SMILE Eye Surgery For Vision Correction

What is SMILE laser eye surgery?

Small Incision Lenticule Extraction (SMILE) laser eye surgery is the latest advancement in laser vision correction. SMILE is a minimally invasive surgery done to correct myopia (nearsightedness) with outstanding results. Apart from myopia, it is also useful in treating mild astigmatism up to 5 diopters. Alternatively, SMILE is known as Refractive Lenticule Extraction/RELEX.

It is based on Nobel Prize winning technology (Nobel Prize in Physics 2018) and is a quantum leap in refractive surgery.

Enter the World of Blade-free Procedures Beyond Spectacles Beyond Lasik

● It’s Bladeless + Flapless + Painless
● Comes with Maximum Safety + Maximum Precision + Maximum Comfort


ReLex SMILE eye surgery is both bladeless and painless

ReLex SMILE eye surgery is a fully automated next-generation procedure that is completed in a short time to give long-lasting and stable results. The chances that a patient might require retreatment are meagre as compared to other blade-free Lasik procedures.
The eye surgeon anaesthetizes a patient’s eye before performing ReLex SMILE laser eye surgery and then prevents it from blinking or closing with the help of a speculum. The surgeon utilizes Femto laser technology to create precise lenticular surfaces in the cornea and later removes the lenticule through the incision.

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SMILE laser eye surgery is a highly advanced blade-free laser vision correction technology that is even more precise compared to the widely used Femto-Lasik and Contura procedures.

Benefits of ReLex SMILE surgery

Benefits of ReLex SMILE surgery



Keyhole surgery

Beyond Lasik, Beyond Contura

Safe, fast and uncomplicated


3rd generation

More precise and accurate

Quicker surgery recovery

Minimal dryness

Enhanced post-operative stability

What does Relex SMILE eye surgery offer?

Painless correction of myopia and astigmatism

Suitable for patients having problems with contact lenses or dry eyes

Has been performed upon more than 3 million eyes

Advantages of SMILE eye surgery over the
conventional Lasik treatment

No Corneal Flap Creation There is no risk of corneal flap displacement or any subsequent complications.
Less Dry Eyes Small incision ensures that there is almost no cutting of corneal nerves, resulting in less dry eyes and better corneal sensitivity.
Better Corneal Biomechanics There is minimal to almost no loss of corneal biomechanical strength.
Greater Precision & Stability SMILE uses a Femtosecond Laser and not an Excimer Laser, which implies that the total energy introduced by the laser into the eye is 10-times lower, less inflammable, and has greater stability.
Fully Automated & Quick This process takes only 20-30 seconds per eye and has delivered outstanding visual results with more patients achieving 20/20 vision.
Enhanced Ability To See Clearly In Low Light Patients can see much better in the dark, even at dusk or at night.
ReLex SMILE Eye Laser Surgery is Less Invasive The incision made during SMILE surgery is only 2mm wide, far less invasive than the 2mm one made in LASIK. This also reduces the disturbance that corneal nerves suffer in other surgical procedures.
ReLex SMILE Eye Surgery is Noiseless and Odourless Both Lasik and PRK procedures use an excimer laser during the surgery. It creates a loud noise and a noticeable odour while ablating corneal cells that may be disconcerting to the patient. In contrast, SMILE eye surgery is both odourless and quiet.
SMILE Eye Surgery

FDA Approved Technology. Millions Of Happy Patients

Is SMILE eye surgery safe?

The latest and advanced SMILE eye surgery procedure is safe and effective in correcting eye problems. This extraction surgery has been done since 2012 and is being officially done in the US since 2016. It is now an FDA approved procedure.
SMILE is performed only after the tests are done to gauge the condition of the eye. Centre for Sight ensures safe practices for all its testing and treatments, as is the case for SMILE eye surgery.

How ReLex SMILE surgery works?

In ReLex SMILE, tiny pulses of femtosecond laser pass through the outer portion of the cornea to carve out a lenticule (corresponding to the refractive error to be corrected) which is then quickly extracted.

The Procedure of SMILE surgery

SMILE laser eye surgery is a unique treatment with the proper procedure, which includes:

The eye specialist gives anaesthetic eye drops to numb the eye and ensures painless treatment.

Using Carl Zeiss Visu Max laser, a number of pulses are placed on the cornea’s centre with extraordinary precision.

