Your Guide to Cosmetic Eye Surgery

Fri Mar 26 2021

Did you know that ageing results in the stretching of eyelids, which in turn weakens the muscles supporting them? Excess fat starts gathering above and below the eyelids resulting in sagging eyebrows and eyelids. You tend to look much older with droopy brows.

With growing age, the human body goes through changes like sagging skin, droopy upper lids, etc. Just worrying about these natural changes does not help, but you can actually take control over your looks by addressing these issues.

Apart from giving the perception of ageing, the sagging skin around the eyes hampers peripheral (or side) vision. In such cases, cosmetic eye surgery (or cosmetic eyelid surgery) can be a huge saviour as it fixes the problem of droopy eyelids and largely improves peripheral vision. 
Are you intrigued to know about the nitty-gritty of cosmetic eye surgery? Look no further as we cover every detail about the surgery.

What is Cosmetic Eye Surgery?

Cosmetic eye surgery is also referred to as cosmetic eyelid surgery or ophthalmic plastic surgery. This surgery primarily deals with important structures like eyelids, eyebrows, orbit, and tear systems vital for having a good appearance and maintaining perfect eye vision.

The fundamental question is ‘Who should opt for cosmetic eye surgery’? Ophthalmic plastic surgery (or cosmetic eye surgery) corrects the abnormalities of the eyelids like:

  • Lids (ptosis)
  • Inturning (entropion)
  • Out-turning (ectropion) of the lid margin

You should opt for cosmetic eye surgery if you want to get rid of drooping eyelids and bags developed under the eyes. Surgery will play a major role in repairing the effects of ageing, which will eventually improve your vision.
Now that we have covered the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of cosmetic eye surgery, let’s look at cosmetic eye surgery types so that you can choose the one that suits your requirements.

Types of Cosmetic Eye Surgery

There are 3 cosmetic eye surgery types depending on what portion of the eyelid needs to be worked on:


In this type of cosmetic eye surgery, excess fat is removed or repositioned to trim the excess skin away from the area close to the eyelids. When Blepharoplasty is performed on the upper eyelids, excess skin over the eyelashes is removed.
The procedure for lower lid Blepharoplasty remains the same as upper lid Blepharoplasty. In some instances, the skin is tightened through laser resurfacing, and the excess fat is removed or repositioned into the tear trough.

Ptosis Repair Surgery

Ptosis is a cosmetic eye surgery for repairing droopy eyelids that are close to the pupil. The surgical procedure is conducted to lift the upper eyelids. Eyelid muscles that are weakened due to age are manipulated as a part of the Ptosis repair surgery.
When performed externally, the surgeon trims away excess fat and skin. When performed internally, no incision is used over the eyelid.

Brow Lift

In case you are looking to restore the youthfulness in the forehead skin, you should opt for a Browlift (or forehead lift). As the name indicates, the appearance of the brow and area around the eyes is improved by raising the soft tissue and skin of the brow as well as the forehead. 
In a nutshell, these cosmetic eye surgery types address concerns related to sagging skin and puffiness on upper eyelids & lower eyelids and double eyelids.

Choosing the best cosmetic eye surgery specialist

Cosmetic eye surgery should be performed by consulting a good cosmetic surgeon. A good cosmetic surgeon can recommend the best-suited eye surgery for you.

Centre for Sight has surgeons with expertise and experience in performing cosmetic eye surgery. The hospital has a pan-India presence; you have the flexibility to book an appointment with your nearest cosmetic surgeons who can do wonders for your eyes. It’s time to part ways with sagging skin and droopy eyelids by opting for cosmetic eye surgery from Centre for Sight…

Article: Your Guide to Cosmetic Eye Surgery

Author: CFS Editorial Team   |   Mar 26 2021 | UPDATED 07:00 IST

*The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of Centre for Sight.

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