What are the complications of the scratched cornea?

Wed Aug 16 2023

As you may already know, the cornea is the outermost transparent part of the eye that allows the light to enter the eye, sometimes, it can get scratched which leads to discomfort and vision problems. A corneal scratch or abrasion usually occurs due to trauma or a tear in the outer layer of the cornea. This can happen because of excessive eye rubbing or a poke, because of friction from wearing contact lenses or foreign objects getting into the eye. If you have dry eyes, you become more likely to have a scratched cornea. A corneal abrasion not only gives rise to pain, and sensitivity to light, but also increases the chances of infection and other complications. Hence, whatever may be the reason, scratched cornea treatment is necessary to keep away the chances of serious complications. Also, as long as the corneal abrasion treatment continues, one should avoid eye makeup, contacts and continue wearing protective eyeglasses.

Complications of corneal abrasion

Common complications of corneal abrasion include eye infection and corneal ulcer. Sometimes, a severe or prolonged corneal scratch can also lead to recurrent corneal erosion, which is also a dreaded complication. In recurrent corneal erosion, you may experience visual impairment, tearing and ocular pain, i.e. pain in the area surrounding the eye.

In any of the complications of a corneal abrasion, the patient requires medical treatment. There is no other way out to save the eye and vision. The treatment may take from a few weeks to months and includes a dose of strong antibiotics. Following are the signs and symptoms of corneal abrasion complications:

  • Hazy or blurred vision
  • Watery eye with severe pain
  • Red or bloodshot eye
  • Itching and discharge from the eye
  • Hypersensitivity to light, known as photophobia
  • White patch on the cornea

If or when you notice any of these signs after getting your cornea scratched or these things recur a few days after the treatment, immediately contact your eye doctor and get proper screening and treatment.

Your eye doctor will suggest a treatment based on the cause of the infection or ulcer. In case, the exact cause remains unknown, antibiotic drops are the safest option that doctors prefer. However, once the issue becomes clear, whether the infection is bacterial, fungal or viral, more precise treatment can be started. To subside swelling and inflammation in certain cases, doctors also prescribe corticosteroid eye drops. Corneal ulcers that do not heal properly or are neglected, leave a scar and thus may even lead to permanent vision loss. In severe cases of corneal ulcers, the doctor recommends undergoing a corneal transplant.

Final Words

Do not take a corneal scratch lightly and go about following random remedies that you may find on google or indulge in self-medication. The only way to keep away the complications of corneal abrasion is through timely medical care and attention. If you or a family member is experiencing a corneal abrasion, consult a cornea specialist without any delay. Do not wait for the abrasion to heal on its own or wish that the pain vanishes magically. You can get in touch with us to book an appointment with the experienced eye specialists of the Centre for Sight. Our cornea specialists are highly skilled and certified and have treated several cases of corneal problems. To book an appointment for corneal abrasion treatment, visit https://www.centreforsight.net/

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