Pressure Behind the Eyes: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Thu Dec 23 2021

There are many different sorts of eye pain, but a feeling of pressure behind the eyes is uniquely  unpleasant. An inside condition doesn’t necessarily cause a feeling of pressure in eyes. It usually begins  in a different section of your brain. Though eye disorders might result in pain and vision issues, they  rarely result in pressure. However, Glaucoma can be a silent condition with no early symptoms, or it can  induce headaches and a feeling of pressure in eyes in rare situations. 

Further, you will learn what causes high eye pressure and how to reduce it. 

High Eye Pressure Symptoms

Experts have discovered that headaches and eye pain tend to happen together. They do, however, point  out that the majority of headaches are migraine or tension-type and have nothing to do with eye strain  or other problems.

1. Migraine & Headaches:  

A feeling of discomfort or pressure behind the eyes is a common symptom of migraines. Other migraine  symptoms include 

  • Headache with pulsating pain
  • sensitivity to sound  
  • nausea  
  • vomiting
  • before the commencement of a headache, sensitivity to unexpected lights or sounds

There are also the following forms of headaches: 

Headaches are caused by tension: Instead of pulsation, there will be tightness and pushing sensation. 

Headaches in clusters: These can last anywhere from 15 to 180 minutes and happen up to eight times  per day. Cluster headaches are associated with infection, swelling, or pain in the face, including the eyes. 

2. Sinus infection

The sinuses are positioned above, below, behind, and between the eyes. Sinus problems are frequently  accompanied by pain in and around the face. When they fill up with mucus due to a disorder, they  impose pressure on the surrounding area, causing pain in the eyes, nose, and around the cheeks. Runny or stuffy nose, loss of smell, mucus draining from the sinuses and down the neck, fever, coughing,  weariness, and foul breath are all signs of sinusitis. 

A sinus infection can cause intense pain and pressure around the eyes, one of the most common eyes  pressure symptoms. It may be pressure behind left eye or pressure behind right eye, depending on the  individual case.  

3. Optic neuritis 

Inflammation or swelling behind the eye can be caused by autoimmune illnesses such as multiple  sclerosis (MS) or lupus. The optic nerve, which delivers visual information from your eyes to your brain,  might be damaged by this enlargement. Optic neuritis can cause immense pain behind the eye that feels  like pressure or an aching. You may also encounter 

  • loss of side vision or colour vision in one eye
  • an ache that worsens as you move your eyes  
  • flashing lights when you move your eyes

Treatment of Pressure Behind the Eyes 

The underlying cause of your high eye pressure symptoms will determine the treatment you receive.

If bacteria caused the infection in your sinuses, your doctor would prescribe antibiotics to treat it. You  may require antibiotics for three to four weeks if you have a persistent (long-term) sinus infection.

If the sinus pressure and other high eye pressure symptoms don’t go away, see your doctor. The  condition could necessitate sinus surgery. Take an over-the-counter pain treatment such as aspirin  (Bufferin, Bayer Advanced Aspirin), acetaminophen (Tylenol), or ibuprofen for headaches (Motrin, Advil). 

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Article: Pressure Behind the Eyes: Symptoms, Treatment, &  Prevention
Author: CFS Editorial Team   |   Dec 23 2021 | UPDATED 10:00 IST

*The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his privatecapacity and do not in any way represent the views of Centre for Sight.

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