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Laser Eye Surgery Cost


Dr Teotia
Dr Teotia
8 min read

LASIK is a modern day procedure for spectacles removal. Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) meaning reshaping the layers of the cornea using Excimer Laser for correcting the visual error. Millions of the people all over the world have undergone LASIK surgery and regained glasses free vision. It is easy, quick, pain-less and offers speedy visual recovery.

If you’re looking for LASIK or other laser eye surgery, firstly cost is going to be one of your main concerns. It’s a significant investment, and you want to do your homework to be sure the price you’re quoted is reasonable for your vision correction needs and priority.

What is Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) meaning reshaping the layers of the cornea using Excimer Laser for correcting the visual error. Also known as laser vision correction, it is a type of refractive eye surgery which treats the common eye diseases like nearsightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia.

Pre Surgery Eye Evaluation

Certain tests are performed on the eyes before the treatment, to inspect if your eyes are fit to go through the LASIK Surgery.

Wavefront analysis: Under this test, light waves are sent through the eye to get a precise map of all irregularities affecting the vision.

Topography: To take the map of the cornea and to measure the curve of the front eye, this test is performed with a corneal topographer.

Pachymetry: The thickness of the cornea is measured under this test with the help of a pachymeter.

Dry eye test: It evaluates the present moistness in the eyes as well as the risk of getting dry eyes after the surgery.

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Cycloplegic refraction: This inspection finds out the entire refractive problems of the eyes by temporarily paralyzing the focusing muscles.

Pupil Measurement: Generally, the size of the pupil is measured in the dim light, as the pupil extends in the night time. The appropriate pupil size matters in LASIK surgery, as the cases of larger pupils, have complained about night vision and glare after LASIK surgery.

A general analysis of overall health and medications is also performed by the eye doctor as a prerequisite.

Since the contact lenses affect the shape of the cornea, the doctor also advises not wearing contact lenses before examinations and the surgery.

The procedure of LASIK Surgery

1. First of all, the eye under the treatment is numbed through anesthetic eye drops.

2. The eye surgeon keeps the eye open with an instrument called a lid speculum, to position the eye under the laser.

3. The cornea is marked by an ink marker and also a suction ring is used in the front of the eye which restricts the eye movements.

4. The surgeon creates a corneal flap either by a microkeratome blade or a femtosecond laser.

5. Then, the excimer laser is adjusted as per your prescription by a computer.

6. The surgeon passes the laser through your eye to reshape the cornea while checking your eye with a microscope. It is a pain-free process, however, it creates pressure in the eye and a steady clicking sound.

7. The process removes the corneal tissues which reshape the cornea. For nearsighted or myopic patients, LASIK flattens their expanded cornea. While for farsighted or hyperopic patients the cornea is made steep. Astigmatism is treated with perfecting the cornea round by the use of a laser.

8. After successful reshaping, the cornea is placed back. The whole process on an eye takes a maximum of ten minutes.

9. Post surgery, the eyes can feel a temporary itching or burning. The process follows a post-examination by your eye doctor, after that you are free to go home.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Laser Surgery in India

Prices can vary a lot from one surgery center to another, and it depends greatly on results of the tests, surgeon skill, the technology available, your vision prescription and more. The total cost break-up is explained during the patient counseling before the LASIK surgery is fixed.

Process Type: Price of LASIK operation varies because of the surgical procedures. The surgery with a femtosecond laser will definitely cost more than a microkeratome blade.

Infrastructure: The hospital equipped with advanced eye-care technology ensures the best care of your eye health. However, it may affect the price of the surgery.

Location: The city where you want to take laser eye treatment also impacts the price. The clinics in small or tier-two cities can charge less for your laser eye surgery because of their low administrative costs.

Hospital Size: The large hospitals with countrywide setup may offer laser surgeries at a relatively low cost. The overall expenses are reduced due to the large scale of operation.

Aftercare: If the package of your laser surgery includes aftercare services then it also increases the cost.

Cost of Laser Eye Surgery in India

All the above factors including the condition of your eye problem decide the laser eye surgery cost in India. The price of the surgery can be a cause of concern as the process requires expert supervision as well as infrastructure.

Many times the case is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Lowest price isn’t always the best option when it comes to LASIK Surgery. Things which you should consider while going for LASIK surgery are what is included in the costing. Some LASIK doctors who charge less might not be experienced or may not have access to latest technology/machines for performing LASIK surgery. Some doctors quote a low initial cost of LASIK procedure which may not include a comprehensive pre-surgery eye evaluation, follow-up appointments etc. So before deciding upon the doctor or the centre from which you want to get your LASIK surgery done, you need to make all these queries and be 100% satisfied with your final choice of surgeon and centre.


While selecting an eye hospital for laser surgery, you should check the expertise and experience of the eye doctor as well as the eye care technology they are using for the process.

Make sure you do not compromise on any of the above aspects to reduce the cost of the treatment. In order to achieve optimum health for your eyes, it is required to choose the highest quality eye-care services. Because in the end, the cost invested will serve you with the perfect vision.