5 Eye Problems Your Parents Are Complaining About That Can Be Cataract

Fri Nov 17 2017

Ageing through life can be a distressing journey. The time gets harder for them with the pain of weakened bones and debased senses. Under such circumstances, the most sensitive organ of our body, the eyes, gets ridden the first. Middle-aged and old aged people are prone to suffer various eye problems. After a particular age, our eyesight begins to weaken. Sooner or later, numerous health problems lead to eye problems such as cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration, etc.At the present time, Cataract is the leading cause of blindness among middle-aged and old age people around the world. Nonetheless, it is also the most common eye problem.

Cataract causes a great effect on the lifestyle, comfort, and safety of your parents. Therefore, you must always be aware and proactive on listening to them. Thus, if your parents are complaining about these 5 eye problems then it can be the symptoms of cataract.

1. Frequent Changes In The Eye Glass Prescription

Often, we misinterpret various serious eye problems with the problem of further weakening of the eyesight. However, the occurrence of frequent fluctuations in the prescription of eyeglasses indicates a greater eye problem. Notably, cataract is a major cause of blurred and weak vision. Therefore, under such circumstances, do not just buy your parents a new pair of reading glasses.  Instead, you must take them for a thorough eye checkup to ensure a timely diagnosis and treatment of the problem.

2. Extreme Sensitivity To Light

Extreme sensitivity to light is the first symptom of Cataract. Under the effect of Cataract, glares, reflections, and strong light beams feel too discomforting, painful, and torturous to the affected eye. Doctors suggest that sensitivity to light is the first reference to the change in the quality of eyesight before any other visible symptoms. Thus, whenever you see your parents struggling with a strong beam of light or glares, immediately take them for a visit to an ophthalmologist. This is the quickest way to diagnose the cataract.

3. Blurred Vision

More than often, you would notice your parents struggling with the problem of cleanliness of their eyeglasses. However, it is to understand that the problem doesn’t lie in the lens of the reading glass. The blurriness and haze they experience are present against the lens of their eye rather than on the frontals of the prescriptive glasses. Cataract results in clouding of their eye lens.  Therefore, they always feel a blurry layer against their vision. In such a situation, an immediate visit to the ophthalmologist is required to keep their eyes healthy.

4.Night Vision

Cataract has a prominent effect on the night vision of the patient. Advancement of the stage of cataract causes an appearance of a brown or yellow tinge over the eye. The tinge grows darker as much as the eye lens dulls. This tinge or darkening of the cataract restraints the ability to read, to distinguish colours, and massively weakens the night vision. Hence, it makes your parents unable to perform basic nighttime activities such as driving at night. This can also be a major threat to their safety.

5. Halos and Double Vision

Due to the clouding of the lens, the light when enters our eyes gets diffracted. This results in the appearance of halos around the source of light. In many cases, this problem also makes your parents see two reflections of a single object through the affected eye. Thus, if your parents are complaining about visualizing rings around every beam of light or about seeing two images of your face then you must immediately take them to a reliable eye clinic.Cataract can be easily treated if diagnosed in time.

Therefore, you must ensure to provide an effective eye checkup and treatment to your parents, as early as possible.

Article: 5 Eye Problems Your Parents Are Complaining About That Can Be Cataract
Author: Dr Abhishek Goel   |   Nov 17 2017 | UPDATED 02:00 IST

*The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of Centre for Sight.

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