8 things that can cause Eye Twitching and Eyelid Twitching

Tue Feb 28 2017

Generally, an action of random relaxation and contractions of eye muscles occurring in a continuous manner is called eye-twitching.Eye twitching is normal if occurring once in a while. However, frequent eye twitching can be a symptom of ill neurological conditions. Therefore, if the problem lasts for some weeks or maybe months, it is a matter of serious concern. However, if the problem lasts for some weeks or maybe months,it can becomea matter of serious concern. Scientifically, eye twitching or eyelid twitching is called Myokymia. Excessive Myokymia can lead to neurological problems like Blepharospasm. Therefore, if it has been a few weeks of you sufferingfrom the problem, immediately visit your eye doctor. Nonetheless, an understanding of the solution comes handy with a better understanding of the root causes that has lead to the problem. Here, we have enlisted a couple of major causes which leads to Eye Twitching.

  • Stress

Revise your schedule and notice how your lifestyle has changed in the past few weeks. Did it get more stressful? Have you been extremely tensed about something for a while? If yes, then this is notably the reason behind you experiencing eye twitching. As per studies, stress is the most prominent reason that leads to eye twitching. It is so because, when the mind is under stress, the body reacts in two ways, either it chooses to fight or flight. If in the fight mode, the muscles of your body get adversely activated which lead to random contractions and relaxations and this happens to eye muscles too. Adopting activities like Yoga or light sports can help you relieve which would eventually eradicate the eye twitching.

  • Tiredness/ Fatigue

Have you been sleeping late and waking up early? Trying to catch-up on pending work? Tired of a long schedule? Well, fatigue is evidently a reason of feeling eye twitching. Not just eye, you can experience spasms and cramps in various body muscles if you are fatigued and tired. Therefore, eye twitching is just a kind of the various muscle pulls and spasms. To get rid of it, just rest properly.

  • Excessive Stress on Eyes

If a major part of your day is spent in front of computer screens, tiresome eyes would be an obvious result. Excessive strain on your eye muscles also leads to eye twitching. Therefore, while you work on your laptop or computer, follow the 20-20-20 rule of eye health. All you have to do is to look somewhere 20 feet away for 20 seconds in every 20 minutes. This gives your eye muscles the needed relaxation and reduces eye twitching.

  • Caffeine Consumption

Studies and researches have shown that continuous excessive consumption of caffeine also triggers the problem of eye twitching. Therefore, if you are irritated with this problem of eye twitching, it is recommended to lessen the intake of coffee, tea, energy drinks, Etc.

  • Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

Adopting too much intake of alcoholic or tobacco content also leads to a rapid contraction and relaxation of eye muscles. It is so because when you feel that smoking relaxes you; it actually stresses your body even more, leading to a sensation of fatigue to the body and constant muscle pulls.

  • Dry Eyes

Dry and itchy eyes are mostly caused due to stress, excessive consumption of alcohol and caffeine, too much sitting in front of computers and laptops, etc.; can also be one reason behind experiencing eye twitching.

  • Imbalanced Diet

Deficiency of certain nutrients can also lead to eye twitching. Thus, it is recommended to consult a dietitian or an eye specialist and get a diet chart made to know what nutrients are needed for the health of your eyes and ensure their consumption.

  • Allergies

If you have any sort of eye allergy, in that case, eye twitching might be a common symptom for you. Proper precaution and medication for the allergy can help you get rid of eye twitching.

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