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Mon Nov 21 2022
Ocular Migraine: All You Need To Know About It

Our whole body is always at risk of catching various diseases related to different body parts. But, if we ask you which body part you think is the[..]

Thu Nov 17 2022
Lazy eye treatment, causes, and symptoms!

When one eye gets weaker compared to the other throughout infancy or childhood, it is known as amblyopia or lazy eye. The brain needs to prioritize[..]

Fri Nov 11 2022
Everything you need to know about paediatric ophthalmology!

Adults promptly seek medical attention when they have an eye issue. However, kids with visual issues frequently struggle to convey their discomfort.[..]

Tue Nov 08 2022
Phacoemulsification – Procedure, Techniques, and Recovery

Phacoemulsification is a modern surgical technique used in cataract surgery. It is a minimally invasive procedure that involves the removal of the[..]

Sat Nov 05 2022
Why do you get red, irritated eyes after swimming?

All of us have experienced the burning and redness of the “swimmer’s eye” after swimming. However many of us have heard that[..]

Wed Nov 02 2022
Types Of Cataract Lenses

Even while you could enjoy a gloomy day at the beach, you won’t appreciate having a cloudy vision. Your vision becomes blurry and distorted due to[..]

Sat Oct 15 2022
Shingles In The Eye – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, And Prevention!

It can be unpleasant and uncomfortable to experience shingles anywhere on your body. However, the risk to your health from acquiring shingles in your[..]

Thu Oct 13 2022
Yellow Eyes – Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Why do our eyes sometimes become yellow? When we talk about the causes of yellow eyes, the first thing that comes to mind is jaundice. When you have[..]

Tue Oct 11 2022
Can Thyroid Eye Disease Damage The Tissues Of The Eye?

Have you ever considered the cause of your puffy eyes or your eyes looking like they have popped out? It might be TED, or thyroid eye disease, which[..]

Fri Oct 07 2022
How To Choose The Best Ophthalmologist For Your Eyes?

The eyes are one of the essential sensory organs and a vital part of your health. Most people rely on their eyes to view and understand their[..]

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