Why opt for SMILE procedure over traditional Lasik treatment

Thu Dec 26 2019

The introduction to LASIK surgery for vision correction in the eye care regime has been a significant development. It has helped a million eyes to see the world freely, but that’s not it for us. With much more advancement and research, eye specialists have introduced yet another pioneer in the industry known as the ReLEx SMILE Refractive procedure. It adds another successful feather in our hat of technological advancements, it is also proven to be a better option for vision correction for one and all. The SMILE refractive procedure was recently invented and was first officially conducted in 2016 with the FDA’s approval. The results have been tremendously positive, opting for SMILE over LASIK surgery can only be observed as a rise on the charts. But what exactly is the SMILE procedure which has been proven to be super-efficient? For your better understanding on why SMILE over LASIK, let’s talk about LASIK first-When undergoing LASIK refractive surgery, the surgery involves creating a corneal flap to restore the vision without any more dependence on spectacles. In LASIK, the surgeons require to create a corneal flap cut of 22mm diameter. It leads to a speedy recovery, immediate effect of clear vision, but it has its impacts as well. Post LASIK, one may feel the condition of dry eyes. T long term stability of perfect vision has also been found to be higher with smile. Before one proceeds with LASIK surgery, the doctors perform a detailed test on the patient’s cornea to ensure that they are fit to withstand the surgery and would have no long term possibility of any complication. This leaves slim-to-none chances of any complications arising again.

What is different about SMILE surgery?

The new SMILE surgery in town gives you not one but multiple reasons to smile much more broadly! Why? Well, first of all for all those people who shiver to their spine over the thought of a blade, there’s news for you- as the next generation, fully automated SMILE surgery is entirely a blade-free process! There is no corneal flap included in the procedure, and the laser is used to create a 2mm keyhole over the cornea to restore the vision. The chances of dry eye that may follow after LASIK is significantly lower, and the probability of further treatment required after SMILE is hardly a possibility. The recovery, however, is slow in comparison to LASIK. It takes more time than LASIK, but so do all good things in life, don’t they?

Who can opt for SMILE?

The ones who have stable eye power and the ones who are diagnosed with myopia or mild astigmatism can be very successfully treated with SMILE. It can also be used to manage the cylindrical power of -0.5 as well. To sum up the benefits of SMILE surgery over LASIK, here are the points that one can count on if they want to be free of their glasses-

ReLEx SMILE surgery is:

  • Blade-free and painless -

    anesthesia is used before the surgery to ease any pain and speculum helps the eyes to stop from blinking during the surgery
  • Less invasive -

    therefore lesser disturbances with the corneal nerves
  • Uncomplicated -

    as no corneal flap is required, the process is sweet and simple
  • Time-efficient -

    the entire surgery is completed within 15 minutes, and patients can go back home the same day, but regular check-ups are to be part of the routine until fully recovered
  • Better results -

    SMILE surgery was explicitly developed to lessen the chances of dry eyes and to overcome other issues that are reported post LASIK
Now that we have explained that SMILE is a better option than LASIK, the next question lies- where should we get it done from? How about the eye care centre which was one of the first to introduce SMILE surgery in India? Centre For Sight houses the most specialised team of doctors and the best technical assistance, highly skilled to operate ReLEx SMILE surgery. Visit the nearest CFS branch or book your appointments for a highly sophisticated treatment that embarks on your freedom to see the world clearly and without any dependency.
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The introduction to LASIK surgery for vision correction in the eye care regime has been a significant development. It has helped a million eyes...
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