The pulses from the laser then create tiny bubbles, approximately less than one-hundredth of the width of a human hair. The bubbles create the outline for the tissue that needs to be removed.

The laser creates a small connecting tunnel which allows the doctor to draw out the tissue, therefore changing the shape of the cornea to improve the patient’s vision. The whole procedure is completed in less than 15 minutes for both eyes while using the laser only for a small proportion of this time.

When should I go for ReLex SMILE surgery?

ReLEx SMILE surgery is suitable for those who are unfit candidates for Lasik eye surgery because of dry eyes, thin corneas, or intolerance to contact lenses. ReLEx SMILE surgery gives long term stability with least or no complications. To be precise, it is a painless and safe procedure. The incision made in ReLEx SMILE surgery is 80% less than the flap cut made during the conventional Lasik laser surgery.

Busting the myths related with SMILE eye surgery

MYTH 1: SMILE laser eye surgery is new and still developing, so wait

SMILE comes with its own robust set of evidence-based excellent track records. It is one of the safest methods to correct nearsightedness or myopia.

MYTH 2: Youll need glasses post-procedure

No, its not entirely true. In the FDAs review of the procedure, 98.5% of the participants saw a significant improvement in their vision, and 93% of the total population had attained near-perfect vision.
SMILE refractive surgery wont guarantee that you wont need glasses in old age as no existing treatment can stop the eventual decay of eyes or formation of cataract at one age. SMILE eye surgery promises an excellent long-term vision improvement and maintenance of the same.

MYTH 3: You could end up blind from SMILE laser eye surgery

SMILE surgery has an excellent safety record. Any invasive surgery always comes with a risk of complications, but theres no chance that this procedure could blind a patient.
The incision used in SMILE is 80% smaller than in standard forms of LASIK, and many doctors argue that it minimizes the chances of corneal thinning and post-procedure dry eye symptoms.

MYTH 4: The procedure is painful, and if I blink the procedure could go wrong

Its natural to blink, but during the procedure, your eyes are numbed. A speculum and suction are employed to ensure that your eye stays in place throughout the process. SMILE eye doctors ensure that the conditions are safe before they begin the procedure, and the total duration of the treatment is only 15 minutes. Patients who had undergone the process have reported the surgery as painless.

MYTH 6: My prescription is too severe to be treated, and I have astigmatism too

Currently, myopia correction in SMILE ≤–10.00 D with or without astigmatism ≤–5.00 D is approved by the FDA.
For nearsightedness and astigmatism, SMILE laser eye surgery is capable of treating the vast majority of cases as long as other eye health problems arent present.
Getting eye surgery for clear vision is a life-changing decision. Therefore, the search for the perfect eye surgery is an ongoing quest. Only the best procedure, the best eye surgeon, or the best Lasik centre, can help you sail smoothly through this journey. With Centre for Sight’s highly sophisticated technology and infrastructure, the patients get the best treatment, service and care.
Explore our page on Lasik and Refractive Surgery to get an in-depth detail about Lasik laser eye treatment.

What is Femto Lasik?

Femto Lasik is a procedure that requires two different lasers at two stages. The surgeon makes a small corneal flap during the first stage and does the vision correction in the second stage.

With Femto Lasik, the corneal flap is made through the femtosecond laser. This makes the process completely blade-free. Femto Lasik is also known as blade-free Lasik, all laser Lasik, and bladeless Lasik.

While Femto Lasik surgery still uses a laser procedure to create the corneal flap, SMILE does not require the corneal flap. The surgeon performs the procedure without having any effect on the cornea cells, inflicting hardly any pain or discomfort during or after the surgery. Femto Lasik is also known as blade-free Lasik, all-laser Lasik, and bladeless Lasik.

SMILE is different from previous treatment methods because it is a one-laser vision correction surgery.

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Alternate Names RELEX/Refractive Lenticule Extraction iLASIK/Wave-Lasik/Contoura Vision/Robotic Lasik
Incision size 2mm-Key Hole Surgery 22mm Diameter Flap Cut
Dry eye Less to No Dry Eye Dry Eye Common
Long term stability of correction Higher Lesser
Need for retreatment Lesser Higher
Ease of retreatment Yes Yes

Is SMILE laser eye surgery right for me?

SMILE laser eye surgery creates outstanding visual results. Patients report better quality of vision, particularly their ability to see in low light, such as in the night and dust.

