Astigmatism: What is it and how is it treated?

Mon Mar 14 2022

Astigmatism is an imperfection in the curvature of the eye’s cornea that causes an individual’s vision to blur. The curve is egg-shaped instead of being shaped like a round ball, causing blurred vision at distances. 

Causes of Astigmatism

The cornea and the lens help create a focused image on the retina at the back of the eye. If either of these is egg-shaped, then there would be mismatched curves that create two separate images. If the cornea has mismatched curves, then it is corneal astigmatism. If the mismatch is with the lens, then it is lenticular astigmatism. 

Symptoms of Astigmatism

The symptoms of Astigmatism range from blurred or distorted vision to eyestrain or discomfort, headaches, squinting and difficulty with night vision.

Diagnosis of Astigmatism

The diagnosis of this condition might be difficult, especially in children, for they might not realise that their vision is blurry and requires immediate attention. Therefore, one has to get their child periodically tested at the following time periods – when they are newborns, every 6 months until they reach school age and every one or two years during school years. 

Treatment of Astigmatism

Mild cases of astigmatism are categorised this way when the individual has no other vision problems requiring no usage of glasses or contact lenses.
For standard levels of astigmatism, there are two levels of treatment – firstly, it is to get corrective lenses and secondly, you may choose to get refractive surgery (which includes LASIK, SMILE and PRK). In order to undergo surgery, one must have stable vision, good immune strength and healthy eyes. Refractive surgery can also be considered a cosmetic procedure – it is not necessary to treat astigmatism

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Article: Astigmatism: What is it and how is it treated?
Author: CFS Editorial Team  |   Mar 14 2022 | UPDATED 05:12 IST

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