7 Tips You Need To Follow This Monsoon For Healthy Eyes

Thu Aug 03 2017

The onset of monsoon is always cherished because it brings relief from the scorching sun and the terrible heat. Enjoying the rain and getting all drenched once in awhile is a feeling of bliss. However, the monsoon season also accounts to be the season of infections and diseases. Air becomes a commuting medium for the bacterias and viruses. Thus, even a little carelessness towards personal hygiene and health can cause major health concerns. Common Eye Infections Eyes being the most sensitive organ of our body are also the most prone to infections and problems during monsoon. Conjunctivitis, Corneal ulcers, Dry eyes, and Stye (Pimple like occurring over the eyelids), etc. are the most common eye infections that occur during the rainy season. Redness, burning eyes and swelling are the general symptomsof an infection. Precautionary Measures To protect your eyes, you must take some precautionary measures this monsoon. Here are 7 tips you need to follow this monsoon season for healthy eyes: 1) Prevent Dust Storms And Use Sunglasses Dust particles in the eye can be a major cause of eye irritation and infections. Thus, you must avoid dust storms. Using sunglasses or protective glasses in a storm during a journey will prevent your eyes from dirt. Moreover, if you get caught in heavy rains or dust storms, make sure to rinse off the dust from in and around your eyes, immediately. 2) Cleanse Your Contact Lenses Properly Before Use If you are habitual of wearing contact lenses, you must make sure to use them with utmost care. Wearing contact lenses without cleaning them can cause major eye infections and irritation specially during the monsoons. 3) Often Wash Your Eyes With Cold Water Develop a habit to wash your eyes with cold water every time you come from the dust. Do not splash water into your eyes. Doing so can be harmful to the pupils. Instead, gently wash your eyes with cold water to remove all the dust particles from within and around the eyes. 4) Avoid Sharing Towels And Napkins Eye infections are communicable. Thus, sharing items of personal hygiene such as towels, napkins, and handkerchiefs can cause a transmission of infectious bacteria and virus from the affected member of the family to others. Therefore, you must avoid sharing them. 5) Eat Healthy Food The rainy season often increases the craving for street and junk food. However, unhealthy eating only causes an enhanced risk of developing eye problems. Therefore the intake of oily snacks and cold drinks must be avoided. Instead, you must eat healthy vegetables, fruits and salads. You should include green leafy vegetables, corn, berries, yogurt, eggs, etc. in your diet during the rainy season. It accounts to be a healthy diet, rich in various nutrients essential for healthy eyes. 6) Do Not Use Eye Makeup Girls you must stay away from your mascara and kohl during the monsoon season. Cosmetics or eye makeup can be a catalyst for bacterial and viral infections and can harm your eyes. Also, store your makeup products in cold places during this season to prevent them from being infectious. 7) Do Not Self Medicate We often think that our eye problems are a trouble for only a few days and will pass away in a couple of days.We often visit a nearby medical store and get some eye drops or medication not prescribed by a doctor to treat our eye problems, which is not a correct practice. In case you experience even the slightest symptoms of eye infections during this season, you must visit an ophthalmologist. Share these eye care tips with your friends and family members and ask them take good care of their eyes and health during this monsoon season.

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