Common Eye Diseases You Can Get In The Summer

Tue Jun 18 2019

The summer sun is not something to be underestimated in any way. It is the season that brings a lot of discomfort to your body in many forms. We are all told from a young age, to drink a lot of water in summer, to not go out in strong heat waves and take precautions against heat strokes in summers. While all this advice is sound, people often forget to talk about the proper eye care needed as well. Unrelenting heat waves, the sun rays burning your skin and the rising temperatures are causes for concern in this season. The eye is one part of the body that is extremely vulnerable and prone to damage from a lot of things, including the conditions outside. So it is obvious that extreme heat and the summers have adverse effects on the eyes. Here are some of the common problems that your eyes suffer from in the summers: More: Tips for Summer Eye Care

Dry Eyes While dry eyes is not a seasonal condition, it happens in the summer because the tear film in the eyes evaporates due to higher temperatures. In simple words, dry eye is caused by too few tears or tears of poor quality that cannot moisturise the eyes. This further causes irritation and often, a burning sensation in your eyes. The rising heat makes your eyes more prone to it.

Conjunctivitis One of the most common eye diseases, conjunctivitis is popularly known as pink eye or red eye. Affecting one or both eyes, the symptoms of this disease are itching, redness and watering in the eyes. Conjunctivitis can be caused by a viral, bacterial or fungal infection. Since these infections the growth of such pathogens is more in the summer heat, conjunctivitis also common in the summer. It is also communicable and can spread to other individuals through direct contact or sharing objects. Take precaution in this season to avoid getting conjunctivitis.

Stye Caused by a bacterial infection, a Stye is characterised by swelling in one or both eyelids. It is accompanied by other symptoms like pain and redness in the eyes as well. It is prevalent in children and this season when kids play out a lot too, and Sties happen even more quickly. Constant rubbing of the eyes to ease the unease in them only causes the condition to worsen along with the help of any strains caused by reading and computer work.

Allergies Allergies of all kinds are plenty abundant during the summers, and some of these allergies have distressing effects on your eyes too. The rising heat, levels of pollution, dust and humidity, are all leading factors in the development of eye allergies this season. The usual symptoms of an allergic reaction in the eyes are itching, redness, inflammation and irritation. There are some necessary precautions you should take to reduce your chances of having eye allergies:

  • Maintain good personal hygiene.
  • Do not touch or rub your eyes frequently.
  • Do not share towels, tissues, handkerchief, cosmetic products etc. with others.
  • Always wear goggles while swimming.
The precautions mentioned above help in preventing other eye problems in the summer too. Other than the preventive measures, consult with an ophthalmologist in case if you experience any trouble. Refrain from self-treatment and self-medication. Eye care at the hands of the professionals is always better than your own attempts.
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