Women’s Day Special – Women’s Eye Care

Mon Mar 23 2015

When the world is celebrating women’s day as the appreciation of their contribution in our lives, it is important to understand the importance one woman should put into their health, especially the eye care.Women do not know that their lifestyle affects their eye health. In general, women are so busy taking care of their families, their jobs, and their lives that they do not always have time to think about their own health.We live in times where people are highly conscious of attractive appearance and also increased health and wellness maintenance.Studies show that there are a number of health factors and differences between men and women that put women at greater risk of serious vision loss.It is reported that worldwide only 40 per cent of women are able to have access to eye care services.Women are also more susceptible to dry eye syndrome, a condition more frequent in post-menopausal and pregnant women, due to hormonal fluctuations. Apart from that, we all are aware of the significance of make-up in the lives of women. We are interested in their effects on the eyes andeye problems associated with eye makeup. Let’s take a look at the issues that come from wearing it. Scratched cornea - One of the most serious injuries that can be caused by eye makeup is damage to your cornea. It is possible to get a scratch on your cornea while applying makeup with your mascara applicator or eyeliner. If it occurs, it could lead to a corneal abrasion, which could turn into a serious infection. Conjunctivitis - Perhaps the most common eye problem associated with eye makeup is conjunctivitis, or pink eye. Although most makeup contains preservatives that prevent bacteria from forming, it’s still possible to have bacteria grow on your makeup. This could happen if it’s expired or not properly stored. Allergic reactions - Often an allergic reaction to a specific type of eye makeup could cause redness, irritation, eye swelling or infection. It’s important to check the makeup label before you buy it, and if you come across an allergic reaction make sure you look for a different product. Preventive Measures The risk of eye problems associated with your eye makeup should be considered seriously because it can cause issues. For the solution, consider the following measures.It is important not to share your eye makeup to avoid spreading bacteria.If you get an eye infection, make sure to replace all of your previous eye makeup products promptly in order to avoid more bacteria spreading. To avoid any bacterial infections make sure to always change your eye makeup every three to four months and avoid using expired products. Eating healthy, exercising regularly and avoiding excessive ultra violet exposure and smoking can go a long way towards good eye and overall health. *The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of Centre for Sight.

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When the world is celebratingwomen’s day as the appreciation of their contribution in our lives, it is important to understand the importance one woman should put into their health, especially the eye care.
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