Squint Treatment in Adults

Squint In Adults (Strabismus)

Strabismus or squint is a medical condition in which the eyes do not align with each other. It is an eye disorder that is commonly seen in children but can also affect adults. Squint is widely known as cross-eyed or walleye.


What causes squints (strabismus) in adults?

It’s a common misconception that all squints are congenital. In most cases, the deviation of eyes can be acquired at various stages-early or late childhood, adulthood or even elderly age. The binocular misalignment can occur due to loss of eye muscle control, from the level of the brain.

However, some medical problems may also lead to the development of squints in adults, various such problems, include:



Brain Tumours

Myasthenia Gravis

Head Trauma


How to detect squints in adults?

Double vision

Eye fatigue

Pulling sensation around the eyes

Loss of depth perception

Difficulty in reading

Double vision

Can squint eye be corrected in adults?

Yes, depending on the cause and severity of the condition, squint eye is curable in adults using surgical and non-surgical methods. The basic primary approach remains for securing eye alignment. However, the functional visual outcomes may be different in adults, as compared to children.

Why choose Centre for Sight for squint eye treatment in adults?

At Centre for Sight, our experienced team of eye surgeons ensures a comprehensive eye exam before chalking out a treatment plan for strabismus, which suits the patient’s needs. Squint eye treatment in adults may include eye exercises and spectacles.

How to correct squint eyes in adults?

Various options are recommended as part of the squint eye treatment in adults, including:

Eye Exercises

Convergence inefficiency is a condition in which both the eyes do not align themselves to focus on a near target. Practising specific eye exercises is helpful to some extent in treating this form of squints in adults who face difficulty in reading or complain of blurred vision after short periods of near work. For squint eye treatment in adults, our expert surgeons at Centre for Sight advice some easy and quick eye muscle exercises that can be done at home for training the eyes to focus inwards.

Prism Eyeglasses

A prism is a wedge-shaped clear lens that bends, or refracts light rays. Strabismus in adults may also be treated by prescribing them eyeglasses with prisms that correct double vision to some extent. Prism eyeglasses realign /images together so that the eyes can see one image at a time. For squint eye treatment in adults, our experienced team of surgeons recommends prism eyeglasses to fix vision issues. Reach Centre for Sight for complete treatment for strabismus in adults.

Squint Eye Surgery

Squint surgery in adults is recommended when other treatment options fail. Surgeons loosen, tighten, or reposition eye muscles in a way that both the eyes can work together. How to correct squint eyes in adults is a frequently asked question, and at Centre for Sight, we address all such queries with great detail. Our eye specialists are well equipped with state-of-art facilities to perform squint eye surgery in adults. We have a dedicated team of specialists who are highly experienced in treating strabismus. They diagnose and treat squints with efficiency, accuracy, and care.

What is the squint eye surgery success rate in adults?

Squint eye surgery is an effective treatment in the majority of cases. Apart from correcting misaligned eyes, strabismus surgery can also restore binocular vision and expand the field of vision in some cases. Squint eye surgery success rate is quite high; therefore, people opt for it even if they are in their eighties.

Are you wondering about the squint surgery age limit?

  • Are you leading a life with squints? You must have been told many times that nothing can be done in your case. But that is not true. An adult with this commonly seen eye condition should not worry about squint surgery age limit.
  • Quite clearly, you are eligible for squint eye surgery whenever you are ready. There is no specific age for squint eye surgery in adults. The surgery helps to get rid of those eyeglasses with heavy prisms or patches you’ve been struggling with for years.
  • So don’t overthink about squint surgery age limit. You will experience a dramatic improvement in the quality of life after the squint surgery. Squint eye treatment in adults not only enhances their looks but also helps in regaining confidence. After all, everyone has the right to have straight eyes, which is a normal appearance.

Explore FAQs

How to correct squint eyes in adults without surgery?

Eye specialists often take the path of various vision therapy programs, eye exercises, and use of prism eyeglasses, to treat squint in adults, in selected cases. Surgery is seen as the last resort to treat the condition efficiently.

What are the complications of squint eye treatment in adults?

The majority of patients with strabismus are treated successfully with surgery. But like any other surgery, the treatment of strabismus in adults is not without complications. Under correction and overcorrection of the eye deviation (which may require re-surgery) are known outcomes in a minor percentage of people. Infection of the eyeball or retinal detachment may in rare cases. Overall, squint surgery is a relatively safe procedure.

Is squint hereditary?

The exact cause of a squint remains unknown. Sometimes they run in families while some people develop them later in their lives. Squints in adults are also treatable by doing eye exercises, wearing specialized prism eyeglasses, or opting for surgery.

Is the surgery for squints permanent?

In majority of cases, squint surgery leads to regained alignment. However, in minor situations, due to variety of reasons, misalignment of eyes can recur, inspite of squint surgery.

Is squint surgery painful?

Surgery for squints is not usually painful, although the patient may feel a bit uncomfortable post-operation for a few days.

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