Five Myths about Eyes You Need To Stop Believing

Mon May 01 2017

Not everything we believe in is always a fact. For ages, we have been told about various potentially true beliefs about our eyes, by the older generation. However, many of them were possible ‘just potentially true’. Because not every believe is a fact. They are mostly just myths we blindly accept. Well, being exposed to repetitive mention of something at a young age, often makes us develop notions about the subject. And you would agree if we just say that, since our childhood, we have been creating some of such notions about our eyes too. Nevertheless, it is the time we debunk those myths. So, here is the list. 1)Don’t read too close or under dim light More than just a myth, it became our undeniable excuse to not study in the early days. However, the truth is that reading in dim light or reading too closely makes our eyes experience strain and tiredness. It may also lead to a sensation of fatigue or a minor headache. Nonetheless, we can’t deny the fact that reading in dim light helps to build up concentration. It has been practised for ages and is proven by the scientist. On the other hand, it does not lead to a permanent damage to your eyesight. 2)Carrots have the super formula to make your eyes see best in Night Well, No. Apparently, carrots do possess nutrients such as Vitamin C and Beta-carotene. These nutrients are needed for healthy eyes. Despite that, carrots cannot improvise your vision to an extent where you can see like a bat in the night. 3)Squinting causes damage to eyes It is as natural to squint to see clear, as it is to blink once in a while. It is an instinctive phenomenon. Squinting occurs to form a sharper image of the object. It dies so by focusing the pupils distinctly onto the object and by letting lesser light to enter the eyes.Squinting suggests that the normal vision of the person is not the utmost fine. Thus, routine squinting can be considered as an alarm to visit an eye clinic to get your eyesight checked. Hence, squinting does not damage our eyes but ignoring it, can be harmful to eyes. 4) Regular use of glasses can eventually correct or worsen your eyesight Many people believe that a constant use of vision aids leads to improved eyesightor that it causes further worsening of the vision. Nevertheless, the truth is that regular use of glasses or lenses can neither correct nor worsen your eyesight, permanently. It is just a feeble myth. All that your glasses are capable of doing is to make you see clearer. That is all. 5) Regular eye checkups are just for people with eye problems Eye check-ups are much more than just testing the revision of the power of your corrective lenses. Regular eye tests are meant to thoroughly examine the health of your eyes. Furthermore, the health of your eyes can reveal symptoms of various other health issues. Therefore, no matter you wear spectacles or not; it is always a good to get your eyes tested, once in a while.

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