Things Women Must Know About Eye Care

Thu Dec 17 2015

  Eye problems in women are becoming uncontrolled day by day. It is because of the reason that a woman’s body goes through many changes through the course of her life and these changes involuntarily affect her vision. Here are a few tips young girls and women can take as precautionary measures to prevent eye-related problems. Customary checkups: Eye checkups are as important as physical checkups. Even if you don’t have eyeglasses, you should still regularly get your eyes checked especially if you are close to 40. Cataract, dry eyes, glaucoma and retinopathy are a few common problems that are noticed among women. In case there is any hereditary eye disease running in your family, you should know about it and keep in touch with an ophthalmologist. Eye care during household chores: Wear eye gears while using chemicals, cleaning agents, bleaches or fertilizers, to protect them from any reaction or accidental spill. Also, wash your hands after the task.Even while handling power tools and dangerous objects, safety goggles will be your knight in shining armor. Balanced diet: Your eyes need vitamins and nutrients to be in their best shape. To keep them healthy, maintain a diet full of green leafy vegetables, omega 3 fatty acids, zinc and beta carotene. Additionally, vitamin C and vitamin A supplements can also help keep your vision healthy. Remember to always consult your doctor before consuming supplements. Cosmetics & eye care: Never use eye makeup which has expired. Anything older than four months should be immediately dumped, liquid products in particular. A product that you have used for years can cause allergies too. If there is any reaction, redness or itching after applying a product, stop using it immediately and consult an ophthalmologist. Also, avoid using anyone else’s make up products. Eye care & pregnancy: Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, most of the women experience some changes in their vision. Water retention and blood circulation along with hormonal changes affect the shape of the eyes, cornea in particular which might lead to blurring or change in vision. Though these changes are temporary, but it is advised that you go to an optometrist to get a checkup. Besides that, doctors also prescribe eye drops to deal with dry eyes. For bigger problems like swelling and retinopathy, your doctor will take a different approach. Don’t be apprehensive about going to an optometrist because none of the procedures cause any harm to your baby.

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  Eye problems in women are becoming uncontrolled day by day. It is because of the reason that a woman’s body goes through many...
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