Corneal Blindness Treatment: Prevention is better than cure

Fri Jan 31 2020

Accounting for 5% of the total world’s blind population, corneal blindness is one of the most common types of permanent blindness around the world. Corneal blindness mainly affects people at a younger age and stands as a challenge because the burden applies majorly on the working-class population. Communicable diseases, infections, and contaminations increase the risk of corneal blindness among people living in an unhealthy environment. With considerable economic burden, corneal blindness majorly affects low economic zones which lack proper medical treatments. The situation is gruesome and calls for aid to beat the challenge that affects the youth at a large scale. In a country like India, where approximately 2 million of the population is impacted, and many remain vulnerable to the disease due to lack of proper lifestyle conditions, what remains the primary cause of corneal blindness?

Corneal Disease Causes

A profound decrease in the vision and diseases arising in the cornea, corneal blindness rises due to the following reasons-
  • Malnutrition:

    Lack of vital nutrition and vitamin A results explicitly in hampering the ability to see among children and teenagers.
  • Congenital Diseases:

    Be it inadequate healthcare during pregnancy or a chance of fate, congenital diseases play a role in contributing to the blindness rate in the country. Nealy 3.5 lakh children were either born blind or acquired infections during early infancy.
  • Trauma:

    Eye trauma accounts for a considerable scale of blindness every year around the world. Fatal living conditions owing to it the most in particular.
  • Infections:

    Trachoma, an eye infection of its kind is one of the significant reasons for corneal scarring and has blinded millions of people so far. Apart from trachoma, other bacteria, fungi, and viruses lead their way up to blindness.
  • Traditional medicines and remedies:

    In a country like India where quacks and local medicine men preach medication, for example, honey, ginger juice, kajal, surma etc. as eye drops and home remedies to treat the eye does more harm than any good. They also end up being disastrous with the climax being losing one’s eyesight as a whole.
  • Delayed Addressing:

    There are very high chances of people avoiding the problem or symptoms of infection and letting it persist until the condition becomes irreversible. Infection or other eye-related issues must be immediately addressed, or ignorance may result in losing one’s eyesight.
Are you on the lookout for corneal blindness treatment in Delhi? It’s essential to understand that corneal blindness’ treatment does not account for a lot of options, and its prevention is a thousand times better than its cure. How can we prevent corneal blindness? There are a few considerations for the same:
  • Most necessarily, clean water

    Clean water is essential to keep any infection away. For example, trachoma arises from poor facial and hand sanitation that eventually ends up affecting the eyes. Thus, access to clean water will impact massively in preventing corneal blindness that transmits due to infection.
  • Combating Vitamin A deficiency and other nutrients

    Malnutrition results in various health-related issues and the lack of Vitamin A disastrously impacts the eye. To prevent the same, Vitamin A supplements, vaccination and following a nutrient-rich diet is essential.
  • Keeping your surroundings clean is a must

    A lot of eye-related diseases like river blindness are courtesy of insects that persist in unhygienic environments. Insects, germs and microbes may cause inflammation that could retire into the cornea or even the retina to hamper one’s ability to see. Keeping one’s surroundings clean and advocating the need for the same can help in preventing corneal blindness.
  • Eye trauma and traditional medicine must be avoided

    Any injury or trauma, whenever experienced, must be treated very diligently. Using traditional medicine by local quacks can have a detrimental effect on the eyes. Seeking a proper health care facility and prescribed eye drops can prevent one from the disastrous condition of corneal blindness.
Why emphasize more on the causes and prevention of corneal blindness rather than its treatment? The idea that every disease has a cure is a tricky understanding. It is necessary to understand that the most definitive treatment of corneal blindness all around the world is only eye transplantation or corneal graft. Only with the availability of a donor exists a possibility of treatment of corneal blindness. The waiting list for transplantation could be endless and with the increasing numbers of patients, it makes the scenario rout. We are dedicated to promote and encourage the masses for eye donation to provide the gift of sight to the ones who seek for it. Approximately 11 lakh blind population of India are awaiting for their corneal transplant, and the number keeps accelerating every year. Take a pledge with us and reach out to our eye bank. Let’s make the dark lives full of color together!
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Accounting for 5% of the total world’s blind population, corneal blindness is one of the most common types of permanent blindness around the world....
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