dominated by screens and a growing dependency on close-up activities, the prevalence of myopia, or nearsightedness, has significantly arised. Myopia, characterized by difficulty in seeing distant[..]

Tue Jun 18 2019
Common Eye Diseases You Can Get In The Summer

The summer sun is not something to be underestimated in any way. It is the season that brings a lot of discomfort to your body in many forms. We are all told from a young age, to drink a lot of water in[..]

Fri Jun 14 2019
What are the Symptoms and Causes of Macular Degeneration?

Rays of light enter the eye, and then the cornea bends them in such a manner that they focus on the retina, which is the light-sensitive part of the eye that is placed in the back. Retina captures the image[..]

Fri May 31 2019
LASIK, PRK, SMILE – An Overview of Laser Eye surgery And How They Work

Individuals who suffer from refractive disorders of the eye are the ones with prescription glasses. These errors include myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism. They undertake laser eye surgery to get rid of[..]

Tue May 28 2019
5 Tips To Keep Your Vision Sharp

An individual’s vision is one of the most sensitive and vital senses that they possess. It is essential to keep your eyes healthy, protected and in the best condition possible. Yet, millions of people across[..]

Mon May 27 2019
How Blood Pressure is Related to Your Eyes?

The pressure exerted by blood against the walls of our blood vessels is known as blood pressure. Higher than usual blood pressure can lead to severe health problems and complications such as stroke, heart[..]

Sat May 25 2019
Can LASIK fix Astigmatism?

The LASIK procedure is one of the most common eye surgeries to treat blurred vision due to myopia and hypermetropia. While treating short-sightedness and long-sightedness is the norm, the cases for astigmatism[..]

Sat May 11 2019
Tips to Keep Your Eyes Protected from Digital Strain

In today’s modern world, it is impossible to escape technology as it has become a part of our work, play, and everything in between. However, digital screens are not exactly the best thing for our eyes and[..]

Sat May 11 2019
Importance of eye examination for your children

Parents take care of their child’s every need and try their best to protect them from all illnesses and discomfort. You take your kids to paediatricians regularly and make sure that everything is alright. So[..]

Tue Apr 30 2019
The most important questions to ask a LASIK surgeon?

LASIK is a form of laser vision correction procedure and is a permanent solution to refractive errors of the eye like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. During this procedure, a “cold” laser is used to[..]

Tue Apr 30 2019
Is Your Make-Up Affecting Your Eyes?

Like many of the foreign objects that come in contact with our body, make-up also sometimes harms us. The proper application and removal of make-up is highly emphasized these days that no part of your body[..]

Tue Apr 30 2019
Do you know about Femto Bladeless Cataract Surgery?

Cataracts are one of the most common vision problems faced by people in the world. It can lead to refractive errors in the eye which can’t be treated with glasses or contact lenses. Cataracts develop over[..]

Thu Apr 25 2019
आँखों की देखभाल कैसे करे। उसके घरेलू उपाय और खान – पान ।

हमारे शरीर का सबसे महत्वपूर्ण हिस्सा है हमारी आँखें, लेकिन अगर हमारी आँखें एक[..]

Wed Apr 10 2019
Can summer air affect your eyes?

The environment that we live in affects our health in various direct and indirect ways. The change in the immediate environment often becomes the cause of medical concern. While a seasonal cold in winters and[..]

Tue Apr 09 2019
How Menopause is Related to Your Eyes?

Menopause is a natural process that women experience as they age. It is not a disease or a problem but it is a significant life event and it comes with its caveats and issues. The term is used to describe any[..]

Wed Apr 03 2019
10 Simple Eye Exercises for Eye Relaxation

We all know that exercising regularly can boost strength and is good for our muscles, but wait, what about eye exercises to improve eyesight, especially in today’s fast-paced digital age where prolonged[..]

Tue Apr 02 2019
5 Things to Know About Eyelid Surgery

Formally known as “blepharoplasty”, eyelid surgery is a common procedure that is used to remove excess fat and skin of eyelids in order to make our eyes look young and beautiful again. Even though[..]

Wed Mar 27 2019
Find Out the Correlation between Headache and Eye Problems

Eyes are known as an extension of the brain. These two parts are connected by the optic nerve, a wire-like grouping of nerves, that transmits visual information from the eyes to the brain. Due to the optic[..]

Wed Mar 27 2019
What causes Bloodshot Eyes and How to Treat Red Eyes?

Red Eyes has become a common eye condition these days as a byproduct of urban lifestyle and environment. It is coming across as a natural eye problem, mostly because of the overuse of technology. Although red[..]

Tue Mar 19 2019
Want to understand glaucoma test results, here’s the theory?

