Protect your eyes against home hazards

Mon Feb 18 2019

People wear safety glasses at work while playing sports but the same people don’t think about eye safety at home when cooking, cleaning the yard or doing work in the garage. All too often, when people are doing household works, they forget about the risks they take by not wearing protective eyewear. A split of second is all it takes to impair your vision for life. Reduce the risk of potential eye injuries at home by following 7 simple tips during daily tasks in and around your home: 1. When working in outdoors wear Safety Goggles to Protect Your Eyes Normal glasses are not efficient at protecting your eyes because they may shatter if struck, which can cause even more damage than you can think. The home renovation projects involve the use of hazardous chemicals and sharp tools that can cause irreparable damage to your eyes in case of an accident. So, make sure you wear polycarbonate safety goggles that provide excellent protection during yard work, spring cleaning and home improvements. 2. Should follow manufacturer’s instructions for safe handling of chemicals Some of the household chemicals like lime dust, detergents, cleaners or bleach cause 125,000 eye injuries every year. While using these hazardous solvents and chemicals at home, make sure the area is well-ventilated and you should wear chemical safety goggles. Never make the mistake of mixing caustic substances or chemicals agents and follow the manufacturer guidelines and warnings. In case of eye, injuries flush your eyes with water for 20 minutes to wash away the chemicals and seek medical attention at the earliest as possible. 3. Install sufficient lighting in every cornerand ensure safety on the stairs Ensure safety on the stairs and walkways, and remove all tripping hazards to avoid potential eye injuries. Also install sufficient lighting and handrails, especially if you have toddlers or senior citizens in your home. 4. In the kitchen maintain safety with Eye Shield Cooking food can sometimes splatter hot oil or grease in your eyes. Use an eye safety glasses to prevent hot oils from splashing on your face and damaging your vision. 5. Always wash your hands thoroughly after completing a task Before touching your face or eyes wash your hands when you have completed any work. 6. When not in use store and maintain power tools Be sure to keep all power tools and chemicals out of the reach of small children. All screws, nails, and sharp hand tools can bang off accidentally while power tools can propel dirt and debris into the air, resulting in serious eye injuries that invite a medical emergency. So while using make sure they are in good working condition and store them carefully. If you experience eye injury, do not touch the eye or rub it. Also, do not apply any medication and don’t attempt to remove any object from the eye yourself. Firstly, contact to any eye specialist in the hospital.

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People wear safety glasses at work while playing sports but the same people don’t think about eye safety at home when cooking, cleaning the...
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