Things to keep in mind while buying spectacles

Wed Dec 11 2019

How many eyeglasses do you own? For some reason, fashion comes to the mind of people when they plan to buy spectacles. Round frames. Circular frames. So many different frames. So on and so forth. Over a period of time, fashion has brought such a paradigm shift in the eye care fraternity that people often prioritize spectacle frames more but not the lens. But, fashion should always be secondary. There are a lot of parameters that are associated with buying spectacles and fashion should not be one of them. How often do you check with prescription validity once you have bought the glasses? Do you realize that the right size and positioning matter while purchasing spectacles? Eye doctors are very vocal about prescription glasses and they time and again share their points on how to wisely get the right spectacles. This blog talks in detail about all the aspects you should keep in mind while buying spectacles. Prescription eyeglasses help people in seeing clearly. It helps in dealing with issues like near-sightedness and far-sightedness. Also, a lot of people do not have any vision issues; they prefer anti-reflective and anti-glare as these help in protecting eyes from computer and mobile screens. As a matter of fact, one should be very careful while buying sunglasses too. You should not go for non-brand and cheap ones as they may have a counter effect on your eyes. Eyes are precious and delicate, and you need to treat them very well all the same time. You should be aware that there are specifications associated with eye wears. Here are some tips for buying glasses:

  • Always abide by up-to-date eyewear prescription –

    As per norms, the standard validity of an eyewear prescription is one year for minors and two years for adults. And if your eyewear prescription is outdated, then you should visit your local optical shop and go for a new one. It is essential to get your eyes examined, and your optometrist will give you a copy of the eyewear prescription.
  • Get your pupillary distance measured -

    Pupillary Distance or PD is the distance between both the pupils, and it is measured in millimetres (mm). The optical center of the lenses gives the real vision, and this particular section of the eyeglasses should remain in front of the pupils. In order to get the right positioning of the eye lenses on the spectacles, the eyeglasses lab requires your Pupillary Distance. The PD is usually between 54 and 68 mm. Given that it is quite a trick to measure the PD on your own, you should ideally get it measured by an experienced optician.
  • Go for the right size –

    While buying spectacles, getting the correct positioning of the eyeglasses in front of your eyes should be a primary concern. If you have a pair of spectacles already well fitted then check the measurements that are usually written on the inside arm of your frame. Sometimes, the numbers could be printed on or behind the nose bridge. The numbers represent eye size, bridge size, and temple size.
Buying spectacles could be your primary goal, but don’t forget to have a protective case for the same and a microfibre cloth. Make sure you always clean your eyeglasses before you wear them. The microfibre cloth will help you avoid scratches. It is also recommended that you should always buy two pairs of glasses as they have a probability of breaking unexpectedly. On that note, there is a piece of incredible news to share with you. Centre For Sight , based out of New Delhi, has come up with a brand new range of eyewear under the umbrella ‘CFS Vision’ brand. Don’t forget to check out the latest designs and stunning frames! You can also stay updated about the offerings and various events on the CFS social media platforms. The team at CFS is all set to help you get the right prescription glasses for your eyes. Centre for Sight has been in the world of vision for more than two decades now. Their aim lies in helping people get healthy vision and let go of eye-related problems. With several eye specialists and medical experts standing by the patients’ side, the hospital takes pride in helping everybody.
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How many eyeglasses do you own? For some reason, fashion comes to the mind of people when they plan to buy spectacles. Round frames....
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