Questions You Need to Ask Your Doctor When You Go for Lasik Screening

Thu Feb 02 2017

In recent times, LASIK has become the most popular procedure for treating vision problems due to refractive errors. LASIK is recommended for people who live an active life and are tired of all the troubles that come in hand with spectacles and contact lenses. However, deciding to undergo a LASIK surgery is an important decision. Here is a list of questions that you can ask your doctor in order to get a better understanding of the implications and benefits of the surgery. 1)      Isthe refractive error within the range of surgery? The FDA has stipulated specific treatment ranges for LASIK surgery. Due to this implication, only a certain degree or type of vision issues which range under the mentioned degree of refractive error can be treated by LASIK. So, while you consider undergoing a surgery, it is important to check with your doctor that whether your sight’s refractive error lays within the standardised range or not. 2)      As per the eye condition, what are the risks of acquiring Corneal Ectasia? Corneal Ectasia is a side effect of LASIK, though rarely occurring, as a result of which the cornea becomes very weak and thus, tends to change its shape. Your Surgeon can inform you if you are at a risk of developing Corneal Ectasia, by studying your cornea’s topographic map. Usually, those patients who possess thinner, irregular or highly curved corneas are at a considerable risk of acquiring Corneal Ectasia. However, there are precautionary measures which can be taken to ensure a lower risk. Surely, your surgeon can give you a better knowledge about it so do ask this question to your surgeon at your LASIK appointment. 3)      What should be done during the recovery period? Generally, the recovery does not take more than a few days. However, eyes are the most sensitive sensory organ that we possess. Therefore, it is advised to be extremely cautious post surgery. Also, you should ask your doctor beforehand, of the duration your eyes can take to recover the surgery. You may also seek for a list of preventions and don’t(s), so as to assure a healthy recovery. 4)      Any other treatment applicable apart from LASIK to correct this vision problem? Apart from LASIK, there are a few other treatment procedures to correct vision problems. Some of these are LASEK, Refractive Lens Exchange, PRK. Hence, one question that you may ask your doctor is what all treatments can correct your refractive error. More advanced treatment options like SMILE are now available in select centres. SMILE offers blade-free, flap-free treatment for myopia (minus power) and astigmatism and is fast emerging as the preferred modality for laser vision correction.

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In recent times, LASIK has become the most popular procedure for treating vision problems due to refractive errors. LASIK is recommended for people who...
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