Protecting your child’s eyes and vision

Fri Apr 11 2014

 Kids’ Eyecare

Protecting your child’s eyes and vision

There is an old adage that talks about seeing the world through a child’s eyes. However, as a parent you must ensure that you are taking time out of your busy schedule to keep your child’s eyes healthy and so that the children have clear vision, from birth onwards.

Baby Steps: How to ensure that your baby develops good eyesight?

  • Place toys within 20 to 30 centimeters range from your baby.
  • Encourage your baby to crawl.
  • While moving in the room, talk to your baby so that he follows you around with his eyes.
  • Develop hand-eye coordination by giving the baby small toys with rounded edges.

If hand-eye co-ordination seems to be delayed, consult our CFS specialists.

Toddlers: How to ensure hand-eye coordination?

Toddlers need toys that are appealing to the eyes. Think bright colours and avoid sharp edges that can hurt your child. You could opt for the following:

  • Board Games like Puzzles and Pegboards
  • Stringing Beads
  • Pencil, Chalk and Crayons
  • Non-Toxic Paints for Finger Painting
  • Modelling Clay
  • Building Blocks

Children: How to protect the child’s eyesight?

  • Have your child’s eyes examined by an optometrist during infancy and childhood.
  • If your child spills something in his or her eye flush your child’s eye for at least 20 minutes and consult the doctor immediately.
  • Sometimes, while playing or even inside the house, children hurt their eyes. Do not press his eyes. If you notice bleeding, or cannot open the child’s eyelids, you should seek immediate medical attention.

In case of injury, cover your child’s eye with a cold pack for 15 minutes every hour or so. While using an ice pack, remember to wrap it in a moistened cloth first so that the eye does not become damaged from freezing.

Know Your Eyecare Doctors

  • Ophthalmologists are doctors who provide comprehensive eye care with medicine and surgery.
  • Optometrists don’t perform surgery. Some optometrists specialize in kids’ eye problems.
  • Pediatric ophthalmologists have additional special training to treat kids’ eye problems.
  • Opticians fit and adjust eyeglasses.

*The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of Centre for Sight.

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