Perfect Diwali Gift for Your Parents and Grand Parents

Thu Oct 27 2016

It’s less than a month to the festival of lights and what better gift can we give to our grandparents or parents than a ‘gift of sight’ to enjoy the festivities and lighting far and wide. As they age, their sight begins to decrease due to the burden of cataracts, which may very well be robbing them from seeing the world clearly. It also makes carrying on with everyday duties very tricky. When this starts to happen, it is particularly difficult on part of parents and equally worrying for the children who wish to help them in this time. Sight is a precious thing and this festive season can be an opportunity for us to exhibit our appreciation for our parents and what all they have done for us. As they get older, eyesight becomes one such thing which requires more attention, care, and treatment. Many parents will be facing cataract surgery and for this there is going to be the need of proper support and care throughout – before, during and after the procedure. You need to provide your parents with accurate information i.e. inform them about risk factors, benefits of the surgery and then make a decision as a team. Accompany your parents to appointments with eye specialists and be with them through all the preparations for Cataract surgery. With your support, your parents will feel more confident and secure while going through the procedure. After surgery, the eye doctor will prescribe the use of eye drops to your parents to help heal and reduce the risk of infection. Ask the doctor for all the details of how to use the eye drops, how and when to apply them and how long to use them. Your elderly parent might need to wear an eye patch for few days to protect the eyes. Ask them to not rub or press the eyes. All of these things you are doing for your parents will prove to be a precious gift for them. When you offer your help in getting them cataract surgery, you will help them see how much you care about them. So spread some light in your parents’ life and help them preserve their vision before this Diwali by scheduling a cataract surgery at Centre for Sight.  

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