What To Do In Case Of An Eye Accident While Burning Crackers?

Fri Oct 13 2017

The days of Diwali celebration are around the corner and everybody is enthralled with the idea of lights, sweets, and fireworks. Nonetheless, amidst of the extravagant celebration, we must not forget to be careful. It is so because, in case of ignorance, firecrackers can cause dangerous injuries to us. Our skin and our eyes are highly prone to such a risk while burning crackers.

Thus, we must always take precautionary measures to avoid accidents. However, in case of an unfortunate event, we must be ready to adhere to first aids and protective measures.

Here is a guide to what you must do in case of an Eye accident while burning crackers –

1) Wash Your Eyes Thoroughly With Cold Water

In case of an eye injury, the first step you should take is to wash your eyes thoroughly with cold water. Do not use ice to calm the burning sensation. Just splash some cold water over the affected eye. However, before washing your eye you must wash your hands thoroughly.

Do not touch your eye with unwashed hands because they still possess the harmful chemicals of the cracker which can cause more irritation to your eyes.

2) Do Not Itch Or Rub The Affected Eye

Secondly, no matter how itchy your affected eye feels, you must not itch or rub your eye. Rubbing the eye can intensify the pain. It may also cause secondary eye infections along with the injury.

3) Cover The Affected Eye With A Clean Cloth, A Cotton Pad, Or Gauze.

Instead of rubbing the eye, cover the injured eye with a clean cloth, a cotton pad, or gauze. This will help to calm the irritation and the burning sensation caused due to the injury.

4) Visit A Doctor, Immediately.

Once you have adhered to the first aid measures, you should immediately visit a doctor. Irrespective of the degree of burn or seriousness of the injury, urgent doctor supervision is mandatory. Therefore, in such a situation, you must rush to an emergency department of an eye hospital to seek the required treatment as per the suggestions of an ophthalmologist.

During your Diwali preparations, you must also prepare a first aid box to be handy in case of an emergency. Your first aid box must include gauze pads and cotton pads, bandages, sterile dressings, band-aids, ice bags, etc. Moreover, you must not wear contact lenses while bursting crackers on Diwali.

It is so because it enhances the chances of irritable eyes and allergies caused due to smoke.The festival of Diwali brings immense joy and happiness to our life. However, even a minor disregard to our safety can cost us that happiness.

Thus, it is always better to be aware and be prepared.

Have a Happy Diwali.

Article: What To Do In Case Of An Eye Accident While Burning Crackers?
Author: Dr Charu   |   Oct 13 2017 | UPDATED 02:00 IST

*The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of Centre for Sight.

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