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Fri May 14 2021
What to Expect During a Strabismus Surgery?

When we talk about eye problems, it’s not only infections that cause them. Some other factors may include affecting the competency of the muscles surrounding your eyes. Six extraocular muscles surround an[..]

Tue Nov 03 2020
An all inclusive discussion on strabismus surgery

Strabismus is a condition in which the eyes do not properly align with each other while looking at an object. The eye so focused on an object tends to move in a haphazard manner. While in some people the[..]

Fri Sep 18 2020
Everything You Need to Know About Strabismus Surgery

Strabismus is a disorder in which the eyes are misaligned and the surgery that goes by the same name involves sewing of eye muscle to the eyeball to correct the disorder. If you have questions like ‘What is[..]

Mon Sep 14 2020
Facing vision problems due to misaligned eyes? Here’s the lowdown on strabismus surgery

Strabismus or crossed eyes is defined as an eye ailment wherein the eyes point in different directions. It is also referred to as squint. Even though it can affect the human eye at any age, it is particularly[..]

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