A Complete Guide on Laser Cataracts Surgery: Meaning, Benefits, & Treatment

Sat Mar 28 2020

A cataract is an eye disorder that causes clouding of the natural lens of the eye. It can neither be cured with medications nor corrected with glasses. It can only be prevented. One way to correct it is by undergoing Femto Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery (FLACS). It is an advanced surgery that is performed using Femto laser technology. This type of surgery is very precise as the surgeon creates incisions that are guided by a unique imaging system. This type of incision is more accurate and blade-free as compared to the traditional ones that were performed using handheld surgical tools. In Femto laser-assisted cataract-removal surgery, the initial first few steps are automated, the capsulotomy is precise, and the laser helps to soften the cataract.

How is it performed?

An imaging device is placed over the eyes of the patient to measure the length, breadth, and the location of the cataract. The gathered information is sent to a special software computer that programs the laser for the required incision. The eye surgeon uses this laser to make a corneal incision and opening in the capsule. The energy from the laser is used to soften the cataract so that it can be easily removed. With the help of an ultrasound probe, the lens is broken into pieces and is suctioned out. The surgeon inserts an intraocular lens (IOL) in the eyes. There are different types of IOL lens that the surgeon can use in place of the patient’s natural lens, depending on the type needed:
  • Monofocal IOL:

    Used for distant vision. With this kind of lens, the patient might need corrective, or computer glasses post-surgery.
  • Multifocal IOL:

    Using this type of lens, the patient can perform day to day activities and they provide a clear vision. The patient does not need corrective glasses though he might see halos around light while driving.
  • Newer Multifocal IOL:

    This type of lens does not cause halos and minimizes glare. It comes in two types: Symfony and trifocal lens. Symfony lenses are used to treat distance and near vision, whereas trifocal lenses are implanted for near, distant, and intermediate vision.

Benefits of laser treatment for cataracts

This laser-assisted surgery comes with many benefits since many of the complicated steps that used to be performed in traditional surgery are now computer-controlled and have been automated.
  • Highly accurate and precise:

    Studies show that laser-assisted surgery is more precise as it uses femtosecond laser technology to make incisions that are ten times more accurate than the traditionally made incision. The goal is to make the incision circular and at the right location. This type of surgery is usually used to treat astigmatism.
  • Blade-free:

    In laser surgery, the laser breaks up the cataract and creates a small incision to remove the affected lens, unlike traditional surgery, which uses a needle, blades, and handheld devices to make an incision.
  • Less recovery time:

    Laser surgery is comparatively painless compared to the traditional one and requires less recovery time. Post-surgery the patient can resume their usual activities within days provided they take the necessary precautions.
  • Improves Vision:

    Unlike traditional surgery, which can only treat cataracts, the new laser-assisted surgery can correct pre-existing astigmatism. With the astigmatism correction module, astigmatism can be fixed along with the cataract.

Who is eligible for the laser cataract surgery

Most of the patients are suitable for laser cataract removal. In some complicated cases such as hard, mature, or subluxated cataracts, Femto laser-assisted cataract surgery helps achieve great results in removing the cataract and restoring sharp vision. Only for patients diagnosed with some complications or under very few circumstances of non-dilating pupils, your eye surgeon may not recommend laser cataract-removal surgery. Keeping in mind that the best treatment nowadays is an amalgamation of experienced doctors and the latest technology, Centre for Sight houses the most advanced phacoemulsification systems. With the help of numerous highly qualified eye specialists and state of the art equipment, CFS aims to provide the best cataract treatment and care to the patients. If you have been recently diagnosed with cataracts, don’t wait, get proper consultation. Act to get rid of cataract!
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A cataract is an eye disorder that causes clouding of the natural lens of the eye. It can neither be cured with medications nor...
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