Have You Ever Thought What Happens To Your Eyes During Hypnosis?

Thu Aug 03 2017

Hypnosis is a hyper-attentive state of our sub-conscious mind. Under hypnosis, our attention and awareness of the external world is reduced. The state of hypnosis makes us attentive towards our sub-conscious mind and enhances our capacity to respond to something being said or done. In contradiction to how it is perceived, hypnosis is a natural phenomenon. It is similar to the experience we have while watching a thriller movie or reading our favourite novel. Imagine reading an interesting chapter of your favourite novel or watching a scene of a thriller movie. What happens to your peripheral awareness then? How fascinated do you feel in that situation? The sense of hypnosis appears to be similar. However, irrespective of the selective consciousness of the brain during hypnosis, various organs of our body react significantly to the state of hypnotism. The most critical among themis the characteristics of eyes under hypnotism. Have you ever thought what happens to your eyes during hypnosis? The Effect On A Person’s Eyes Under Hypnosis The procedure of hypnotism can be performed with the eyes of the person being either open or closed. Thus, a few characteristics of the eye under hypnosis could be noted. As a matter of primary reflex, the eye muscles of the person tend to relax. Since the eye muscles around the tear ducts loosen, the eyes appear to be radiant and teary. For the same reason, the frequency at which the human eye blinks reduces during the state of hypnosis as compared to normal conditions. In extreme conditions, the person might stop blinking at all. Other than these, if the person’s eyes are open during hypnosis, the most common state of the eyes appear to be fixed at one single point in the air. It resembles a state when a person day-dreams and stares at nothing specifically. Nevertheless, in some cases, you may often observe the person involuntarily conducting rapid eye movements. Mostly, it occurs when the person’s eyes are shut. If you notice beneath the closed eyelids, you would observe the eyeballs oscillating between the corners of the eye. In fact, the movement of eyeballs can even vary. It may also move down and up or in a circular motion. Also, it is common to witness redness in the eyes during and post a session of hypnotism. It occurs because due to muscle relaxation, the flow of blood in the eyes increases. Hence, the eyes appear to be bloodshot red. So now you know what happens to your eyes in the state of hypnosis. Share these interesting facts on What happens to your eyes during hypnotism, with your friends.  

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