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One of the leading providers of eye care in India, Centre for Sight has earned a reputation for serving patients with care and compassion. With a robust presence across India, we have our reach in Bihar as well. Our hospital in Patna is located in Kankarbagh and offers a host of specialities. Since its inception, our eye hospital in Patna works towards achieving its patient-centric values of efficiency, precision, compassion, and integrity.

Our specialities at Centre for Sight, Patna include:

Lasik Surgery In Patna

We have an able team of eye specialists in Patna that leverage our state-of-the-art technology to facilitate seamless treatment for specs removal surgery. Our highly skilled eye specialists in Patna can help you see more clearly through Lasik eye surgery. You can bid farewell to your spectacles forever through Lasik. We have been providing advanced Lasik treatment options for the correction of various refractive errors for many years now. With Centre for Sight, you are in the best hands for Lasik surgery in Patna.

Cataract Eye Surgery

With advancements in technology, surgery is a proven treatment for cataracts. It is safe and provides corrected vision with minimal risks involved. In operation, the surgeon removes the clouded lens and puts an intraocular lens (IOL) in the patients eye to restore pre-cataract vision. Our eye specialists in Patna are fully equipped to treat cataracts in the best way possible.

Cornea Services

The eye specialists in Patna at Centre for Sight manage many complex corneal cases daily. All our specialists have been dealing with many corneal diseases for several years and have helped the patients regain a healthy vision. We provide both medical and surgical treatment for corneal ulcers. We also offer treatment for other corneal conditions like keratoconus.

Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma specialists at our eye hospital in Patna use three kinds of approaches to treat glaucoma or Kala Motia. If the eye condition is manageable by medication, then they prescribe eye syrups, drops, or injections based upon the condition of the patient.

The introduction of sophisticated techniques for glaucoma treatment provides tremendous hope for the future of comprehensive medical and surgical management of glaucoma. If the patient requires laser treatment, then eye specialists in Patna, Kankarbagh offer laser surgery.

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