Treatment of Strabismus

Thu Nov 14 2019

Misalignment in the eyes requires timely treatment. It not only affects the movement of eyes but also the vision. It is vital to get the right diagnosis and further, a good treatment. This blog throws light on the kind of treatment options available. In this regard, it is crucial to consult a good eye doctor. Once, strabismus has been diagnosed, the next step is to understand the right treatment for improving eye alignment and coordination. Some of the treatment options are:

Prism lenses

This kind of lens is thicker on one side compared to another. These kinds of prisms make alterations to the light that enters the eye and it reduces the amount of eye turning to view different objects. There could be instances, when the prisms may totally eliminate the process of eye turning.

Vision therapy

People often prefer therapies over surgery or any medication. As per your eye’s condition, your doctor may prescribe you with structured visual activities. These therapy programs help in improving eye focus and coordination. When you take up a vision therapy, your eyes and brain are trained to work in sync effectively. There are various eye exercises that can let go of problems related to eye focus, movement, and eye teaming. The eye exercise also reinforces the eye-brain connection. This kind of treatment can be offered in the clinic or patient’s home as well.

Eye muscle surgery

People often feel apprehensive when it comes to surgery. With surgery, the position or length of the muscles across the eyes are altered so that they appear to be straight. There could be chances where people who have had eye muscle surgeries may need vision therapy as well. This helps in improving eye coordination and keeping misalignment at bay.

Eyeglasses or contact lenses

Doctors may prescribe contact lenses and glasses for some patients depending upon the eye condition.

Centre for Sight’s expertise in dealing with strabismus

The Paediatric Ophthalmology team at CFS offers all forms of treatment for strabismus. As per the consultation, the patient is offered the correct consultation and the treatment that will go with the respective eye condition. Some of the treatment services offered are:

  • Refraction test under dilation
  • Amblyopia Treatment and Therapy
  • Trauma Services
  • Strabismus surgery
  • Corrective eyeglasses and other visual aids
  • Various surgical treatments and medicinal courses

More than two decades of experience in eye care defines the expertise of CFS. Strategically located in New Delhi and other parts of the country, the objective of the CFS team is to help all people struggling with eye disorders, diseases, and problems.

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