Considerations While getting Treated for Lasik

Wed Sep 11 2019

Worried about the right diagnosis? Wondering which doctor is right for your eyes? Given the fact that eyes are one of the most delicate organs in the human body, the right kind of care is needed for any treatment. The right eye care center will examine your eyes with the latest equipment to offer you a wealth of ophthalmic information. But how do you choose the best eye care centre near you? Here are the things that you should look for while considering an eye care center: 1. Usage of Technology-Driven Equipment- Using the latest technology accounts for superior results and greater comfort for patients, and is also essential in order to successfully treat the latest laser eye treatments such as SMILE. Opt for eye care specialists that provide state-of-the-art technology and up-to-date surgeries like SMILE, LASIK, and LASEK. For instance, if you are thinking to consider LASIK, look for eye care specialists who will examine the structure of the cornea (using Wavefront & Topography maps). These are used to guide treatments to achieve a more optically perfect eye and to improve the results of LASIK, thus making sure you are in safe hands. Also, some eye care providers use VisuMax)for SMILE Treatment to make more accurate LASIK flaps and give a good experience to the patients. 2. Doctor’s Expertise – Always go for a highly trained surgeon that specializes in correcting refractive error, cornea based problems, etc. It is essential to go for a highly experienced doctor who has been specifically doing laser treatment for a very long time. Here are some of the questions that should be on your mind: – How many successful laser eye surgeries have they performed? – What are the probabilities of risks and complications that have occurred after they performed laser eye surgery? – What is the cost of laser surgery? – How are things taken care of in case of complications? Go for a doctor who is willing to answer all your questions and doubts related to the surgery. You should be informed about the risks and benefits of the procedure on priority. An accomplished laser eye specialist will guide you across the laser eye treatment, right from the initial consultation, to execution and finally post-surgery consultations. 3. Recommendations and Referrals – In the current landscape, it is very crucial that one should take a recommendation on eye doctors from his family and friends. It is always good to consult a doctor who has earlier treated known ones. This develops trust and assurance. These days, laser eye treatments are quite popular and you can easily find a trusted eye specialist on the recommendation. Some of the questions you can ask your family or friend who is referring to his doctor are:

  •  Were you given post-surgery treatment and consultation? · Did you like the process of the doctor? · How safe and hygienic was the procedure?

You can also read patients’ testimonials online. This will help you understand whether you should go for the specialist. Always go for a doctor who is identified by his experience, expertise and his way of dealing with patients. Choose the right eye specialist and get healthy eyes.

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