Glaucoma During Pregnancy

Mon Nov 18 2019

Glaucoma management is a crucial thing in pregnant women. All those women (who have Glaucoma) who are considering a child should be very careful with their medication and activities they choose. The disease has its own share of effect on women who are pregnant. It is essential to check the after-effects of glaucoma medications that women may have on their babies. This is why it is essential to consult your doctor when you are stepping up to conceive a child.

How does pregnancy affect a woman’s eyesight?

A woman’s body undergoes multifarious changes when she conceives a child. This also affects one’s eyesight. Usually, eye pressure decreases in pregnant women (due to hormonal changes in the body). This is beneficial among some women who are suffering from glaucoma. If a woman has glaucoma and diabetes as well then it is important to take special care during prenatal planning. Also, diabetes management is crucial for a healthy pregnancy along with rightful medication. Disease like diabetic retinopathy progresses quickly during pregnancy.

How does glaucoma medication affect the baby?

One should always keep in mind that any kind of glaucoma medication has a high chance it will affect the fetus. Any medication that a pregnant woman (who has glaucoma) takes, she should consult with her doctor before consuming it. There are a lot of medications that doctors may restrict you from having right from the beginning.

How to minimize risk to the unborn baby?

During pregnancy, the first three months are critical as most of the organs of the baby are formed. You should involve your eye doctor across the pregnancy cycle so that a good treatment regimen can be planned. It is suggested that in case you are yet to conceive, share your plans with your eye doctor. This helps in making changes in the treatment accordingly. Glaucoma medications are systemic in nature and they not only affect your eyes but also, they can affect the rest of your body. Sync between your gynecologist and eye doctor is required so that the placenta is not affected in any manner. As per the Glaucoma Research Foundation, around 60% of women feel worsening visual fields or an increase in eye pressure during pregnancy. The effect of glaucoma on pregnant women varies by different magnitudes, so it is important to monitor them closely.

Centre for Sight – A Helping Hand

Being a prominent name in the eye care fraternity, CFS aims at helping pregnant women with a healthy and successful treatment. Being in the eye care arena for more than two decades, Centre for Sight continues to provide good eye treatment in the best possible manner. Also Read: मोतियाबिंद इन हिंदी
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Glaucoma management is a crucial thing in pregnant women. All those women (who have Glaucoma) who are considering a child should be very careful...
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