Keratoconus can cause Double Vision

Sun Jul 15 2018

Your eye deserves a perfect shape, don’t spoil it with Keratoconus. Keratoconus occurs when the cornea is not strong enough to hold the spherical shape and bulges out like a cone.  It usually occurs with an imbalance in enzymes and more exposure to UV rays. Symptoms of Keratoconus are: Blurry vision Double vision Nearsightedness Astigmatism Sensitivity to light Keratoconus can also cause double vision as people start seeing double images when eyes normally work together. The two images seen can be side by side, one on top of the other, or both. It can be monocular when appears in only one eye and binocular when occurs in both the eyes. It can develop by the number of reasons but Keratoconus is one of them. Double vision also called diplopia is the result of impaired function of extracellular muscles where both the eyes are functioning but they can’t target the desired object. People with Double vision always report multiple images or ghosting of images. The patient may also report irritating symptoms such as intolerance to glare, recurrent foreign body sensation, and eye pain. As Keratoconus is an inherited condition but sometimes may skip generations. It is always advisable to do regular checkups for everyone in the family from age 10 in case anyone in the family has this disease. Double vision can affect balance, movement and reading ability. It can be temporary as well as long lasting too. Different type of double vision can be cured of different eye exercises, surgeries, eyeglasses or contact lens. The treatment depends upon the cause of condition producing symptoms.

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