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Tue Mar 31 2020

Don’t you agree on the fact that among all our five senses, our eyes are the ones on whom we rely the most? Our eyes need special attention and care. That is why it is essential to be extra cautious while choosing an eye surgery or eye treatment. We often look for ways to attain a 20/20 vision, but are we doing justice to our eyes? Are we scheduling regular eye check-ups to avoid eye problems? It is quite often that being a resident of Delhi; you might get across a lot of ophthalmologists in Delhi. But how to choose the right one for you? Here is the list of factors you should consider while choosing an eye specialist:

Research Online

  First and foremost, always research about the various eye hospitals. Shortlist a few of them and compare their services. Check how long the hospital has been serving its patients. Check their patient’s testimonials online. You can also check which eye hospital specializes in what kind of treatments and surgeries, and even the awards and achievements they have received historically. This will give you an idea of the type of services offered at the hospital and whether it is suitable for you or not.

Facilities and Services Offered

  Always choose an eye hospital that adopts the latest technology, procedures, and equipment. The medical fraternity is continually improving, providing bladeless and painless surgery using lasers and automated surgical machines. So be extra cautious if you have been advised traditional surgical methods at an eye hospital. For example, in the case of eye problems such as cataracts, which now can be removed by a femtosecond laser technique making it bladeless and less painful, if your chosen ophthalmologist still insists on removing the cataract traditionally without any specific reasoning, this could be a concern. Choose an eye hospital that provides this technique rather than the traditional surgery that is done through handheld tools and equipment. Also, if you are looking for vision correction, choose an eye hospital that provides LASIK, or the more advanced SMILE laser vision correction procedure. These are the latest technologies of blade-free laser vision correction.

Doctor’s Experience

  A doctor’s experience is a significant factor as it is your eye surgeon that will perform the surgery. You need to verify how long he/she has been successfully treating patients and whether they are a recognized surgeon in their speciality or not. So, it is always advisable to find an ophthalmologist who has a minimum of 3 to 5 years of experience in the desired field. Also, try to find out whether the doctor has earlier handled similar cases or performed surgeries on that condition or not.

Take Feedback

  Lastly, try to take advice from people who had already successfully undergone surgery. Take feedback from them about the eye hospital, the type of surgery performed, and the kind of services offered. If possible, you should visit the eye hospital to know about it in detail. Keeping all these factors in mind, Centre for Sight offers the best team of specialized doctors, consultants, and other staff for your treatment. With the state of the art technology, we provide our patients with the best assistance possible. Some of the advanced pieces of equipment that we use are:
  • The Catalys Laser from ABBOTT
  • Constellation System from Alcon for Retinal Surgeries
  • VisuMax from Carl Zeiss for SMILE – No Blade, No Flap, All laser vision correction
We believe that every eye deserves the best; therefore, we aim at providing the best eye care for our patients. We believe in choosing the best, do you?
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Don’t you agree on the fact that among all our five senses, our eyes are the ones on whom we rely the most? Our...
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