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Cataract Surgery Specialist


Dr Abhishek Goel
Dr Abhishek Goel
2 min read

Cataract is one of the most common eye disorders and is undetectable at very early stages. So to be on safe side, one should be concerned about any conspicuous changes in the vision. If any anomaly is suspected, it should be immediately brought to the eye doctor’s attention. Common symptoms of cataract include – cloudy or blurred vision, sensitivity to light and glare, poor night vision, color vision changes and dimming, double vision etc. Though Cataract is harmful to eyesight, the latest, modern day cataract surgeries can easily remove it and restore the vision lost to cataracts and can reduce our dependence on eyeglasses as well. It is an issue which is undeniably most prevalent cause of poor vision in adults. However, the development of cataracts does not have to mean a loss of sight. Treatment of cataracts is over 95% successful and vision is restored after surgery.

Choosing a Cataract Surgery Specialist to for getting rid of your cataracts can be a difficult process.Before getting your surgery fixed, you should settle on the cataract specialist to trust your eyes with. It is important that you discover a specialist that is both experienced in cataract surgeries and makes you feel at ease about undergoing the procedure and all your associated doubts. With an accomplished specialist, your cataract removal experience will be swift and satisfactory. In most cases, laser eye surgery done by Cataract Surgery Specialist is almost pain-free and is completed within 15 minutes. The improved vision can be observed without eyeglasses or contact lenses in as little as 24 hours. Due to this accuracy and quick recovery, the reviews of these surgeries are usually positive and set confidence in those who want to get cataract surgery done.