Dry Eyes after LASIK

Wed Jan 11 2017

Dry eyes after LASIK are so common that they occur in about half of all LASIK patients. While the condition more often than not is temporary and mild, sometimes patients continue to have dry eyes for few weeks or months after the procedure. Fortunately, screening for LASIK has led to advances in dry eye detection beforehand and subsequent treatment. Many people wanting laser vision correction now have the chance of tackling their pre-existing dry eye condition if it is addressed in the consultation with the eye specialist. In some cases, LASIK can cause dry eyes as a side effect as during the procedure the laser penetrates the eye’s surface (corneal layer) and reduces corneal nerve sensitivity. Dry eyes after LASIK can cause both discomfort and less than optimal visual outcome satisfaction. For this reason, many eye surgeons now recommend that you use lubricating eye drops to help maintain optimum eye moisture. In rare cases, LASIK is taken over by PRK if dry eyes are of extra concern in some patients. Even if you do have a pre-existing dry eye condition, surgeons may consider treating you prior to LASIK rather than eliminating you as a candidate. You may be advised to take flaxseed oil or fish oil orally for several weeks before your vision correction surgery to improve your tear film. You also may need to use lubricating eye drops before and after the procedure. Eye drops that help your eyes to formulate tears may also be prescribed. Laser eye surgery is performed at reasonable costs in Delhi and at other Centre for Sight outlets across India. At CFS, we care for your eyes.

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