SMILE eye surgery cost

SMILE is a single step laser treatment. It is the 3rd generation of laser vision correction beyond PRK and Lasik. With Centre for Sight, keep all your worries at bay regarding the efficiency of the SMILE laser eye surgery. Our expert doctors are well versed with the procedure, having performed the surgery with thousands of happy patients.
Along with SMILE, our doctors specialise in various fields, including Lasik & Refractive Surgery, Cornea Services, Ocular Surface & Dry Eyes Disorders, Computer Vision Syndrome, Paediatric Ophthalmology and Squint, Cataract, and Glaucoma services.
We also offer treatment to correct all types of refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia. Our highly-skilled eye specialists perform all kinds of refractive surgery using state-of-the-art technology to provide glass-free and clear vision.

SMILE creates a difference by these factors:

Keyhole surgery: blade free and flapless technology

Quick recovery

Least possibility of dry eye as corneal nerves are well preserved

Less chance of retreatment

Very few instances of developing complications: being a flapless surgery, SMILE does not have any chances of flap related complications including wrinkles in flap due to eye rubbing in early postoperative phase or complete displacement of flap due to trauma in late cases


Our team for SMILE laser eye surgery/ Best SMILE surgeons

At Centre for Sight, we have one of the best teams of doctors, surgeons, consultants, and other support staff. Thorough testing is done to diagnose the condition of the patient’s eye with accuracy, and then the correct treatment is suggested.


1st in India to perform SMILE procedure

1st in India to perform Intralase blade-free Lasik procedure

MAXIMUM SMILE procedures performed in India

Frequently Asked Questions


Is SMILE laser eye surgery procedure very painful?

The whole surgery is done without causing any pain or discomfort to the eyes. The recovery time is also very fast, which allows you to adjust to the changes very quickly.

How quick is the recovery after SMILE laser edge surgery?

The recovery time is different for every patient, but on average, most people usually get back home the very same day after surgery. It is a quick and hassle-free recovery.

Are there any complications after SMILE eye surgery?

SMILE eye surgery was developed to minimise the complications that persist in previous surgical techniques. Nowadays, post-operation issues are almost zero, and the whole process is pain-free.

Is SMILE a laser surgery?

SMILE eye surgery is a blade-free one-laser vision correction surgery. This means that throughout the procedure, the laser is only used once

Do I need to prepare for my eye surgery?

There are no special preparations that a patient needs to do on his/her part. All preparations are suggested and done by the staff and doctors of the centre.

Why is SMILE better than other laser surgeries?

SMILE laser eye surgery is better than other laser procedures like LASIK and PRK because it is flapless. With just one laser and no blades, it does not require corneal flaps and is relatively simple.

How accurate is SMILE eye surgery?

It is a very accurate and precise procedure. It does not affect the cornea cells or does any damage to the tissues. It is acknowledged to be better than Lasik in most cases.

Am I eligible for SMILE laser eye surgery?

Patients suitable for the Lasik procedure can also undergo SMILE surgery. However, you have to consult the ophthalmologist first. Book your appointment at Centre for Sight for a detailed examination now.

How much time does SMILE surgery take?

The surgery takes about 15 minutes and is done on an outpatient basis. The patient can go back home the same day.

When can I get back to my routine lifestyle post-surgery?

The patient is advised to take rest and stay indoors for at least 24 hours.

Will I be awake during the SMILE surgery?

Yes, a patient remains awake during the procedure. Surgeons use anaesthetic eye drops before the surgery. The patient feels numbness in the eyes with no pain sensation.

Is SMILE surgery a permanent treatment?

Yes, SMILE surgery gives accurate and highly predictable results.

Are both the eyes treated during the same surgery?

Yes, SMILE is usually done for both the eyes.

What is ReLEx?

ReLex is an acronym for Refractive Lenticule Extraction (ReLEx). It is the most advanced laser vision correction procedure.

Are there any diet restrictions after ReLEx SMILE surgery?

No, there are no diet restrictions post-ReLEx SMILE surgery.

Why is washing eyes with water not recommended after post-procedure?

The regular water does not contain the same salt concentration as your tears. Instead of using water, your surgeon may prescribe you lubricating eye drops that maintain PH balance in your eyes. Regular water can also be a source of infection. Hence, in the post-operative phase, use only prescribed medications as recommended by your surgeon. You can get back to your usual routine as recommended by your surgeons (usually within a few days)

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