Do’s and don’ts after cataract surgery

Sun Feb 12 2023

Do’s and Don’ts after cataract surgery You Must Know

Thinking of getting a cataract removal surgery done? Understandably, the term surgery can induce a lot of worries or concerns in one’s mind. Though you might be looking for eye drops or medicines that can get you rid of cataracts, sorry to pop the bubble for you that those magical drops are still under research.     

A cataract is quite predominantly found in older people. The condition is marked by the clouding of the natural lens of the eye which tends to affect daily life routine as the symptoms worsen. A big sigh of relief is that cataracts are treatable which allows an individual to get back to a good quality life. The surgery takes only a few minutes to complete and the patient can return on the same day (outpatient procedure).

The recovery period after cataract removal is usually short and smooth, without any major difficulties. However, you must stick to what your doctor advises and be mindful of your activities for a few days.

As we know that it’s necessary to take precautions after cataract surgery, we have jotted down some common do’s and don’ts that speed up the healing process and keep you safe from serious complications:


  • You can resume with a short screen time like watching TV 2-3 days after cataract surgery. It can take about a week to get back to routine household chores.
  • Wear a protective eye cap while going to bed at night for around 6-7 days
  • To clean the area around your eyes, use only boiled water and cotton and gently dab. Avoid rubbing to prevent scarring. Alternatively, you can also use prescribed sterile tissues for the purpose.
  • Use the eye drops regularly as per your doctor’s instruction without any negligence or delay.


  • Rub your eyes as it can loosen the stitches and cause complications or delay healing in case of stitch-less surgery. It may also result in eye infections or inflammation
  • Take a shower for 7-10 days to prevent water from entering the eye.
  • Wash or splash your eyes for 10 days
  • Lift heavy objects and if possible, try to refrain from coughing, sneezing or exerting too much pressure during bowel movements. Any kind of excessive strain pressurizes the eyes.
  • Indulging in high-intensity physical activities like sports, swimming, running, etc. to minimize the chances of injuries or infections

Keep away complications

Following proper post-cataract surgery care is crucial to dodge the chances of major risks. It is normal to experience dry eye, itchiness, and blurry vision after cataract surgery, Usually, these problems subside within a few days or weeks. Complete healing from cataract removal surgery may take up to 8 weeks, especially in the case of standard or traditional cataract surgery, which is invasive. The chances of post-surgery complications are higher for the standard procedure. Also, it is strictly advised to get in touch with your eye surgeon if you experience any of the following warning signs after following post-cataract surgery precautions:

  • Consistent pain even after taking medication
  • Severe redness in the eye
  • Light flashes and noticing several floaters in the vision
  • Loss of vision after cataract treatment

Immediate medical attention in such a scenario is a must to save your eye. Now, a crucial question arises here, which is ‘if there is a way to avoid complications?’ Yes, the complications can be reduced to almost negligible by opting for advanced cataract solutions. One such advanced alternative is femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery.

More about femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery

This evolved version of cataract treatment involves a high-intensity precise laser to make an incision and disintegrate the cataract without the need for a surgical knife or blade. This laser is known as a femtosecond laser which is set in a way to carry out a precise cut in the exact place required. The results produced by laser treatment for cataracts are highly accurate.

If you or your loved one is planning to get cataract surgery soon, learn in detail about femtosecond cataract surgery from an experienced cataract surgeon. Make sure to clear all your doubts and concerns before undergoing surgery so that you are at ease while undergoing the treatment. If you want to know more about femtosecond cataract surgery and learn if it is the best-suited treatment option for you, get in touch with the Centre for Sight. We have a team of reputed eye doctors and surgeons. All our cataract surgeons are well-trained in using advanced techniques and world-class eye care for patients.

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