Thu Jan 10 2019
Want to improve your vision naturally, here’s what you should know!

Do you wish you could see better? There are a handful of behaviors and routines that can keep your eyes healthy so to maintain...

Wed May 23 2018
What Is The Impact Of 3D Entertainment On Your Eyes?

The love for a 3D screening of movies, sitcoms, and games is ever more at peak. Primarily, 3D films aim at imitating our regular...

Wed Aug 03 2016
What do your Eye Colours say about you?

Everyone is different and so is their eye colour. But who decides what colour you would acquire on birth? Answer might not be that...

Tue Jun 25 2019
What if your child receives a Corneal Abrasion?

A corneal abrasion can be defined as an injury to the cornea in your eye, usually a scratch or scrape. The cornea is the...

Mon Mar 23 2015
Women’s Day Special – Women’s Eye Care

When the world is celebratingwomen’s day as the appreciation of their contribution in our lives, it is important to understand the importance one woman should put into their health, especially the eye care.

Tue Feb 28 2017
You must include these in your diet for perfect eyesight

After a day-long routine of uninterrupted tedious activities for your eyes, are you doing enough to take care of your eyesight? If not, its...

Mon Mar 19 2018
Your Guide To Take Care Of Your Eyes In Summers

By staying active towards eye care during the hot summer months, you can minimize the risks of getting an eye infection or other eye...

Wed May 14 2014
1,500 new cases of RB detected in this year

India has the highest number of Retinoblastoma (Rb) affected children in the world, with about 1500 new cases reported each year, informed Dr. Santosh G. Honavar, while addressing a press conference here on the occasion of World Retinoblastoma Awareness Week.

Tue Sep 11 2018
Best Foods for Eye Health

Are you searching for the best food for eye health that improves your overall vision? You are in the right place. There are several...

Wed Mar 13 2019
Can aging eyes lead to presbyopia?

As you grow older, your vision gets a little distracted. Sometimes you may need to wear glasses but you are unaware of the underlying...

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