Mon Oct 03 2016
7 Things You Should Teach Your Children about Eye Safety

Eyes are the gift of life which is delicate and needs to be treated with proper care. Your responsibility as a parent is to...

Wed Jul 05 2017
Common Eye Diseases in Children

Since infancy to early childhood, children are prone to various eye diseases. In numerous cases, children are born with an eye problem. Nevertheless, there...

Wed May 23 2018
Toys to Avoid to Keep Your Child's Eyes Safe

A childhood without toys would be the most undesirable nightmare of any kid. All the same, a toy which can turn the fun time...

Sat Apr 12 2014
Treatment Of Eye Cancer in Children

While all parents have a protective and responsible attitude towards their children, sometimes we tend to overlook early signs that might affect the children’s eyesight or even cause blindness.

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