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Exercise benefits your eyes


Dr Charu
Dr Charu
2 min read

Many people think that doing exercise is to build strength, stay fit, and feel good. Staying active is crucial to maintain overall health, which includes to lower our risk of chronic health problems like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart conditions but did you know that doing exercise can benefit the health of your eyes?
Have a look at some of the ways we can maintain good vision health through exercise:

Warm your eyes
To create heat, rub your palms. Then Place them against your eyes for 5 seconds and the repeat this for 3 times.

Roll your eyes
Look up and then slowly circle your eyes 10 times clockwise and 10 times anticlockwise.

Focus your eyes on a pen distanced at an arm’s length, and then slowly and calmly bring the pen closer until it’s about 6 inches away from your nose. Keep your eyes focused on the pen, slowly move it back, repeat it 10 times in all.

Massage your temples
Massage your temples in small circles,with the use of your thumb knuckles, 20 times in one direction and 20 in the other. Repeat the same actions above the mid-point of the eyebrows at the forehead, then below the eyes on both sides of the bridge of the nose.

Take a mini-nap
Close your eyes, put your head back, and relax for 3 minutes.

Just taking regular walks around, going for light jogs, and even doing yoga can significantly decrease your risks for developing sight-threatening situations. Just make sure you’re doing these things at least two to three times a week!

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