Winter Eye Health: 5 Essential Seasonal Eye Care Tips

Tue Dec 28 2021

Winter is a fantastic time for family activities and pleasure. Perhaps you’re hitting the slopes, hiking  across snow-covered summits, or remaining inside! Whatever way you choose to spend the winter,  remember to follow the below-mentioned tips for eyes health during winters.  

The following tips for eyes health during winters will assist both parents and children in safely  participating in the season’s activities. 

Expert Tips for eyes health during winter:

1) Wear sunglasses with UV protection:

One of the best tips for healthy eyesight is to wear sunglasses in winter. Many people think that  sunglasses are just for the summer because UV rays are hazardous to the eyes in the summer. However,  regardless of the season or temperature, UV rays are also detrimental during cold days.

The sun does not have to be very bright to cause damage to your eyes. For maintaining winter eye  health, you need to protect your eyes from sunburn and other eye disorders; you should wear  sunglasses that block 99-100 per cent of UV radiation while walking or driving.

2) Protect your eyes from drying out:

Due to the cold and dry air, ‘dry eyes’ disorder is prevalent in the winters. The use of heaters at home  exacerbates the impact of the condition. The more you use your house heater, the more probable your  eyes may become dry, causing your skin and eyes to dry out.  

To avoid dark winter eyes, drink lots of water, stay away from direct heat sources, use a humidifier to  add moisture to the air in your house or office, and use lubricating eye drops to keep your eyes moist.

3) Wear eye protection:  

You may encounter many winter eye problems as you may need to protect your eyes and face from  intensely cold winds by wearing sweatshirts, wraparound sunglasses, or brimmed hats. You may wrap  around sunglasses to keep your tear film from evaporating, which is the primary reason for dry, itchy,  and scratchy eyes.

4) Keep Your Eyes Clean:

Most people may laugh it off because they believe they are already doing it, i.e. keeping their eyes clean;  however, this can be challenging with all the holidays, festivals, and fun things planned. Also, this is one  of the crucial tips for eyes health during winters. Ensure you wash your face thoroughly before going to  bed regularly. 

Also, using someone else’s makeup can cause everything from conjunctivitis to a variety of other eye  disorders. 

5) Regulating Your Diet 

Visual function and the pieces that make it up, such as your eyes, are meant to work as a cohesive  machine unit, with nutrition serving as the fuel for that machine. As a result, you should better monitor  your food to ensure that all body systems, including vision, run smoothly. To boost your immunity, eat  healthy foods. Consume a diet that is rich in eye-healthy nutrients. Carrots and spinach are two  examples of such foods.

Why Centre for Sight? 

Following the tips for healthy eyesight is quintessential in winters, and because eyes are such essential  organs, it’s vital to choose a reputable centre with doctors with a lot of expertise and knowledge. Centre  for Sight has a high success record when it comes to sophisticated, high-precision operations. 

You can make an appointment with an ophthalmologist for an eye checkup and follow the above mentioned tips for healthy eyesight. Make an appointment with an ophthalmologist at the Centre for  Sight to see if you have any of the symptoms listed above or need your glasses or contact lenses  prescription changed.

Article: Winter Eye Health: 5 Essential Seasonal Eye Care Tips
Author: CFS Editorial Team  |  Dec 28 2021 | UPDATED 06:20 IST

*The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of Centre for Sight.

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