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Sat Aug 14 2021
What is SMILE Eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgical procedures are becoming more and more popular because of their success rate and fast recovery. SMILE eye surgery is one such latest laser surgical procedure that has gained much popularity[..]

Fri Apr 02 2021
The Nuts & Bolts Of SMILE Laser Eye Surgery

The human eye is considered the main sensory organ of the visual system. Visual clarity can be impacted due to refractive errors like nearsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness (Hyperopia). In[..]

Mon Oct 05 2020
A comprehensive discussion on SMILE eye surgery

Eye problems today have various solutions. One of the solutions for varied eye problems is laser surgery. At the time laser surgery was introduced for the eye, people were afraid to have eye surgery as eyes[..]

Wed Sep 02 2020
A brief discussion on SMILE eye surgery

People often associate the term smile with the field of orthodontia and not with the field of ophthalmology. But, if you have myopia or mild astigmatism, this term could mean something entirely different for[..]

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