Glaucoma: How Does It Work? There are several types of glaucoma but all of them inflict damage following the same pattern. In every type of glaucoma except normal-tension glaucoma, the intraocular pressure[..]

Mon Mar 18 2019
Live Free With Glaucoma

Glaucoma: A Brief Summary Glaucoma refers to a group of diseases that damage the optic nerve and cause irreversiblevision loss. There are many types of glaucoma but the most common type is known as[..]

Sun Mar 17 2019
Is Acute Glaucoma – An Inflammatory disease or not?

Glaucoma: One of the Leading Cause of Blindness Worldwide Glaucoma is an umbrella term for a group of diseases that cause irreversible loss of vision by damaging the optic nerve, which is responsible for[..]

Sat Mar 16 2019
Have a look at the guidelines of glaucoma supplements!

What is Glaucoma? It has been estimated that by 2020, there will be 80 million people in the world suffering from glaucoma unless improved screening and more effective treatment options become feasible.[..]

Fri Mar 15 2019
ICL Surgery and its advantages

The implantable contact lens or implantable collamer lens (ICL) is way similar to a normal external contact lens. The main difference is that the ICL is placed inside the eye opposing the outer surface. It[..]

Wed Mar 13 2019
Can aging eyes lead to presbyopia?

As you grow older, your vision gets a little distracted. Sometimes you may need to wear glasses but you are unaware of the underlying cause for your troubled vision. Presbyopia is an eye condition when[..]

Mon Feb 18 2019
Protect your eyes against home hazards

People wear safety glasses at work while playing sports but the same people don’t think about eye safety at home when cooking, cleaning the yard or doing work in the garage. All too often, when people are[..]

Mon Feb 11 2019
Are your eyes under pressure, it can be a sign of Glaucoma?

The second most common cause of vision loss and blindness is the problem of glaucoma, a group of eye conditions that can affect many people. Glaucoma is the result of damage to the optic nerve from increased[..]

Mon Feb 11 2019
Eye Exercises for Astigmatism

Astigmatism is a common eye disorder that affects your vision. The muscles around your eyes are affected which causes undue stress on the cornea which causes the cornea to lose its shape, which in turn causes[..]

Wed Feb 06 2019
Have a look at our warning signs of Child Vision problems!

Nowadays it is estimated that 60 percent of children with learning difficulties have undiagnosed vision problems, and 80 percent of learning is visual.Sometimes, the condition puts these children at a serious[..]

Wed Feb 06 2019
Do you know what is Dacryocystitis?

The infection of the tear sac (lacrimal sac)located on the inner part of eye which is called Dacryocystitis. As tears leave your eyes they drain through this sac. Tears help in keeping your eyes hydrated, free[..]

Fri Feb 01 2019
Do you know, what is ICL?

Implantable Collamer Lens surgery (ICL), as the name itself defines, is a process, wherein a pair of lens is implanted into the eyes which are not required to be removed like normal contact lenses. These[..]

Fri Feb 01 2019
Want to get rid of the Eye Discharge?

Do you know the gunk that you have crusted from the corners of your eyes when you wake up in the morning? It’s normal, and everyone has it. Some people may refer to it as “eye boogers” or “sleep in[..]

Thu Jan 10 2019
Is an online Eye Test being better or not?

Now a days most convenient way to check your vision or get an eyeglass prescription is an option of online eye test but beware, these tests aren’t all they are chocked up to be but they may even be[..]

Thu Jan 10 2019
How your Age is Related to Your Eye Diseases

Sometimes age brings changes that weaken your vision and eyes, but there are things you can do to maintain lifelong eye and your health. Here is the guide of how your age is related to your eye diseases:[..]

Thu Jan 10 2019
Evolution of technology for better LASIK treatment

To perform the LASIK eye surgery, technology plays an important part for the process that includes the laser platforms used to perform the procedure. LASIK surgeons utilize highly specialized excimer laser,[..]

Thu Jan 10 2019
Diabetes and Cataracts – Are they interrelated?

Diabetes and cataracts are two common health issues that affect a significant portion of the population. While they may seem unrelated, there is evidence to suggest a potential link between the two conditions.[..]

Thu Jan 10 2019
Want to improve your vision naturally, here’s what you should know!

Do you wish you could see better? There are a handful of behaviors and routines that can keep your eyes healthy so to maintain the vision you have. Some of the tips may also help temporarily relieve poor[..]

Mon Nov 05 2018
For Healthy Eye Don’t Binge Watch & Chill

With so much going on, our body usually succumbs to the pressure and anxiety raising various eye health concerns. Hence, it is really important to take care of our physical and mental health as well as to our[..]

