How to go about Winter Eye Protection – Tips & Tricks

Sat Jan 16 2021

We all take special care of our eyes during summers, but what about winters!

During winters, the air gets dry, causing irritation in the eyes. Extreme cold can even constrict blood vessels in & around the eyes. Hence, it’s essential to take care of our eyes during winters, especially in very low temperatures and outdoor activities.

Tips & tricks for winter eye protection

Here are a few simple tips & tricks for winter eye protection:

Wear UV protected sunglasses:

UV rays are not only harmful during summers, but they also affect us during winters. The rays bounce off the reflective ground and are even more harmful to our eyes in the winter season. Thus, it’s important to wear UV protected sunglasses! The glasses protect your eyes from sunburn, harsh light, dust & ice particles during outdoor activities like driving, walking, playing sports, etc. In case you don’t want to wear sunglasses, keeping a cap and sunscreen handy can also help on a bright winter day.

Moisturize your eyes:

The winter air is mostly dry, and the indoor heating makes it even more dry, which can cause eye problems like irritation in the eyes. To protect your eyes, keep them moist with lubricant eye drops or ointments. Taking a few preventive measures, like – not sitting too close to the heater and moisturizing the area around the eyes may also help.

Use a humidifier:

During winters, people like to spend a lot of time indoors with room heaters, leading to dry eyes. Using a humidifier can be very beneficial for dry eyes. It adds soothing moisture to the air, maintains indoor humidity, and keeps your eyes hydrated to avoid winter eye problems.

Stay hydrated:

Drinking fluids like hot water, herbal tea, water infused with ginger & lemon is healthy for your body and eyes. It helps your eyes stay moist & hydrated naturally, which relieves the winter eye problems.

Wear glasses:

During winters, using contacts can be very uncomfortable. Wearing glasses can be more helpful and comforting.

Get a healthy diet:

Healthy diet goes a long way! Your eating habits affect your body, including your eyes. Hence, it’s important to eat nutritious food rich in vitamins & minerals for healthy eyes. Add green leafy vegetables, almonds, fish, and seasonal vegetables like carrots, oranges, etc., to your diet. You can also ask your doctor to suggest a multivitamin to get the required amount of vitamins for your body.

Winter eye problems are common & aren’t usually a cause for concern, but if the problem persists, it is important to see an eye doctor for a proper checkup, as it can also be a symptom of a severe eye problem.

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Article: How to go about Winter Eye Protection – Tips & Tricks
Author: CFS Editorial Team   |   Jan 16 2021 | UPDATED 03:20 IST

*The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of Centre for Sight.

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