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How to improve hand-eye coordination?


Dr Kiran
Dr Kiran
3 min read

There can be a number of reasons causing trouble in hand-eye coordination. Nonetheless, the two most commonly diagnosed causes of predicament in hand-eye coordination are ageing senses and neurological difficulties.

With increasing age our ability to ascertain accurate and speedy reflex actions tends to decline. It implies that, ageing results in loss of dexterity and an active reflection time. Notably, both of the above mentioned attributes play a great role in defining effective hand-eye coordination.

In case of neurological dysfunctions, the eye-hand coordination can get impacted too. It is because all our reflexes need communication stimulated by the brain. Thus, in case of neurological disorders such as sclerosis, the responsiveness of our body functions is compromised.

However, there are ways you can adopt to Improve hand-eye coordination.

1) Swimming and other Aerobic Exercises –
Activities such as swimming and other aerobic exercises cause a positive effect on our hand-eye coordination. It strengthens our reflexes and improves the dexterity of our movements. Moreover, the replication of movements involved in these activities also helps in developing a better sense of balance.

2) Juggling and ball games –
Let’s time travel to the childhood. Remember how attentiveness we could get while playing “catching the catch” with our friends? That signifies the improvement this petty activity can cause to our hand-eye coordination. Also, practicing tricks like juggling and shooting can be extremely effective too.

3) Eye Exercises –
Eye exercises play a major role in improvement of hand-eye coordination. It is so because the ability of effortlessly shifting focus from one object to another caters a great deal in attaining efficient hand eye coordination. To practice the same, you can place two distinct objects at different lengths and try to observe each consecutively. This will help your eyes to learn to adapt to changing views at better speed.

Nevertheless, abide to regular eye check-ups to ensure a better care and health of your eyes. Thence, it leads to an easy and active lifestyle.