9 Eye Makeup Safety Tips That You Must Follow Always

Wed Sep 09 2015

We all love to get dressed and primped up in our daily lives. But, it comes with a price as we have to keep certain things in mind to avoid skin infections and breakouts. Eye make-up adds the much-needed drama to our looks but special care should be taken when it comes to eyes as the skin near the eyes is fragile and susceptible to infections that could lead to major complications. Here is a list of a few make up safety tips to keep in mind while doing up your eyes.

  1. Look for signs: When make-up products start getting stale and old, they give off bad smell and become clumped up or dry. Always check for these signs and dispose off the products that are no longer suitable for use.
  2. Read the packaging: There is a reason behind all the text in different languages printed on the packaging. It is done simply to make the users aware of the ingredients, dates and other terms and direction of use. Always check the manufacturing dates and expiry dates before using a product. Make sure to follow the directions of use to avoid any unwanted blunders.
  3. Water isn’t the solution: Never use dried out mascara or eyeliner as it is a sign of expiry. Also, using dried out eyeliner pencil can scratch the delicate skin near the eyes. Never try to moisten and damp the eye make-up products with water or saliva. Although lens solution can be used to make your clumpy mascara become smooth for the application.
  4. Sharing is not caring: Don’t stick to the proverb ‘sharing is caring’ when it comes to make-up products. Always use your own personal items to avoid all kinds of bacterial infections.
  5. Make a mental checklist: Always remove all of your eye makeup with a makeup remover that is meant for the eyes before hitting the sack. Keep the lids of all the containers tightly packed to avoid contact with air and external microbes. Avoid scrubbing your eyes with soap as it can irritate the eyes. Use coconut, olive or baby oil instead and gently dab the area with a cotton swab to remove the pigments.
  6. Temperature check: Store your makeup in cool, dry places to increase their longevity and shelf life. Hot and humid conditions can deteriorate the quality and affect the product.
  7. Things to avoid: There are varied kinds of products for eye make-up. One should try and stick to products that are not shiny, glittery or iridescent as the minute glitter particles can get inside the eyes and irritate the eyes and make it watery. Also, try and avoid kohl eyeliners as they contain dangerous levels of lead. If you wish to use kohl, then go for natural ones made out of almonds.
  8. On your mark: The trend of ‘eyebrows on fleek’ is on the rise, but that doesn’t give you the license to get them filled with permanent ink. Getting your eyelashes, and eyebrows inked is a strict no-no as the inks and pigments are exceedingly risky and cause serious issues. When you are applying eyeliner, make sure to avoid the water line and inside of your lash line as it can sometimes cause infections.
  9. Avoid the glue: it is better advised to not use adhesives and glues for sticking false eyelashes. Skip this part of your makeup routine as it can gravely damage your eyes. Never forget to wash your applicators if they are washable and toss away old applicators every now and then.
  10. Go organic: Practice ‘going green’ in every facet of your life. Opt for organic products as they are not only eco-friendly but also good for your skin and eyes as they are much safer than their non-organic, chemically prepared counterparts.

The gift of sight is a gift to cherish. Eye make-up should add drama to your lives and not add a dramatic twist to it. Be wise and choose safely. Try to stick to organic products and avoid harsh chemical contact. Kohls and eyeliners can never take the place of your beautiful eyes. *The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of Centre for Sight.

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