Can you use Optical Illusion for eyesight improvement?

Fri Aug 27 2021

You must have come across many pictures, images and videos on the internet that seem to play tricks with your eyes and make you see something that should not have obviously appeared in the image. Such images are what we call optical illusions. These illusions create a certain amount of visual deception by many visual effects in the same image that makes it seem different to different people.

These perceptions are usually due to the various colors, patterns, and changing brightness or structures in the optical illusion. Our eyes have different cells to detect colour and light, which work together to form a clear image. But the frequently changing light and colors in the optical illusion prevent our eyes from forming a single clear image, leading to visual deception. Also, staring at a particular colour or light or brightness for a long time tires our eyes. This tiring combined with prolonged exposure to a certain image leads to an optical illusion.

Do optical illusions help your eyesight?

Many experts believe that looking at optical illusions can help to improve your visual acuity and you will be able to read fine print better. It was believed that visual acuity could be improved by the illusory expanding motion effect. This is how we know that you can even use optical illusions for eyesight improvement.

You may have come across the expanding motion effect before. It appears as a moving spiral. Experts believe that staring at this particular optical illusion makes objects and letters appear more prominent than usual, helping improve your ability to read the fine print.

As the expanding motion effect is believed to change the way your brain perceives the objects you see by making them appear prominent, it is believed to improve your visual acuity.

Types of Optical Illusions

There are mainly three types of optical illusions— literal illusions, physiological illusions and cognitive illusions. 

1. Literal optical illusions

A literal illusion is created by using different images and the final image looks different from the images that create it. Even though both images are present in the final image, it is left up to your perception to judge what image you see.

2. Physiological optical illusions

These optical illusions contain a lot of different shapes, colours and structures that rely on the overstimulation of the brain. The Physiological optical illusions often make a two-dimensional image look three dimensional at first glance.

3. Cognitive optical illusions

These are the most complex optical illusions that rely on the perception of the subconscious mind and your ability to see something that isn’t clearly explained in the image.

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Article: Optical Illusion For Eyesight Improvement | Centre for Sight
Author: CFS Editorial Team   |   Aug 27 2021 | UPDATED 09:00 IST

*The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of Centre for Sight.

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