Tue Sep 11 2018
Exercise benefits your eyes

Many people think that doing exercise is to build strength, stay fit, and feel good. Staying active is crucial to maintain overall health, which includes to lower our risk of chronic health problems like type[..]

Sun Jul 15 2018
Keratoconus can cause Double Vision

Your eye deserves a perfect shape, don’t spoil it with Keratoconus. Keratoconus occurs when the cornea is not strong enough to hold the spherical shape and bulges out like a cone.  It usually occurs[..]

Mon Jun 25 2018
3 tips to minimize the recovery time after LASIK

In the present scenario, LASIK surgery is the most recommended and favorable surgery for people suffering vision problems. The beneficial effects of LASIK have been widely helpful for patients to get rid of[..]

Sat Jun 02 2018
How to improve hand-eye coordination?

There can be a number of reasons causing trouble in hand-eye coordination. Nonetheless, the two most commonly diagnosed causes of predicament in hand-eye coordination are ageing senses and neurological[..]

Tue May 29 2018
3 Questions You Must Ask Before Your LASIK

In the arena of technological advancement in medical studies, the effectiveness of the LASIK surgery to correct vision issues made an impressive mark. LASIK proved to be the most recommended eye surgical[..]

Mon Mar 19 2018
Simple Eye Exercises to Relieve Computer Eye Strain & Stress

Just like your body needs rest, your eyes need rest too. Today, a majority of the people have jobs that require working on & looking at a computer for a long time period. This puts a severe strain on your[..]

Mon Mar 19 2018
Best Tips to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

1.Take A Break From Your Screen If you spend a lot of time at the computer, then it’s time to shift your focus and take a break from the screen. Looking continuously at a screen reduces your blinking rate[..]

Mon Mar 19 2018
Your Guide To Take Care Of Your Eyes In Summers

By staying active towards eye care during the hot summer months, you can minimize the risks of getting an eye infection or other eye disorder. These 5 tips will help you beat the summer season easily &[..]

Thu Mar 01 2018
Is Your Eye Makeup Affecting Your Vision?

A lot of women and girls naturally consider Eye Makeup a blessing. The fact that eye makeup is capable of enhancing a woman’s features and expressions is undebatable. You can ask any woman and she would tell[..]

Wed Feb 21 2018
Why Is Sleep Important For Your Eyes?

Sleep deprivation is a phenomenon which poses numerous disadvantages to your health. Talking in accordance with eye health, loosing onto sleep after an extensive work routine accompanied with a computer screen[..]

Wed Feb 21 2018
Five Exercises to Keep Your Eyes Relaxed During Exams

Exam time is around the corner and stress is expected to hang high on the head of every student. During preparation time, fatigue for the body and the brain is a major problem faced by every student. However,[..]

Tue Jan 02 2018
This Christmas, Be Someone’s Santa

Christmas is the most soulful occasion for sharing love and concern. The true essence of love lies in going an extra mile to give your loved ones what they truly want. This Christmas, be a Santa to your[..]

Tue Jan 02 2018
7 things you should know about LASIK Surgery

LASIK, abbreviated for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, is the most popular surgical procedure used to treat refractive errors. All the vision problems which occur due to refractive errors, including[..]

Fri Nov 17 2017
5 Eye Problems Your Parents Are Complaining About That Can Be Cataract

Ageing through life can be a distressing journey. The time gets harder for them with the pain of weakened bones and debased senses. Under such circumstances, the most sensitive organ of our body, the eyes,[..]

Tue Nov 14 2017
An Eye Tattoo Can Cost You Your Vision

An Eye tattoo! Yes, you read it right. For some readers, this idea can be too alien and unacceptable. However, there is an entire generation falling for the trend of having a set of uniquely designed eyes.[..]

Mon Oct 23 2017
Seven Unhealthy Habits You Must Avoid To Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Our eyes are the most sensitive sensory organs. Knowingly or unknowingly, we cause a great damage to our eyes, every day, both inside and out. An unhealthy lifestyle can cause numerous problems to us. However,[..]

Mon Oct 23 2017
If You Have These Five Symptoms, It Is Glaucoma

What is Glaucoma? Glaucoma is the second most-leading cause of blindness around the world. In India, this eye disease is popularly known as ‘Kala Motia’. There are various forms of glaucoma which[..]

Fri Oct 13 2017
Five Ways To Keep Your Eyes Safe This Diwali

In India, Diwali is not just a festival, it’s an entire season of extravagant celebration of prosperity and happiness. From children to the eldest member of the family eagerly waits for this time of the year[..]

Fri Oct 13 2017
What To Do In Case Of An Eye Accident While Burning Crackers?

