Fri Oct 13 2017
What To Do In Case Of An Eye Accident While Burning Crackers?

The days of Diwali celebration are around the corner and everybody is enthralled with the idea of lights, sweets, and fireworks. Nonetheless, amidst of...

Thu Oct 27 2016
Winter Is Coming - 7 Eye Care Tips for the winter

As temperatures start to dip in winters, your main focus is on the fact of how to keep your body warm. Though we think...

Mon Oct 22 2018
Winter is Coming and so is the problem of Dry Eyes

It is common to refer to winter as its the cold weather time of year, the air is really dry during the winter, which...

Thu Sep 08 2016
5 Things to remember when you wear Contact Lenses

Contact lenses nowadays are the most convenient way to correct your vision but most of its users are not aware of their safe use....

Mon Feb 24 2020
6 tips for a 6/6 Vision

While many people succeed in implementing healthy changes in their lives, they tend to forget to take any constructive steps for the health of...

Tue Nov 14 2017
An Eye Tattoo Can Cost You Your Vision

An Eye tattoo! Yes, you read it right. For some readers, this idea can be too alien and unacceptable. However, there is an entire...

Wed Aug 08 2018
Are you eligible to donate eyes?

“The eye is the window to the world, at the same time it is the window of the soul” – Shakespeare. There are these...

Mon Feb 22 2016
Beauty is forever, Beauty Products are not: Expiration Date on your Eye Products

  Just about everything has an expiration date on it if it’s consumable, right? Cosmetics have a time such limit, considering we put those...

Sat May 25 2019
Can LASIK fix Astigmatism?

The LASIK procedure is one of the most common eye surgeries to treat blurred vision due to myopia and hypermetropia. While treating short-sightedness and...

Wed Apr 10 2019
Can summer air affect your eyes?

The environment that we live in affects our health in various direct and indirect ways. The change in the immediate environment often becomes the...

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