Books or E-Readers? Which are better for your eyes?

Tue Feb 16 2016

Reading is a good habit by all sorts but the way you’re reading also has an impact on your physical and mental health. In our technology-driven world, the paper book has been replaced by electronic devices like kindles and even reading on your laptop or smartphone. Good old-fashioned books are no longer seen as practical. E-readers are deemed as portable but reading from books helps you de-stress faster than or just as fast as listening to music, taking a walk, or having a cup of tea or coffee, according to studies. When researchers measured heart rate and muscle tension, they found that people relaxed just six minutes into reading. Reading over screen increases strain But reading on a device might cancel out this effect, and may even impact your stress levels negatively. Repeated use of mobile phones or laptops late at night has been linked to depression, higher levels of stress, and fatigue among young adults. Constant use of technology not only disrupts our sleeping patterns and throws off our circadian rhythms, but it fosters a shorter attention span and fractured focus and our brains feel like mush. High levels of screen luminance from an electronic device can contribute to visual fatigue, a condition marked by tired, itching, and burning eyes. This type of Digital eye strain is the physical discomfort felt after prolonged exposure to digital screen and is associated with the close to mid-range distance of digital screens, including desktop and laptop computers, tablets, e-readers and cell phones. In the conclusion When examining the best options, consumers should take into consideration the amount of time spent. There are also potential considerations for those reading e-books on light-emitting e-readers at night. Nowadays a number of e-readers do not use light-emitting screens, so they can be considered as alternative if you can’t get hands on physical books. If you follow some precautions, then the damage won’t be that bad like don’t get too close to the screen, and keep it a few degrees below eye level with the top of the screen tilted a bit further back than the bottom.Also take brief breaks to avoid eye-strain. The best thing will be to follow the 20-20-20 rule: After 20 minutes of reading, focus on an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Reading an old-fashioned paper book might seem out of style, wasteful, or impractical but committing to the classic paper book can get you a better and healthier experience.  

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