Your Guide To Take Care Of Your Eyes In Summers

Mon Mar 19 2018

By staying active towards eye care during the hot summer months, you can minimize the risks of getting an eye infection or other eye disorder. These 5 tips will help you beat the summer season easily & care for your eyes & vision in the best possible ways-

1.Wear Oversized Protective Sunglasses

During summers, it is highly suggested to use a pair of sunglasses that’s oversized in shape & covers your eyes fully. For this, wrap-around sunglasses or ones with a wide rim must be used. You must ensure that your sunglasses provide proper UV protection & keep your eyes safe from the risks of UV exposure. The sun emits ultraviolet rays, known as the UVA & UVB rays. These rays are very damaging to the eyes & can cause the formation of cataracts. Doctors recommend that when playing outdoor sports or stepping out in the sun, one must always make sure to wear protective polycarbonate sunglasses.

2. Use Eye Makeup Properly

In the summer season, everything is prone to be highly perishable due to dryness & clamminess. A common example is how fruits & vegetables rot easily. To avoid fruits & vegetables to rot, we consume them quickly & do not store them for a long period of time. This rule also applies to makeup products, & when it comes to eye makeup, we need to be extra cautious. We must not hold on to eye makeup that is more than three to four months old at all. When applying eye makeup, never use your fingers. This prevents the bacteria from your fingertips to get transferred to the eyes. This can cause severe eye infections. Applying makeup with fingers while touching the makeup palette again & again leads to the transfer of bacteria very easily. This is a major cause of eye infections. Always use makeup tools & don’t forget to clean them thoroughly from time to time to prevent bacteria build-up in them.

3.Wear Hats

During summers, wearing a protective sunglass is highly suggested. It is also suggested to wear hats in combination with sunglasses at the beach, amusement parks, bike rides, boating, or any other place where there is direct exposure to the sun. Sunglasses usually have gaps at the sides from where UV exposure happens. While you wear your sunglasses, minimize your risk of & add a hat with it. Basal Cell Carcinoma is a form of skin cancer that affects the eyelids & commonly occurs on the lower eyelid. It can also develop in the corners of the eye or under the eyebrows. This form of skin cancer can spread to the eye too. Hence, sunglasses & a hat must be worn during summers as a strict rule to protect the eyes from sun exposure & related threats.

4.Do Not Swim Without Goggles

We all know that in a swimming pool, a high amount of chlorine is added to maintain water purity & protect swimmers from exposure to germs. What we do not know is that chlorine can have a severe effect on our vision. We all like swimming in the summer season & enjoy de-stressing this way. However, while enjoying we must all take proper care of our eyes. A simple way to for this is to wear swimming goggles every time you go swimming. This also applies to swimming in a natural water body as they contain harmful contaminants that may hurt your eyes. Frequent exposure to chlorine negatively affects the corneal epithelium. The epithelium provides a layer of protection to your cornea from irritants & pathogens. If the epithelium is harmed, you may have an increased likelihood of corneal abrasion or other eye injuries.

5.Get Adequate Sleep

Often people find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep with a busy lifestyle. However, your eyes desperately need proper rest & sound sleep to refresh & rejuvenate the next morning. Researchers have discovered that people who have been awake for 18 hours straight, they begin to suffer from decreased understanding in doing visual tasks. You may not understand the severity of this situation until you face problems of driving safely or performing activities like cooking or taking care of your children. Summer season tends to make the eyes dry due to dryness in the air. Some people do not keep themselves hydrated enough too. When you are tired, your eyes are more likely to feel dry. This encourages you to rub your eye which increases the chances of exposure to irritants & diseases. The best way you can keep your eyes healthy during summers is to get a full night’s sleep to let your eyes relax & your eye lubrication process to balance itself naturally.

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