Exercise you should start doing for Healthy Eyes.

Wed Jul 05 2017

Do you often experience the trouble of tired eyes? The sensation of burning, itchiness, and pain in the eye is a result of eye fatigue. Eye fatigue is a situation of an excessive stress of the eye muscles. Our eyes attain support by six eye muscles. When we excessively burden ourselves with regular courses of reading, working on electronic devices, or binge watching the TV; we cause a great strain to the eye muscles. In times of unconscionable use of electronic devices the condition of eye fatigue has become common. Although, tired eye muscles may not seem to be a huge problem. However, a persistent condition of eye fatigue can be the reason behind various eye distresses. Problems ranging from refractive errors to Cataract can develop due to the condition of constant eye fatigue. Nevertheless, the most effective solution to overcome this problem is to adopt eye exercises.  Just Like the process of calming other body muscles, regular eye exercising can help you eliminate the problem of eye fatigue. Eye exercises also help to prevent various eye disorders such as nearsightedness and farsightedness. Therefore, to ensure adequate stretching, relaxation, and tuning of the eye muscles; you should practice the following eye exercises. 1)Blinking Benefit – Yes, blinking. Adequate blinking of the eyes is extremely important for our eye muscles to relax. Consistent blinking also ensures prevention of dry eyes. It’s so because every time we blink our eyes gets nourished of the vitreous. Therefore, for healthy eyes, it’s required to blink your eyes 25 times in a minute. Method – Widely open the eyes. Then, repetitively blink your eyes almost 10 times. Now, keep your eyes close for 20 seconds. Repeat this process 4 number of times in a routine. 2)Palming Benefit – Palming is an important exercise for eye muscle relaxation. It is practiced to release the stress of muscles encompassing the eyes. Performing this exercise during work breaks allows your eyes the required ease. Method – Rub your hands together. Now, place your warm palms over the eyes. The hands should be placed in such a manner so that the palm envelops the whole of your eye- covering every eye muscles. Nonetheless, to prevent pressure on the eye, the hands should not be placed too tightly over the eyes. 3)Eyeball Rotations  Benefit – Periodic rotations of the eyeball help to stretch and strengthen the eye muscles. It also helps to relax your eyes. Method – Relax your eyes and begin to rotate the eyeballs in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. The eyeballs should move in full circles. Do this for 20 times and relax. However, some people find it difficult voluntarily control the movement of eyeballs in a circular motion. In such a case, you can close your eyes, and roll your fingers over your eyes in circular motion. 4)Distant and Near Views Benefits – The ultimate benefit of this exercise is that it results in an improvised vision. By way of stretching and relaxation of eye muscles, this exercise helps to naturally improve the eyesight. Method – Sit in a relaxing position. Stretch your hand out of your body and, place the thumb in alignment to your eyes.   Now, focus upon the thumb. While maintaining your focus at the thumb, bring it closer to your eyes. Your thumb should be as close as 3 inches from the nose. Then after, slowly begin to push your hand away while still maintaining the focus at the thumb.  Perform this exercise for about 5 minutes a day to improve your eyesight. 5)The Figure of Eight Benefit – This exercise helps to enhance the flexibility of eye muscles. Flexible eye muscles are less prone to excessive eye strain. It helps to prevent the pain caused due to eye fatigue. Method – Imagine a huge figure of the digit eight – suspended in the air at a minimum distance of 10 feet. Now, through the movement of your eyeballs, try to trace the figure of the digit. The exercise should be practiced both, clockwise and anticlockwise. Performing this activity for 5 minutes every day results in vision improvement.

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