Eye Checkup: What to Expect During an Eye Examination?

Sat Feb 05 2022

An eye checkup can include a series of different tests that optometrists and ophthalmologists carry out. These tests are carried out to ascertain whether there is anything wrong with the eye or any conditions developing. As you can imagine, it is crucial to get these tests done on a regular basis. This is because many eye conditions have very subtle symptoms that you may not be able to catch yourself. 

When Should I Get an Eye Exam?

If you’re wondering ‘when should I get an eye exam‘, the answer is that there are two factors to consider. The first is your age (this determines the frequency for eye exams based on the risk of developing age-related eye issues), and the second is whether you’re experiencing any symptoms. 

Let’s address the first factor.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) and the American Association for Paediatric Ophthalmolog and Strabismus recommend that infants be given an eye exam when they are born to rule out any developing conditions or vision problems. Additionally, their recommendation for children and teens is as follows:

– 6-12 months old: At least once within this period.
– 12 months – 3 years old: At least once within this period.
– 3-5 years old: At least once within this period.
– 5 years and above: At least once a year.

Similarly, the AAO also recommends the following frequencies for eye checkups for adults:

– 20 – 29 years old: At least once within this period.
– 30 – 39 years old: At least twice within this period.
– 40 years old: At least once when you turn 40.
– 40 – 65 years old: As recommended by your ophthalmologist. 
– 65 years and above: At least once a year. 

On the other hand, the frequency at which you may require an eye checkup can also depend on the symptoms that you experience. You should visit an eye care centre like CFS if you experience any of the following symptoms:

– Blurry vision
– Frequent headaches
– Eye pain
– A sense of straining or tiredness in the eyes
– Squints

What happens during a standard eye checkup?

A standard eye exam can include various tests, depending on your symptoms and age. Some of the tests that you can expect are the following:

1. Vision acuity test:

The doctor tries to check whether your vision is accurate during this test. This is done by having you read a chart of alphabets and checking to see at what point the vision starts getting blurry.

2. Dilation:

During this test, the pupils of the eyes are dilated so that the doctor can look into the eyes and see the retina clearly. This can help screen for any retinal issues.

3. Pupil exam:

Here, a light would be shined into the pupils to see if they respond correctly.

4. Tonometry:

During this, a machine is used to blow air into the eyes to see the pressure of the liquid within the eyes. This test is carried out to measure whether the patient has glaucoma. 

What happens when you delay getting your eye checkup on time?

As most symptoms related to dangerous eye conditions can sometimes be subtle, you risk developing disorders that negatively impact your vision when you miss your eye checkups. It’s essential to get these checkups done on time. 

Why CFS?

At Centre For Sight, we have a state-of-the-art diagnostics lab that can help with the early detection and treatment of various eye disorders. Our leading ophthalmologists are known for offering efficient and quick remedies. If you’re experiencing pain in your eye or blurry vision, head down to the nearest Centre For Sight for a checkup.

Article: Eye Checkup: What to Expect During an Eye Examination?
Author: CFS Editorial Team  |   Feb 05 2022 | UPDATED 02:00 IST
*The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of Centre for Sight.

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