The days of Diwali celebration are around the corner and everybody is enthralled with the idea of lights, sweets, and fireworks. Nonetheless, amidst of the extravagant celebration, we must not forget to be[..]

Tue Sep 26 2017
Pledge to donate your eyes and Light a Life!

While you enjoy Dusshera, many sit in the dark. Pledge to donate your eyes and Light a Life![/caption] The season of festivals is around the corner. For the next few months, every day would bring a charismatic[..]

Wed Sep 13 2017

Who doesn’t wish to look the best on their wedding day? For most of us, wedding is one of the most auspicious occasions of our life. Whatever we may call it, a new beginning or a critical juncture, we all[..]

Wed Sep 13 2017

In some professions, dealing with contact lenses and eyeglasses can cause an adverse effect on both our performance and the health of our eyes. For instance, being an army officer or a pilot would require you[..]

Tue Sep 12 2017
10 Must ask Questions Before Your Lasik Screening

Don’t know the right questions to ask your surgeon when you go for LASIK!! Here are 10 questions you need to ask your doctor when you go for LASIK[..]

Thu Aug 03 2017
Surprising Animal Vision Facts

Did you know? Animals see the world very differently than we do. Let’s check out some interesting facts about how animal vision differs from human vision. 1.) Dogs Our most loyal friend can’t[..]

Thu Aug 03 2017
Why do we cry?

Ever wonder why water comes out of our eyes when we are sad or tired or frustrated? Turns out that crying is one of the most unique and complicated featureof human behaviors. It is the only thing that is[..]

Thu Aug 03 2017
Have You Ever Thought What Happens To Your Eyes During Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a hyper-attentive state of our sub-conscious mind. Under hypnosis, our attention and awareness of the external world is reduced. The state of hypnosis makes us attentive towards our sub-conscious[..]

Thu Aug 03 2017
7 Tips You Need To Follow This Monsoon For Healthy Eyes

The onset of monsoon is always cherished because it brings relief from the scorching sun and the terrible heat. Enjoying the rain and getting all drenched once in awhile is a feeling of bliss. However, the[..]

Thu Aug 03 2017
What Really Happens When You Sleep In Your Contact Lenses?

You dislike wearing spectacles or your reading glasses? If yes, then we believe that you alternatively wear contact lenses for corrective vision. If you wear contact lenses regularly, there is a strong chance[..]

Wed Jul 05 2017
Exercise you should start doing for Healthy Eyes.

Do you often experience the trouble of tired eyes? The sensation of burning, itchiness, and pain in the eye is a result of eye fatigue. Eye fatigue is a situation of an excessive stress of the eye muscles. Our[..]

Wed Jul 05 2017
Common Eye Problems in Children & Prevention

Eye problems can affect children of all ages, from infants to teenagers. It is important for parents and caregivers to be aware of the common eye problems in children that can occur and take steps to prevent[..]

Wed Jul 05 2017
Don’t Let Your Eyes Reveal Your Age

Who doesn’t want to have healthy and beautiful eyes? Healthy eyes are a true reflection of a healthy body and mind. Moreover, the beauty of healthy eyes is incomparable. Nonetheless, an insignificant effort[..]

Wed May 31 2017
Five Reasons to Get LASIK Surgery Done This Summer

The summer has arrived. The season of long vacations is undoubtedly the best time of the year to travel, enjoy leisure around beaches, and try new adventurous activities. However, many people spend their[..]

Wed May 31 2017
Five Problems Only People Wearing Glasses Can Understand

The most prominent measure used to correct the problem of eye weakness is a pair of spectacles. Use of corrective eyeglasses helps to regain the lost vision. However, the use of prescriptive glasses is not a[..]

Wed May 31 2017
Five Problems Only People Wearing Contact Lenses Can Understand

The weakening of vision leads to various painstaking adaptations in everyday life. It is simply impossible to read without stressing your eyes or just address the beauty of the sky with bare eyes.[..]

Sat May 13 2017
Five Myths About LASIK You Should Stop Believing

LASIK eye surgery is the most popular  treatment for vision problems. Over the past years, the outcome of undergoing a LASIK surgery has been incredible for various patients. The procedure has assured the[..]

Mon May 01 2017
Five Myths about Eyes You Need To Stop Believing

Not everything we believe in is always a fact. For ages, we have been told about various potentially true beliefs about our eyes, by the older generation. However, many of them were possible ‘just[..]

Mon May 01 2017
7 Tips for Summer Eye Care

Summers and the scorching sun are nothing less than a deadly combination of fun and misery. Summers in India are always extreme. Nonetheless, we often try to be ready to combat the effects of the sun and heat.[..]